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This is one of the most popular questions that writers encounter wherever they go and that is ‘how do they write?’. Now there are various sections to this question and one of the most commonly asked things about this is, what is better, writing at night vs morning? Best time to write? Should I have writing goals? And most importantly, when do writers write?


If you look at various independent polls and various questionnaires then you will also come back to the conclusion that there is no definite answer to this and that there are nearly equal numbers of writers who write in the morning and equal numbers to write at night as the writing community is equally divided on this.

This doesn’t answer your question, right? So, when should you as an aspiring writer write? Should you write in the morning first thing in the day or should you write at night?

The real world is never only black and white and there is always this grey area and this grey area can be the point wherein writers write both during the day and at night and it can also be the fact that writers can also choose to write in the evening.

Let us do a deep dive into when you should write and after reading this blog you will be able to decide for yourself which is the perfect time for you to write and develop a writing habit and writing shift and become the next morning mastermind or night-time natural.


You might be thinking that there is always this prevalent image of a writer who has long messy hair and who has grown a beard and who likes to write late at night and is kind of an antisocial for not going out enough and for spending their whole life trying to bring out their heart into simple white pages.

While this may seem like the ideal writer there is no ideal writer and this image of the knight writer is an overly romanticised image. Nearly half of the literary world writes in the morning and that includes famous and successful authors like Kurt Vonnegut, Hakuri Murakami, Stephen King and Maya Angelou and the list goes on.

So why did these writers decide to write in the morning and what can we learn from them? Well, we do not know for sure why they chose to write in the morning and their reasons may vary but here are a few reasons why we might think writing in the morning is excellent.


There is something about mornings that makes everything seem clearer because the morning can signify a fresh start and a new beginning to life. Morning writers often tell you this is why they choose to write in the morning because their mind is the clearest and the most active when they have just woken up from a good night’s rest and start writing. This is the same thing as drawing on a fresh page as drawing on a page that is crumpled and has other drawings in it. Morning writing, therefore, becomes a sort of ritual for the morning authors and writers as they start their day happily by making a cup of tea or coffee and having something to eat and then getting to spend the time with their fresh minds on the topic that they had left just the other day.


We all have been there when we haven’t really been productive throughout the day and this might have been because of stress or some other reasons but then again at the end of the day we feel the pressure of pending work building up as we start our work late evenings and carry on till late night until either we are too tired to carry on and simply fall asleep in our chairs or our mind is too tired to even do the work that we have to forcefully close down the work. This is one of the main reasons why writers choose to write in the morning because they do not want to leave out pending work for the rest of the day. Writing is highly impulsive, creative and romantic, writing is also a discipline and writing requires a great deal of dedication one of the best ways to bring about this habit of dedication is by practising a daily routine and one of the best routines you can follow is the healthy practice of waking up early and starting your day productively and having written quite a number of pages by the time you close your work in the evenings.


Having said so much positive about the morning writers, we think the competition should be fair and so we should say something nice too about the nighttime writers as well. Nighttime writing is also in fact quite popular and some would argue that it is even more popular than writing in the mornings. There are legendary names like Robert Frost, H.P Lovecraft and other immensely important and favourite writer to millions, who have chosen to write mostly during the night. Now there can be various reasons for a writer to write at night let us look at a few of them.


Writing is an art that requires immense concentration and this amount of concentration is only possible during the nighttime unless you have a soundproof room. While some writers enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and everything else along with it some writers like to practice their craft when the world is sleeping and when everything including time seems like it’s at a standstill. Nighttime writers are also writers who are generally new to this profession and haven’t been able to give their full time to writing and hold a daytime job making the night the only time that they can truly write. This is because during the day they can take care of all their daily obligations and duties and only during the night can they be free from responsibility and any chains attached as they can truly immerse themselves in writing at night instead of getting up early to write. Some describe night writing as a truly different world.


Night is the time when people dedicate themselves to unwinding all the tiredness that they have accumulated during the day and few people choose to read books and others choose to paint while others during the modern times choose to listen to a podcast and go to sleep. Authors choose to write and port out their hearts into writing. It’s a myth that night writers are insomniacs, they too have a routine they follow.

This was a blog about daytime writing and nighttime writing and you may either be a daytime writer or a nighttime writer or even decide to write during the afternoon but that doesn’t change the fact that you are a writer and that you take the effort of pouring out your heart. If you are someone who still doesn’t have the time to be a writer but has accumulated all the ideas and everything that they want to include in their book then they can hire ghostwriters to write their book for them. We are Get Best Writers and we are  professional ghostwriting agency in india. Hire ghostwriters in India and every kind of content writer and ghost-writer from us as all our writers are highly experienced and nuanced as content writers with deep knowledge about SEO and keyword usage.

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