What to Know and Avoid About Online Pharmacies


Today, a virtual or online doctor’s appointment has become a convenient way to see a doctor. So it makes sense that the online pharmacies follow suit. However, you need to pay close attention before filling a prescription or buying medication at online pharmacies. If you want to simplify things, we’ve put together a guide to online pharmacies, which includes things you must look for and what you must avoid.

Buying medication online can be convenient and affordable. However, while there are legitimate online pharmacies, it is crucial to watch for the fake or scam ones.

Benefits of buying medications online

An online pharmacy may help you provide a private way to buy prescription and OTC medications, often at more affordable prices. Online pharmacies are especially a convenient way to live in a rural area, do not drive, or if you are homebound, frail, or disabled.

If you feel embarrassed to order specific healthcare products or medications, online pharmacies allow you to remain anonymous. You can also check with the Rx discount card provider if they provide discounts on online medication or not.

The benefits of buying prescription medications online include the following:


The top advantage of buying prescription medication online is choosing from various brands and medicines. While not all pharmacies prefer specific brands, shopping online ensures no hassles.


Another advantage is that it can be done from the comfort of your home. Conventionally, you need to drive or walk and look for a pharmacy to buy medication, and in a few cases, you need to wait in line for your turn.


Money and time are essential factors when it comes to buying prescription drugs. People prefer to weigh the medication’s value and avoid wasting resources. The online pharmacies competition is rising, and the prices of prescription drugs are quite competitive. Buying online allows you to compare the cost and brand of the prescription medication without slowing the line.

Expert guidance and advice

One of the best things you may love about online shopping for prescription medications from a reputed company is getting to talk with a qualified pharmacist. They may guide you in choosing the right medication for your medical condition.

Less approval need

Online pharmacies are highly convenient as you quickly make your doctor’s appointment or book one with a medical practitioner through the website. Some even allow you to upload the prescription drugs on their website.

Risks of using online pharmacies

The first website that sold medicines online was in 1999. However, today, over 35,000 online pharmacies operate on a global level, and it might be an underestimation. At the same time, it may sound like the improved access to get the desired medication. However, there are risks to public and personal safety when buying medicines online.

About 96% of the online pharmacies are reported to be rogue pharmacies. These pharmacies, otherwise known as the illicit or illegal pharmacies, these rogue pharmacies are not likely to adhere to the rules and regulations on an international or national level. In addition, these pharmacies are not verified or certified for safety, which may spell out the bad news for customers. The risks involved with the use of online pharmacies include:

Use medication without guidance from a healthcare provider

Most pharmacies advertise online and do not need a prescription to purchase online medicines. However, it is crucial to buy prescription-only drugs with a doctor’s approval, or it may increase the side effect risks on your health from drug interactions and wrongdoing.

Buying low-quality or fake medicine

It would be tough to tell where an online pharmacy is sourcing its medicine. Pharmaceutical companies must abide by current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) when producing their medications. It helps to ensure them about the quality and safety. Few online pharmacies may provide medications from companies that lack standards for upholding quality. In a few cases, people often mix the medications with other ingredients, which could lead to certain dangers.

Compromising health and private information

Rogue pharmacies do not have any listed privacy rights page. As a result, they could take your private information and share it with others. You may also receive unwanted phone calls and mail after providing the information.

Act smart when you buy online prescription medication

So, what should you do to guarantee your safety while buying medicine from online pharmacies?

Although many online pharmacists may be operating illegally, many pharmacies online sell medicine legitimately. Most of these pharmacies are verified by the national pharmacy board. You can use search tools to see if the online pharmacy is accredited. Ensure you keep in mind safety when you buy medicines online:

  • Do not buy medicines that a site claims and provide unrealistic or extraordinary benefits like an all-in-one cure or remedy.
  • Avoid purchasing prescription drugs from websites that do not require a prescription or offer medications that are not FDA-approved.
  • Use the verification tool by FDA and ensure the online pharmacy is licensed in your state.
  • Avoid buying medicines from sites or social media platforms that lack contact information. Ideally, the pharmacy needs to provide an address and phone number in the US.
  • Make sure you talk to the licensed healthcare provider or pharmacist at the online pharmacy you purchase from.

How to report an online pharmacy?

If you find an internet pharmacy that you think is selling illegal medications or if you have a complaint about the website, you must report your concerns to the FDA.

If you are uncomfortable purchasing the medication online, you can always buy medication in person. Purchasing prescription drugs in person is almost always a safe bet. Whether you are buying your medication online or in person, it may help you save on costs.


Prescription discount card websites helps to lower the cost of generic and brand medications. You can use prescription discount cards at over 60,000 pharmacies around the US and save up to 85% on generic and brand drugs.

It would help if you compared the prescription prices at your nearest pharmacies; once you find the best price, you can download the card instantly and get access to your savings.

Compare the prescription prices at the pharmacies near you; once you find the best price, you can instantly download free prescription discount card to access your savings.

Today virtual or online doctors’ appointments have become a convenient, reliable, and safe way to see a doctor. So it may make sense that online pharmacies would follow suit. However, paying close attention before you fill prescriptions or buy medicine at online pharmacies is crucial. If you want to simplify things, put it together in a guide to online pharmacies, including what you are looking for and what you need to avoid.

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