What is Sublimation Cut and Sew Sports Bra?

Sublimation Cut and Sew Sports Bra

In the print-on-demand world, there are many printing methods used to bring your designs to life on clothing, household items, accessories, and more. One such technique is called Sublimation Cut and Sew Sports Bra and here at Subliminator, that’s our specialty. This is basically what we do and in this article, you will learn why it is the best method for printing products with high quality and durability requirements.

However, we understand that this can be confusing for print-on-demand Sublimation Cut and Sew Sports Bra sellers. There are many different products and different ways to print, but of course, they are not all the same.

To explain the process in very simple terms, the “cut and stitch” sublimation process involves printing designs on sublimation paper and then transferring them to fabric using heat and pressure. However, there are other methods of sublimation that are not the same as cutting and sewing. That’s why in this blog post, we will cover the following topics so you can learn all about sublimation cutting and sewing.

What are Sublimation Cut and Sew Sports Bra

Well, first of all, not all sublimations are the same. Sublimation Cut and Sew Sports Bra is actually different from “regular” sublimation, which we’ll discuss later in this article. The cut-and-sew sublimation process is literally what it sounds like. The pieces are cut and stitched together, but not before the printing process is complete.

So when an order is submitted to Subliminator from your Shopify store, we already have your work, so we can get started right away. Our talented sublimation team will print your design on a large sheet of sublimation paper. Your design is then printed directly onto the fabric that we will use to create your product at high temperatures from 180 to 210°C (356 to 410°F).

Now that we have large pieces of fabric with a finished design, we can cut them to size and sew them together. This is how we get such a great finish with sublimation cutting and stitching.

What fabric is used for Sublimation Cut and Sew Sports Bra?

The most important thing to know about sublimation is that when heated, the ink turns into a gas and thus bonds with the polyester fibers of the fabric. This means you can’t print on every type of fabric. As it must be made from polyester, or at least a polyester blend, for the process to work. Subliminal uses a wide range of different fabrics with different blends of polyester, cotton and spandex. For technical details about the fabrics we use, check out our how-to guide.

What are the benefits of sublimation cutting and sewing?

The most obvious benefit of any form of sublimation, especially cutting and sewing, is the ability to print on clothing. Hence the name “full seal”. With sublimation cutting and sewing, you get the added benefit of a flawless finish without unsightly creases or white spots.

  • Benefits of sublimation cutting and sublimation sewing
  • Seamless through printing
  • Vibrant high-definition colors
  • Very strong print without cracks or chips
  • Thread color selection for some products
  • Durable bielastic material

So what is a “normal” Sublimation Cut and Sew Sports Bra

As we have just discussed, not all sublimation is the same. So what is “normal” sublimation? Conventional sublimation is a printing process. That uses sublimation ink and heat transfer processes such as sublimation cutting and sewing. But the sublimation paper is printed directly on the product. This is good for products such as mugs, phone cases and coasters. But clothing can be a problem. When you picture a flat white shirt ready-ironed, you realize that the finish will definitely not be perfect.

How about direct garment printing and Cut & Sew sublimation?

There is a huge difference between Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing and sublimation printing. DTG printing is the typical look you can expect when you order a standard t-shirt or hat. With a single print on the front or back. The DTG method uses special digital printers to print directly onto the clothing. Making it a very popular choice in the print-on-demand industry and even among home hobby printers.


Now that you have a better understanding of sublimation cutting and sewing. chances are you understand. Why we are so passionate about it. Finally, just a few years ago, we discovered a gap in the market with a serious lack of quality. And affordable suppliers of sublimation cutting and sewing printing.

For this reason, and for ever-changing fashion trends, Subliminator was launched. Of course, there will always be a market for DTG clothing. but there are so many printers offering low-quality products at low prices. So, now We are not interested in something that we cannot be proud of.

Of course, there will always be a market for DTG clothing, but there are so many print shops producing low-quality products at low prices that we just don’t care about something we can’t be proud of. from

That’s why here at Subliminator, we’re always pushing the boundaries of innovation. Delivering unmatched product quality advanced application technology. And an exceptional user experience. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. We hope it has given you a better idea of ​​how to cut and sew sublimation work. If you’d like to order a highly recommended sample. Ask here or if you’d like to join the conversation with nearly 8,000 other print-on-demand sellers. Feel free to join our Facebook community.



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