Why Shouldn’t You Buy a Gaming Laptop?

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These days, gaming laptops are becoming cheaper and better. Some even lie in the same price bracket as the budget-friendly and medium-range ultrabooks. This is why students are buying gaming laptops for college these days. But are these devices good for college students? Well, our essay writing service providers won’t recommend buying these machines. Instead, they consider ultrabooks as the best type of laptop for students. Here are some reasons why our experts have chosen ultrabooks over gaming laptops:

Why Are Ultrabooks Better Than Gaming Laptops

Here are some reasons why ultrabooks and notebooks are the best college laptops:

1. Gaming Laptops are Freakishly Heavy

A few years back, the gaming laptop niche was gaining popularity. People wanted a portable machine on which they could handle gaming and other graphics-intensive tasks. But, these laptops used to be freakishly heavy and massive. Yes, these laptops had all ports and hardware components you needed. But, considering it was so hefty, it was difficult for people to carry them around. Some extremely powerful machines would weigh more than 5-7 kilogrammes, and people would have to carry the laptop in a briefcase. This pretty much ends the portability debate.

Now, gaming laptops are a lot sleeker. But, if you compare them with ultrabooks that are just a few millimetres thick, gaming laptops are still considerably heavy. You can fit them into your bag quite easily. But with so many books and documents already in it, the overall weight of your laptop and its charger can make your bag a lot heavier. This will impact your shoulder and spine. So, if you don’t need so much power from your laptop, it’s better to go for a much lighter ultra-book.

2. They Have Low-Quality Keyboards

If you’re looking for a laptop as a college student, you might be on a tight budget. You’ll be looking for a machine which provides the best specifications at the lowest possible price. Well, there are many options for you to choose from. Unfortunately, budget gaming laptops have to do some cost-cutting to offer the best value for your money. Companies manufacturing budget gaming laptops often compromise on the quality of their keyboards. If you want to use your laptop for many years to come, you need a high-quality and long-lasting keyboard and trackpad.

Unfortunately, most gaming laptops come with rather underwhelming keyboards. There’s a lot of flex, and the buttons feel mushy. Such keyboards work fine during the first few months of usage. But, you’ll soon struggle to have a smooth experience while typing. You can get an ultrabook for college with a better keyboard and trackpad for the same price.

3. They Offer Horrible Battery Life

Gaming laptops don’t provide you with the experience you get from a gaming PC. Why? Because the battery life of most budget gaming laptops is horrible. You can get just 1-2 hours of screen time during moderate to heavy usage. That’s not enough, especially when you have to spend at least 5-6 hours studying and working on various coursework and projects.

Furthermore, even if you want to game, you’ll see a huge difference in performance when your laptop is not plugged in. To fully use your laptop’s CPU and GPU capabilities, you’ll have to plug it in. Hence, a gaming laptop will not provide you with a completely portable gaming experience, nor will it be able to get you through a day of normal usage without charging it.

4. They Get Hot, Really Hot

While selecting a gaming laptop, always research a bit about its thermals. These laptops can get quite hot during intensive tasks and gaming. While most of them have built-in fans, other things like the assembly, vent design, cooling features, and power efficiency of components play a crucial role in determining the thermals of your machine. The chips and GPU used in most gaming laptops tend to heat up quite a lot. Despite having fans, you can experience your machine’s temperature going above 80°C during intensive usage.

On the other hand, ultrabooks are focused more on power efficiency. Most of them don’t have a dedicated built-in GPU. Therefore, while their CPU is less powerful, it is more power efficient. This is why ultrabooks offer better battery life and remain cool during moderate to heavy usage.

5. They Have Bad Build Quality

If you want to buy a gaming laptop with the all-metal build quality, you will have to spend a lot of money. The body of gaming laptops in the £600-£1500 is made predominantly from plastic. While the quality of polycarbonate might differ, the plastic body is bound to suffer from scratches and cracks over time. Also, plastic doesn’t keep your laptop’s hardware components safe. So, if you accidentally drop your laptop or if it takes a hit—game over!

On the other hand, if your laptop is built predominantly of metal, it’ll be strong and sturdy. The body won’t experience a lot of flex, and it might be able to withstand some hits. As a result, you can easily get well-built notebooks and ultrabooks in the £600-£1500 price range.

6. They Have Poor Screen Quality

Most ultrabooks in the £600-£1500 price bracket have great screens. However, the same can’t be said about budget gaming laptops. While most of them come with 1080p LCDs, the display quality isn’t good, and the colours look bland. This might not bother you while gaming, but if you do graphic-related work, you need a colour-accurate screen, something most gaming laptops in this price range don’t offer. Many users have also complained about poor viewing angles. Hence, for normal usage, graphic designing, and content viewing, you should buy a laptop with a high-quality and colour-accurate display.

7. They are Noisy

Some budget gaming laptops can get quite loud, whether you’re doing intensive tasks or just watching videos and browsing the internet. This might not bother you if you’re using your laptop in your room. However, in your class, the fan noise can get quite disturbing for you and your classmates. On the other hand, most ultrabooks are considerably quiet and can handle most tasks silently.

Choose Cloud Gaming Instead

Even though you might’ve told your parents you’re buying your laptop for “educational purposes”, we know how much you love gaming. You can’t play games on notebooks and ultrabooks. These machines come with integrated graphics, and they are not good enough. So, how can you enjoy your hobby without having a gaming laptop? Well, you should know about cloud gaming.

We have more efficient, safe, and easily accessible storage solutions thanks to cloud computing. However, with the help of cloud, you don’t need powerful hardware components to run high-demanding games and software.

You can go for cloud gaming if you have a stable and powerful internet connection.

You can play any title you want if you have a stable internet connection. Furthermore, the game runs on cloud, so it doesn’t need your GPU and doesn’t put much pressure on your CPU. This way, not only will you be able to game on laptops without a dedicated GPU, but you can also play high-demanding titles and run power-hungry software without heating your laptop and affecting battery endurance.


Research shows playing video games can help you become smarter and mentally active. However, considering the academic pressure students go through in British colleges and universities, you won’t have much time to play your favourite games. So, even if you study throughout the day, it’ll be hard for you to complete all of your essays, assignments, and dissertations on time. While you might be able to do so somehow, you won’t be able to ensure high-quality work. This will impact your grades—and ultimately—your chances of landing high-paying employment opportunities.

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