Windscreen Replacement Myths You Should Never Believe

Windscreen Replacement Myths

The windscreen is the protective shield of the vehicle. It saves the riders from the pressured air, which can affect their visibility and driving. It also offers protection from debris and dust particles or anything hitting the vehicle. Whatever hits the screen leaves its print behind, which can be in the form of chips or cracks.

If your windscreen is damaged in any way, you should consult experts and resolve the issue. Most people ignore the matter believing the myth, which increases the intensity of the issue and the expense too. Not believing the myths and following the right repair protocol will offer long-term benefits.

Dig deeper into this article to explore windscreen replacement myths you should never believe and follow the right practices to keep your vehicles in the best shape.

Top 7 Baseless Myths about Windscreen Replacement

People who are into cars know the importance of their efficient and regular maintenance. However, many people still believe that a car is fine until and unless it refuses to get going. Chips, cracks, and scratches do not even matter for most people, and some rely only on myths to earn even more loss and damage.

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Some of the major baseless myths about windscreen replacement you should never believe include the following:

1. You can do the windscreen replacement yourself.

The first and foremost myth about windscreen replacement is that you can do it yourself. The process is not too difficult, yet it requires technical skills and expertise. If the glass does not fit well, there is a risk of it shattering at any minute. So, it is only a myth that you can do it yourself, and you should never attempt it on your own. Consulting replacement windscreen London based technicians and letting them take care of it is the best possible solution.

2. All chips are the same.

Another common myth you should never believe is that all the chips are the same. Chips can be of various types, shapes, and depths. Their repair and replacement depend on the scale of damage they cause to the screen. So you should never attempt a similar care method for every type of chip. It might not offer the results you are expecting. Be sure of the type of chip and damage first to proceed with the care process.

3. Chips do not need repair.

Another common myth about windscreens is that chips do not repair. Chips are usually tiny scratches, and you can choose to ignore them. However, they will keep growing with the passage of time and reach the point where windscreen replacement is inevitable. Dust and debris will also stick in chips and affect visibility. So, it is much better to get the chips repaired, no matter how small they are, to increase the lifespan of the screen.

4. Chipped windscreens can be fixed with nail paint.

Chipped windscreens can be fixed with nail paint is another commonly believed and followed myth. It is only an unreliable do-it-yourself trick, which you should never try. Nail paint will not stick to the chip or crack smoothly and may even highlight it more. Moreover, the tiny spaces here and there will become the breeding ground for debris and dust particles and make it look worse. So, consult professional technicians and get the chips repaired.

5. Minor windscreen cracks do not matter.

Another myth that should never pay any heed to is that minor windscreen cracks do not matter. Believing this statement can expose you to high danger. No matter how small or minor the crack is, it will keep getting bigger with time. It will also get prominent with dust stuck around its sides. There will be a constant risk of the screen being shattered. So, do not ignore it and consult technicians for the best possible solution.

6. Windscreen replacement is expensive.

Windscreen replacement is expensive, which is another groundless myth-making people ignore the matter irrespective of its severity. It only involves the cost of the new glass screen and the cost of getting it fixed. Comparing it with the damages, you can sustain while ignoring or putting off the matter, you will know it is not costly. In the worst-case scenario, it can endanger your life. So, get a quote from professionals and get your screen repaired.

7. Damaged screens should essentially be replaced.

The last myth you should never believe is that damaged screens should essentially be replaced. The statement does not hold any truth. Exploring and identifying the damages is important before making any claim about replacement. If the damage is minor, it can easily be fixed with a repair. However, if the damage is major and deep, contact replacement windscreen London based technicians and get the screen replaced and ensure your vehicle is in perfect shape.

Have you been relying on myths?

If yes, it is now time to break the shackles and embrace the truth. Get in touch with professional technicians to get an analysis and quote for damage repair and drive comfortably.

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