Which are the best food in Gujarat?


The irrefutable flavors, a degree of varieties, and a sweet taste make up the stunning Gujarati food. Welcome to a piece of India that isn’t just joined to food yet moreover values it as a method for managing everyday presence. The probability that Gujarati food is taken an interest in from one side of the planet to the next is a demonstration of the way that how Gujarati cooking has conveyed right notes with individuals across the globe. It is basically fitting that a culture that values being inviting, offbeat and spilling over with life has basically a spot of pleasantness in all that it consumes. Visit wejii to explore more scrumptious food sources.


Touchy, sensitive, light and magnificent. Khandvi is one of the most adored Gujarati snack that an individual can eat. Khandvi gram flour, blended in with salt and sugar gives a striking sweet and effective taste. In Marathi it is given another name ‘Suralichya Vadya’ as it is brightened by Gujaratis and Maharashtrians the same.


Clearly the clearest Gujarati food, Dhokla is one of the most, when in doubt, eaten Gujarati dishes on the planet. Be it early morning, afternoon or night it is overall the best an entryway to have Dhokla for Gujarati food dears.

An adaptable dish conveyed using developed rice and chickpeas, dhokla is best eaten with green chutney (made using coriander or mint) or sweet chutney (made using dates and tamarind). Another awesome sweet and exquisite Gujarati dish, dhokla is normally eaten straightforwardly following singing with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and curry provides for add a rich smell to the dish. You should moreover see what is ethnic food.


Handvo is a sweet and mouth-watering cake that gives meaning of flavor and ingenuity to Gujarati cooking. Vegetable cakes are made using a mix of gourds, squashed peanuts and from time to time different vegetables as per taste.

The cake ought to be a piece like dhokla concerning surface, yet where it disconnects is in the taste. For the readiness of Handvo, Gujaratis utilize a substitute kind of strain cooker to set up the dish resulting to treating with oil, cumin, mustard and curry leaves.


Straight out of the Gujarati dry snacks recipe book comes gathiya-a cooked eat conveyed using chickpea flour. The snack, after plan, is delicate, not crunchy, and holds its fine surface. Since Gujarati cooking is insufficient without explicit treats, an elective kind of this goody is called Meetha Gathiya. Individuals frequently finish this dish while savoring tea the morning or night.


A by and large eaten Gujarati food, Thepla is a flatbread coordinated with fenugreek leaves, wheat flour or cumin seeds in different collections. With the right mix of decorations in thepla flour, the dish goes with an extravagant flavor that is extremely difficult to disregard. With additional things like curd and chunda, theplas are a well known adaptable dish that can be eaten hot or cold while voyaging.


It has a shrewd taste, orchestrating and flavor in Gujarati cooking beginning from Surat. Undhiyu is a blended vegetable dish that is cooked topsy turvy in earthen pots. A rare dish that anticipates the presence of Uttarayan (Kite Festival in Gujarat) in the colder season month of January.

The name of the dish is gotten from the Gujarati word ‘undhu’ which connotes ‘topsy turvy’. Parts of Undhiyu combine eggplant, burned chickpea dumplings, bananas and beans slow-cooked with potatoes, green peas, buttermilk, coconut and flavors.

Fafda Jalebi

Gujarati cooking is spilling over with assortment of treats and modest food sources. Fafda Jalebi is a tried and endeavored and sweet and significant Gujarati food that is accessible in each vestibule and corner of Gujarat. Fafda is a crunchy nibble made with gram flour, turmeric and carom seeds. A light goody that is usually eaten whenever of the day, jalebis are best gotten a remove from by Gujaratis with pretzels or burned standard baking flour ready in roundabout shapes.

Gujarati Khichdi

Lately, Khichdi was given the title of public food of India by the public power. An unquestionably common dish eaten in all pieces of India, Gujarat additionally figured out an acceptable method for making its own variant of Khichdi to fulfill your taste buds. Nutritious in decorations, and solid in taste and flavor, Gujarati khichdi everything considered incorporates decorations like rice, grains, vegetables and ghee. Khichdi, occasionally got done with buttermilk, is one of the typical dishes of Gujarati supper.


Starting in the Kutch region of Gujarat, Dabeli or Kachchi Dabeli is a prominent Gujarati planning nibble food that looks like Bombay Vada Pav concerning surface and sythesis. It is the most eaten food in Kutch as 20 lakh Dabelis are eaten up consistently in Kutch. Inside the bread bun, decorations like pureed potatoes, surprising Dabeli masala, flavors, peanuts, chutney and sev are added to give the dish an incredible taste.


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