Why Hexa Control’s Home Surveillance Systems Are Crucial

Home Surveillance System in Ontario

In Canada, there are at least two burglaries every 30 seconds, 120 every hour, and over 3,000 per day, or 900,000 per year.

When securing their families, neighbours, and belongings, homeowners and renters should keep these burglary statistics in mind. According to persons convicted of robbery, a home security system impacts whether or not a property is targeted.

Home security systems in Ontario are a necessity for every home. Hexa control provides wireless home security systems in Ontario. These home security systems in Ontario are the best home surveillance systems, making Hexa control the best home automation company in Toronto.


When it comes to home security, theft, fire, and environmental calamities like broken pipes are all significant threats to the safety of your house and your loved ones. Even if you’re not aware of the issue, professional monitoring services may aid in the event of a medical emergency. There is no doubt that a security system is a costly investment, yet the cost of a burglary averaged $2,661 per victim in 2019 (the most recent statistics available).

Discouragement for criminals

Stickers, yard signs, and cameras installed on the exterior of a property may deter a burglar from trying to break in. Researchers found that 60 percent of burglars planned their break-in for less than 24 hours before trying it. There were 83% who stated they would check for alarm signals first, and more than half said they would abandon the search if an alert were seen.


Knowing that your house is safe and secure while you’re gone or asleep is a priceless asset for many homeowners. You may also monitor your security system from anywhere globally with the help of wireless security systems linked to the internet.

Efficiency and Convenience

Modern home security systems include home automation features that make the additional expense of a security system more palatable. Lighting and thermostats linked to a security system may save energy when the system is activated. At the same time, internet-connected doors and garage door openers provide a safe method to welcome visitors into your house.

Reduced Insurance Costs for Your Home

Installing a professionally monitored security system might save you anywhere from 5% to 20% on your homeowner’s insurance premiums. When it comes to the best deals on security systems that incorporate both intrusion detection and environmental monitoring, it’s generally the latter. Even while this will not cover the entire cost of a professional approach, it will help make it more reasonable in the long term. Video surveillance cameras might also help submit insurance claims if you have them.

Safety of Your Family

The main goal of Hexa Control’s home security system in Ontario is to safeguard your house and your family. Theft, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and water damage are just a few dangers that a security system can identify. Whether you monitor your property or hire a professional, you’ll always know if there’s a risk lurking in your abode. If a smoke or flood sensor is triggered, a professionally monitored security system will summon emergency services for you, whether at home, away, or sleeping. To have expert monitoring of smoke and water sensors, you must purchase the security company’s equipment, which is not included in standard packages and is charged separately.

In the hands of skilled specialists, professional monitoring relieves the customer of responsibility for reaction processes.

Hexa Control’s Home Surveillance Systems

Every home needs to have a home security system in Ontario. Hexa control sells wireless home security systems in Ontario. Hexa control is the best home automation company in Canada because it has the best home security systems in Ontario.

Salient Features Of Our Wireless Home Security Systems

The equipment and how simple it is to operate are other significant aspects of home security. The base station, also known as a hub, is the brains of our home security system. Touchscreens placed on the wall, simple boxes that you can store away, or devices with built-in keypads are all examples of this gadget. Its preceding operation is to serve as a hub for all of your security system’s sensors, regardless of the additional capabilities they may have. Sometimes, it serves as an internal siren.

In case of a power outage, the system will continue to function.

  • You’ll need a cellular radio to avoid relying on Wi-Fi to interact with the monitoring center.
  • There is an extensive range of connection options built-in, including Zigbee, Wi-Fi (Bluetooth), Z-Wave (Bluetooth), and Bluetooth (Zigbee).

The home security system provided by Hexa Control aims to safeguard your property and the people who live there against break-ins, home invasions, fires, and other environmental catastrophes such as broken pipes. Whatever your level of awareness of the problem, professional monitoring services will take care of this for you and can also assist you in a medical emergency.

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