What is Programming? A Comprehensive Programming Assignment Help Guide

programming assignment help

Programming has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past 3 decades. Numerous students are opting for the field of computer programming as a course of study. It is the subject that lends them to their dream companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, etc. But, along with all these things, the competition rate amongst the aspirants of computer programming is also increasing at a high pace. This is the reason why the students have the requirement of a programming assignment help guide, just the way we have curated this one.

What is Programming?

There are many distinct definitions of programming. Below given are some of the simplest ones to understand. Have a look at them to know what exactly is programming.

  1. It is a method or process of giving instructions to the computer so that it can perform appropriately.
  2. It is also known as collaborative efforts between computers and human beings.
  3. It is a way in which you solve distinct problems using a computer and its applications.

Still, facing difficulty in understanding what programming is? Have a look at the description below in simpler words.

Explanation of Programming in Simple Terms

Instructing the Computer: The meaning that is taken out from it is that you will give a group of instructions to the computer in the form of commands. And these commands are written in a way and language that the computer understands. The commands may look like the example below:

Example: Addition of 2 numbers, a round of a number, etc.

It is similar to how we human beings understand different sets of languages such as English, French, German, etc. Programming is a language understandable by computers in the form of written commands or instructions.

The given set of commands can be in any form. It can be as simple as the addition and subtraction of two numbers. It can also be too complex, consisting of numerous commands to perform distinct tasks simultaneously. You can have a look at the examples of complex commands below:

Example: Calculation of simple interest with the stated principles, time period and ROI.


Calculating the average return on the goods of the past 10 years.

The tasks written above cannot be demonstrated by using just the simple instructions such as addition and subtraction of two numbers. It instead consists of the calculations that are complex.

Advantages of Programming

There are numerous advantages associated with programming. You can have a look at those below:

Computers are Speedy:

 The computers are astonishingly quick. Therefore with the appropriate utilization of the computer programming language, you can attain wonders. Even on the basic computers that are available nowadays, the addition or subtraction of the two numbers hardly takes a NANOSECOND to complete.The fact that can be taken out from this is that a computer has the ability to accomplish numerous additions and subtractions in just a second. Doing such a thing is impossible to achieve by a human being. This is where the speed of computer programming plays a significant role.

Computers are Cost-Effective: 

Imagine that you are an analyst of the stock market. You are required to record the information and data that is associated with 1000 stocks that you have bought. The motive behind doing so is to trade the stocks instantly. Can you just visualize the problems associated with the same if you try to accomplish them manually? It will surely sound like an impractical thing to achieve. Another way you will think about completing the same would be to hire the people. As it will assist you in monitoring more number of stocks at a time. But, it will initially also result in an unusual increase in your cost. And there will still remain a tension of arising a human error. It may even result in losing out your crucial money. Although, it is very simple and easy to accomplish all these tasks and can possess a huge amount of data and information quickly. And it won’t even increase your cost. Calculating 1000 stocks is nothing for the computers to accomplish in this 21st century.

Computers can Work 24X7:

 Humans will exhaust after doing work for a certain period of time. But, this is not the case with computers. They are capable of working and delivering the tasks 24X7.

These are a few key benefits that are associated with computer programming. And there are also various other benefits associated with the learning of computer programming. Although, you may face some difficulties during the completion of this course. But, you must always remember that there are various services available such as the Australia assignment help providers. They will not just assist you in completing your tasks but will also help you enhance your knowledge.

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