Which one is Better for your Business: Native, Hybrid, or Progressive Web App

App Development Companies
App Development Companies

Mobile apps are the new buzz in the small business sector. To keep moving forth in this dynamic and ever-changing competitive world, businesses need to develop strategies that help them hold their ground.

Mobile app development is one such investment that is majorly responsible for expanding certain businesses and ultimately landing them with a well-to-do status. However, tricky protocols need to be followed to go through successfully.

Thus, we’ve come up with a few tips that you need to keep in mind before beginning your business’s mobile app development process.

If you’re bombarded with choices on which technology to choose, how to get your app developed, or things like which platform to choose, then wait! We might have an easy solution for you.

This article lays down the basic structure and features of the three app technologies, namely Native. Hybrid and Progressive. Read on to find out more.

Native Web App

Most mobile application development companies who are new at this usually choose Native as their pick for mobile app development. However, it’s also safe to admit that if you’re considering both iOS and Android as your app platforms, then native can be a costlier option for you.

Each system demands its respective support and maintenance teams. More importantly, iOS goes through several drastic upgrades in a short period, which means that you’ll have to re-engineer your app accordingly to stay up-to-date.

Therefore, this is a safe bet to go along with if you’re working with only one of the two platforms. Moreover, the smooth user experience so offered will make your app a big hit among the audience. They are written with Objective-C, Kotlin, Swift & Java.

Pros of Native Technology

It offers higher security than the other two technologies, performance delivery is quicker, lesser chances of bugs and other technical issues, improved UI/UX, easier to use new features since it’s compatible with one platform at a time. Payment methods can be easily integrated as well.

Hybrid App Development

Written using Javascript, HTML, and CSS, this technology is supported by other frameworks like React Native and Flutter.

It should be your ideal choice to build an app suitable for both iOS and Android platforms. Since this has a single codebase for both platforms, you need not spend too much on maintenance services.

Rewriting it once will resolve the issue on both platforms simultaneously, thereby making updating the app a more manageable task. So, if your app doesn’t require any complex features and only needs to carry out simple content-based functions, then you should be looking at the hybrid app development technique.

Pros of Hybrid Technology

Ideal for working with multiple platforms, as it requires lesser development costs; web-based solutions speed up the maintenance bit; easier to add new features due to a single codebase; can also work offline.

Progressive App Development

Applications of this sort reflect the browser experience just like Microsoft Office for Web, along with its outstanding collection of features that works in the offline mode. This app allows a web page app to work as an application with various features, one of which can work in offline mode.

Although iOS doesn’t fully support this method, the tool – service workers -monitor the app and examine the new and older content simultaneously to provide the user with relevant content. This improved user experience also accompanies lesser expenses for your company and efficient app performance.

Pros of Progress Technology

It is easily accessible on many devices and platforms; there is no need for an app store to load these apps; the lesser time needed to develop the app and more secondary expenses; they load fast and can work offline too.

With many factors like your budget, business requirements, and demands, the target audience will help determine which technology to go ahead with. Most importantly, the app should be time efficient and pocket-friendly.

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