Why Should Gamers Use Fiber Optic Cables/Fiber Optic Internet?

fiber optic internet

Your internet quality can greatly define and influence your performance capability in the online community. Whether you play first-person shooter games or develop a project with your teammates, your internet quality should always meet the standards. Moreover, keeping up with the modern-day trends can also be achieved when your internet connection is fast. Fiber optic internet is the most innovative technology you can use in the current era to win the race. When it comes to gamers, they are well-off with this technology since they can’t afford glitches and ping-related issues during the play. This post will uncover why gamers should use fiber optic cables/internet. Keep reading to learn more!

Reasons gamers should use fiber optic internet:

Players who take gaming seriously should use fiber optic cables/internet to ensure smooth gameplay. Traditional coaxial cables might be good for playing multiplayer games, but they can carry downsides on various fronts. Since fiber-optic cables use light instead of electrons, they are less likely to be disturbed by electromagnetic interference. The light pulse in glass pipes can ensure higher bandwidth, which is better for gamers. Here are a few reasons why this technology will help gamers.

1. Higher bandwidth:

The maximum capacity of a fiber optic cable is higher than a traditional copper coaxial cable by all means. A gamer who wants to perform several tasks simultaneously can exploit fiber optic cables as they reflect higher bandwidth. Quality and speed are something they always crave, and a fiber optic cable provides the same with zero compromises.

Streaming games requires a higher bandwidth when compared with traditional gaming sessions, and fiber cables can do the job. You can win the game without glitches if your internet connection is more reliable.

2. Faster uploading and downloading speeds:

Transferring a file from the online server onto your device is the downloading speed. The amount of time required to send a file from your device to the online server is called uploading speed. Both these speeds play a crucial role in your gaming sessions as you will require both from time to time.

The game you play will grow more responsive to your directives and streamlined as the uploading and downloading speeds increase. With lower latency and higher ping rate, you can enjoy a streamlined gaming experience. Do you want to employ fiber optic internet for your gaming sessions? Consider contacting fiber optic cable Dubai companies!

3. Lower latency:

The time needed for the ping to return to your computer is known as latency. Many professionals define it as the time between your command and the response to your command to return to your device/computer. In layman’s terms, it is the delay between pressing a button in your game and the computer/game responding to it. Will you bear a longer delay during your gameplay? Certainly not!

A longer latency means more interruptions and disturbing gameplay. Latency is often measured in milliseconds, but it can affect your gaming experience. You can enjoy the game with your buddies if the delay is shorter. However, a longer delay will result in lagging.

4. Higher ping rate:

Players in multiplayer games often complain about the ping rate and glitches they face during a critical gaming moment. However, they never pay attention to the root cause, which is the internet connection. While playing the game, your server will send requests to other serves on the same network as ping.

Ping rate is the time your internet connection takes to respond to the request and display the result. A higher ping rate means your internet connection will respond quickly to such requests and show timely results to enhance your gaming experience. The higher the ping rate, the better the gameplay!

5. No data caps:

Various internet providers have set a limit on the data you can use over a specified period (monthly or quarterly). Once you hit that threshold, the internet provider will limit the data you can use after the limit. Moreover, they will also lower the speed.

However, you will never face this issue with fiber optic internet as they never put data caps. You can play games for as long as you want without any restrictions. Do you want to employ fiber optic facilities at your house? Consider contacting fiber optic cable Dubai companies and ask them to provide you with the best internet connection!

Make your internet better with fiber optic cables!

Enjoying an undisturbed internet connection is impossible without using the latest innovation and technology. The best addition to the market is the fiber optic cables, which can ensure a higher bandwidth and faster transmission speeds. If you are a gamer, you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay should you opt for fiber optic cables. Consider contacting reliable fiber optic companies and let them provide you with the best connection to enhance your online experiences and capabilities.


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