Will Farmers World would become the No. 1 Game On WAX

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In the last 30 days, almost $27 million has been traded in NFT.

Farmers World, a simulation game about farming, is quickly becoming the most popular game decentralized application (dapp) on the Wax blockchain. In the last 30 days, 118,207 NFTs were sold for a total of $26.36 million in trading volume. This means that the farming game accounts for most of the money that is traded on Wax.


Alien Worlds and R-Planet come up a lot when we talk about games on the Wax blockchain. Even though Alien Worlds has 899,520 unique active wallets every month, the game dapp has only been worth $934,530 in NFT trading. Most NFTs cost less than a dollar, so most players just mine to get TLM tokens.


How different is the situation with Farmers World, where there were 79,980 unique active wallets, a 90 percent increase from the previous month, and $25,970,000 worth of NFTs traded? This means that, on average, each wallet trades $324 worth of goods. That’s a lot more than Alien Worlds’ average of $1 per wallet.


DappRadar has seen sales of Farmers World worth tens of thousands of dollars in just the last 24 hours. For example, a chainsaw was sold for $35.640 and a fishing boat was bought for $34.830. Both NFTs help players do better in Farmers World by giving them more resources like WOOD or GOLD, while they need FOOD to fight off forest monsters.


GameFi, “play-to-earn,” and gaming on the blockchain


In the last 30 days, there have been more on-chain activity for many play-to-earn games and blockchain games. Alien Worlds’ number of users grew by 34% to 899,00, while Axie Infinity’s activity on-chain grew by 27% to 621,000. Splinterlands and Arc8, which are ranked third and fourth on the charts, have grown more than the other two. In the last 30 days, the number of people who use these dapps grew by 51% and 204%, respectively.


Farmers World is also one of the game apps with the most rapid growth. On the Binance Smart Chain, games like CryptoMines, BinaryX, Bomb Crypto, and Valkyrio have also done well. It’s clear that people want play-to-earn games, also known as GameFi.

Farming Tales is another game that people who like farming games should check out. This game lets players use the money they earn in-game to buy real things. So, people who played the game and had a virtual bee farm could get real honey. Here, you can find more information about Farming Tales

What You Do and What You Receive


Farming simulation games have always been popular. This could be because there is only one way to play and get rewards. Players have real reasons to keep coming back because they plant and grow things. Farmers World has done some smart things to get more people interested in the game before it’s fully live.


First, a few drops in August required players to get specific items to safely listed for future declines and an advantage in the game. The whole thing will end on August 30 with a special airdrop.


Second, each player has a unique idea for becoming a member. Farmers get Farmer Coins from the membership card system, which also lets them use more tools and keep track of how many times they’ve tried to mine. Another interesting thing is that membership cards can make farmers luckier, which means they have a better chance of getting more resources when they mine. There are also 4 different membership levels:


– Tier 1: Bronze Member (common)


– Second Tier: Silver Member (uncommon)


– Tier 3: Gold Member (rare)


– Tier 4: Diamond Member (epic)


A farmer can also wear more mining tools after becoming a member. Most of the time, farmers can only mine for a certain type of resource with up to two tools at once. Players can wear more tools to help them work, depending on the type of card they use.


Farmers World seems to have grown not just as a fun game to play, but also as a way to make money. The secondary market for Atomic Hub is busy already, with gold membership cards going for about $50,000 each. The early adopters who get the exclusive drops seem to own these items. If the game gets bigger and more people join, they might be ready to strike now.


Also, it’s very interesting to see how many play-to-earn blockchain games are coming out right now. From new games like CryptoBlades and Alien Worlds to older games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands. All of them have been successful by combining parts of NFTs, DeFi, and games.


Farmer’s World Clone Script

Farmers World is the first NFT farming game that is all about farmers, fields, and three game tokens: Food, Wood, and Gold. The Farmer’s World clone script is the perfect ready-made solution that is built exactly like the NFT game Farmer’s World, which runs on the Wax blockchain.

With Farmer’s World Clone Script, you can also make an app like Farmers World. Users can choose their tools, use resources, buy land, and make their own unique Farmers World.


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