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Launched in September 2011, the Snapchat application was designed by two students from the American University Stanford. The app, very popular with young people (71% of users are under 25), is known for its ephemeral side and not easy to use. Its goal ? Send media (photos, videos, chats) with a viewing time, ranging from 1 to 10 seconds.
That being said, I will explain how to use this application and especially tell you why I use it.

How it works ?

The principle of the application is quite simple, but its use a little less.
Snapchat is a mobile app and therefore only works on Android and iOS. Several features are available on the application, the best known being that of sending photos or videos. Just take a photo or video (just like with your mobile camera) and pimp it to your liking. For this, many filters are available to create a masterpiece in your image. Then you just have to choose the viewing time you want to leave (1-10 seconds) and then send it to the people you want.

What are stories?

Unlike the photos/videos you send to one or more of your Snapchat “friends”, the stories you post are visible for 24 hours, by your entire Snapchat network. The goal is therefore to share a highlight of your day (or evening), without any particular recipient, so without a personal message.

A little recap of the visuals of the app…

Regarding the application interface, 4 screens are available when you open the app. The first is that of your activity, that is to say your “snaps” sent and received. The second is nothing but a camera. The third screen is where you find your friends’ stories. Finally, the fourth screen is that of “Discover”, the functionality for playing media content. To switch from one screen to another, nothing could be simpler, you just have to swipper from left to right and vice versa.
At the top left of the first three screens is the famous little white man, the app’s mascot. By clicking on it you will be able to see who your Snapchat friends are, those who have added you and finally a button for yourself to add people to your contacts.
When you receive a photo, you will see a solid red square in the “activity” screen. If you view the Snap, this square will turn empty red and the Snap will no longer be visible. Unless…unless you take a screenshot, in which case the person who sent you the Snap will be notified. For the video, same principle as for the photo but with the purple color and for the cat it is blue.

Why use Snapchat?

Snap has an ephemeral side, and that’s what makes it original and appeals to its users enormously. On the app, the goal is above all to have fun.

Snapchat is fun

After taking a photo, you can start creating art and add a freehand drawing, a color filter, a text, or even a date or smileys. Once again, the goal is to have fun by being able to share “uncomplicated” photos with friends and, to tell the truth, without any real interest.

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Content disappears

What’s great about snapchat work is being able to share moments with your network. But even better, as the photos and videos disappear, you don’t feel like a heavyweight constantly sharing content. So, for example, you can “snap” the concert you are at and share it with your friends for a moment.


Snapchat owes much of its success to its many filters. Indeed, what could be more fun than looking like a bear, pony, dog, or even a Disney princess with a crown of flowers on her head. Indeed, all the charm of the app is based on the filters, so get started!

Snap is not intrusive

Unlike other social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat is in no way intrusive. You have full control over what you want to see and who you want to send your snaps to! You don’t have a lot of information about your friends’ friends, information that often leaves us indifferent. Privacy on Snapchat is therefore a real plus.

Content from recognized media

A new section has been created in the application: Discover. These are media articles such as ParisMatch, Le Monde or Konbini. These articles are to leaf through like in a magazine and it’s rather nice because these news are in a funny and light tone, unlike other social networks.

A nice future…

Business profile snapchat is not about to stop there, new features continue to emerge. This is the case with the “Spectacles” connected glasses. The goal is the same as with the app but the experience is even more fun, since you can actually film what you see.
First known as simple messaging, Snapchat is now a social network in its own right and that’s why more and more companies are embarking on the adventure. It is therefore not to be neglected, and in addition, it is free!!! So go for it, the application is waiting for you!

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