Who earns more, Doctor or an Engineer?

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Becoming a doctor in India is considered a big deal. After that comes the second number of engineers. Why is it so important to be a doctor and an engineer? There are a few reasons why. First, one must overcome incredibly competitive and challenging paths to go down this path. At the same time, you get more job security with this. And the highest-paid professionals are doctors and engineers. If you love science, it’s not unreasonable to weigh your options of becoming an engineer versus a doctor, but which one would be better for you financially?

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What is the difference between a Doctor or an Engineer?

  • Engineers are specialists whose jobs are related to designing, analyzing, manufacturing, and using machines in various engineering fields. To accomplish this task, he studied mathematics and technology and used his knowledge of science well. 
  • On the other hand, a doctor is a qualified professional who practices medicine and is in charge of diagnosing and treating medical conditions and assisting people suffering from illness.
  • The two most sought-after careers in India are doctors and engineers, in great demand in the market. But the irony in both is that the study of each is different. At the same time, some subjects are used for engineering in medicine. 
  • Genetic engineering, electrical, petroleum, civil, mechanical, biomedical, dermatology, immunology, neurology, and paediatrics are some additional themes that are frequently discussed in both engineering and medicine.


Quick Facts on Doctors or an Engineers 

Criteria  Doctor Engineer
Eligibility Biology is required in the 12th grade or its equivalent. 12th class or above with maths as a required subject
Qualification A medical bachelor’s, master’s, or phD degrees A bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering, regardless of the subject
Courses UG: MBBS, BDS, BVSC, etc

PG: Gynaecology, cardiology, general surgery, ENT, anaesthesia, etc.

Engineering disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer, etc.
Area of work Healthcare Buildings, electricity grids, roads, railroads, information technology, etc.
Average salary INR 14,00,000 – 41,00,000 per  year INR 14,00,000 – 30,00,000 per year


What does an engineer do? 

  • The software engineer uses the knowledge and concepts of science and technology to design and build machines and software to help improve human productivity and efficiency. 
  • They design machines that help reduce the need for human labour. 
  • They design strong and well-structured buildings that help protect human beings from natural calamities or extreme weather conditions.
  • Engineers help solve even the most challenging technical problems and develop cost-effective solutions for the same so that there is no problem in working. 
  • Engineering covers the processes of our daily life. Many engineering students can choose candidates such as electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. 

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What is the job of a doctor? 

  • The job of a doctor is one of my responsibilities. Responsibilities include diagnosing, treating, and examining patients for their illnesses or injuries. 
  • Doctors perform various tests to determine the cause of the patient’s illness or injury. 
  • They provide medical treatment for these diseases by following procedures, analyzing medical records, and writing prescriptions. 
  • These doctors work closely with nurses, medical assistants, and other professionals as a team in hospitals, which is very effective for the patients. Due to this, there is no problem for the patients. And its treatment is straightforward. 
  • From surgeons to neurologists, there are medical specialists for every specific system of the body. Candidates seeking to make a career in the field of medicine must first graduate with MBBS, and in the future, they can opt for any area of specialization on that basis.

Who among the two earns the highest salary? 

  • When we consider this question, we must consider who earns the most, a doctor or an engineer. The average salary for both occupations depends on several factors, including the number of hours worked, the financial strength of the organization they work for, and their area of expertise. 
  • The national average salary of a primary doctor in India is Rs. 60,000 per month. A specialist in any medical field, such as gynaecology, paediatrics, medicine, or surgery, earns approximately Rs 2,00,000 per month. Further, the pay scale increases based on their degree and experience.
  • If you want to make your career in the field of medicine and want to earn a lot, then it is possible because medicine is one of those fields that offers immense potential for financial growth. The harder you work and obtain more degrees, the more opportunities you will have to earn. 

Jobs and Scope of a Doctor or an Engineer 

Job Profile Description Average Annual Salary
Assistant engineer A senior engineer is in control of the assistant engineer’s work. Every engineering discipline contains them. When junior engineers have accumulated enough experience, they are promoted to the position of assistant engineers. Each job has a certain set of responsibilities and tasks. INR 6 lakh
Junior engineer It is a position in engineering at the entry-level. Typically, a senior engineer supervises the junior engineer’s work and receives his reports. Every discipline of engineering, including civil, mechanical, and electrical, has junior engineers. INR 5 lakh
Chief engineer It is the top engineering post in the division. A chief engineer supervises the work of the subordinates and is in charge of ensuring that the entire department runs well. INR 20 lakh
Project engineer A project manager is in charge of overseeing the work of the entire project and making sure it is finished on time for each project the business undertakes. They work together with various team members, gather data, develop testing procedures to assess the project’s quality, and generate reports. INR 9 lakh


Job Profile Job Description Average  Annual salary
General physician  Following MBBS or when the candidate has not specialized in a particular subject. It is an entry-level employment. INR 7 lakh
Neuroscientists They are doctors who specialize in the management of nervous system disorders. Neuroscientists must be knowledgeable in physiology, biochemistry, and psychiatry, among other medical specialties. INR 12 lakh
Cardiologist They are doctors with specialised training in treating heart and blood vascular conditions. It is one of the most sought-after areas of medical research and offers excellent rewards. INR 20 lakh
Surgeon These doctors specialise in carrying out operations to treat a wide range of illnesses. More than 200 million procedures are performed annually by surgeons. INR 19 lakh



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