Why Backbiting? And Ways to Avoid This Cruel Disease


Why Backbiting? And Ways to Avoid This Cruel Disease

Backbiting is a simple crime to conduct. In an instance, a perfectly decent conversation may become sour. You may discover yourself backbiting without even realizing it. Many individuals are unaware of how extensively the term “backbiting” is interpreted. Backbiting entails both hearing and expressing remarks. It can be accomplished by words, a gaze, movements, or writing. It is not an excuse to make the same comment (verbal or otherwise) in the presence of the absent individual.

Why Do People Backbite?

Before learning how to prevent it, it’s critical to understand why it occurs. Therefore, first and foremost, consider the five most typical causes of backbiting:


This is the primary reason why individuals gossip about others when they are not there. Jealousy is defined as envying somebody’s accomplishments and qualities. Those who are envious of someone will naturally begin to point out flaws and pass them on to others.


When someone wrongs us, rather than forgiving and dismissing, we dwell on all the flaws of the person who has irritated us. It seems like fulfillment, and we neglect to notice the blackness in our souls.


Sometimes people like bringing out someone’s flaws in their absence in order to try and make people giggle. This fascinates them since the greater they speak; the more others laugh.


There are certain people who just like dissecting the shortcomings of others. This is generally done by persons who have a lot of free time. This is just too hazardous since they have no idea what they’re discussing or the consequences of their comments.


Individuals who are swayed by egotism, which implies they are overly egotistical regarding themselves, will constantly find an opportunity to denigrate others around them. They will be delighted to converse in their absence, trying to make a poor impression on those with whom they converse. At the very same moment, this is both unjust and disloyal.

How to Avoid This Disease?

Here are some of the ways to do so:

Expand Your Knowledge

Islam is a religion for intellectuals. We are required to master our deen and explore everything we don’t grasp. Backbiting cannot be addressed effectively unless the individual is aware of the Islamic principles that regulate it. Almost everyone is responsible for learning what characterizes backbiting when it is allowed to comment about someone who is not there, and what to do if we backbite.

Avoid Those Who gossips

Avoid talks with backbiters, even if it means losing a buddy or two. Avoid spreading rumors about others and even if something is confirmed, do not talk about that with others. In any case, gossiping is not good and it’s a sinful act in Islam. If you find yourself backbiting every moment you dine in the cafeteria, discover another location to dine. If backbiting is common in specific chat groups, leave them. The reason is that you should avoid situations where backbiting is frequent since you will become embroiled in it.

Fear Death

What happens if death occurs when we’re immersed in a discussion backbiting, somebody? Is there anyone who wants to face such a fate? Therefore, keep this in mind while you’re having a discussion. Insha’Allah, this will undoubtedly assist you in refraining from backbiting.

Choose Good Over Evil

This is the most effective strategy to avoid backbiting, and it is even more successful when done in a gathering. You can discourage them by mentioning the positive characteristics of the person they are condemning. This will almost certainly leave them feeling bad. And if you are inclined to backbite somebody, consider their positive characteristics. Your wicked ideas will be laid to rest as a result of this.

Perform Umrah

It is an act that prevents you from all sorts of sins and that’s why Muslims love undertaking it. By getting indulged in worshipping you will have less time of focusing on such matters and you will know that it’s a sin that Allah (SWT) has prohibited. If you haven’t performed this pilgrimage to date, then you might obtain economy Umrah packages to fulfill this desire.

Nobody Is Ideal

Make certain that you are 100 percent flawless before backbiting. Or else, pick up a pen and write 10 of your flaws, no issue where you have been. Examine your list and consider how you may improve it. This will finally put an end to your backbiting.

Stay Quiet

We’ve all heard the expression “silence is better than unnecessary talks”. But have you ever considered why? Because it will allow all of us to stop saying evil, which is the most effective method of keeping our hearts clean. Even the Prophet (S.A.W) instructed to speak nice words or stay silent. Many folks nod in agreement with everything, positive or negative. They just nod, believing that it’s not a sin. But keep in mind that even a minor action that appears to favor backbiting works in the same way.



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