What Is The Importance Of Getting A White Label On Demand Taxi Booking App Like Uber Clone?

Uber Clone

The Uber clone app needs no introduction. As the world is turning on its head with respect to on demand services, taxi booking through an app has taken the centre stage. Many entrepreneurs from around the world have started investing in their own online taxi booking solution.

However, taxi booking apps are more complicated than they look. For a user, it might seem like a simple application that helps them find the right kind of taxi when they need it. However, for the app owner it is a whole lot more.

There are many complex real time features in the app that make it a tough and expensive one to build from the ground up. But this is not of any major concern for the modern entrepreneur. The digital scape is filled with on demand online taxi booking solutions that are simply waiting to get white labelled and be launched as your own solution for the market.


White labelling is essentially a form of customisation. Let us understand this with the help of an example. Say, you are an entrepreneur from Malaysia. You need to start your own online taxi booking business, so you look for the options available in the market.

You find an app built by a reputed white label on demand mobile app Development Company that offers you a ready made Uber clone app. But, since the app is built by this app development company, the app for sale will bear their logo and brand name.

When you purchase the app, you would naturally want it to belong to you in totality. Therefore, you would need for it to bear your logo and brand name instead of theirs. You can approach the app development company and command them to white label the app for you.

Using the processes of white labelling, the app development company will entirely remove any trace of their own company (including branding and logo) from the app and then add your logo and brand name to it every where.

White labelling also can facilitate the addition and integration of other essential features that are custom to your own business. This process of white labelling would take any where between 3 to 5 business days. This means that you can go live in the market with a white label app in just 5 working days!

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White labelling does not simply refer to a change of logo and brand name. There is more to it. Here is a list of all the custom changes that you can make to your Uber clone app with the help of white labelling.


You can ask the app development company to integrate a local language of your choice to the app. This would help local users and service providers to use your app easily and effectively.


Typically, a ready made app would have the dollar currency as standard on it. With the processes of white labelling you can make sure that your currency (currency of the region where you are planning to launch the app) is also added into the app.


There are multiple payment gateways around the world. As good as any of these payment gateways are, you would want that your app has the one that works best in your region. During the process of white labelling your app development team can integrate the perfect payment gateway for your business for that region.


The colours of the app should not clash with your brand image. This is why; when you get your app white labelled with your logo and brand name, you should also get the app re skinned with the choice of you colours that align with your logo and brand image.

Getting the best Uber Clone app

As mentioned above, there are many Uber clone app options available in the market. This is why; sometimes, entrepreneurs find it extremely confusing to find the right app that works well for their business.

You must make sure that the app you finalise for your business suits all your requirements while fitting perfectly within your budget. Ideally, you can do so by researching the market, taking stock of what works, what has been working and whether there are demands that your customer has regarding the features of the app. Test the app thoroughly to make sure that your app is feature rich and has all the latest features that are current and trending in the market.

Another thing that you should be sure of when purchasing your Uber clone app is that it offers multiple payment options to your users. Your users should be able to select whether they wish to pay using cash, use their in app wallets or pay through their credit or debit cards. Having the option of multiple card management would go a long way in securing your users while giving them a multitude of options.

The Uber clone app is one of the world’s foremost on demand online taxi booking platform. Get the most feature rich and well priced Uber clone app and watch your business grow efficiently and quickly.


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