What is link building and why does it matter

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An SEO strategy involves various techniques to elevate a business’s presence on SERPs, and link building is one of them. 

If you have not yet unleashed the power of link building, it’s high time you do to get the best of the digital world. Using link-building strategies will help you create unique, relevant, and high-quality marketing campaigns that will make your business grow and thrive. But, before moving on to that, let’s get a glimpse of the technique.

What Is Link Building?

In a simple language, Link building is the process of linking other reputed websites to your website. It helps users reach your webpage through other different pages on the internet. The strategy also helps search engines crawl your web pages and rank them better on their result pages. When link-building is done right, a business can stay ahead of the competition, get more customers, boost conversion rate, and enhance revenue.

If you don’t know how to get started with link-building, taking help from a reliable SEO company in Faridabad will be the best option. They will have experienced digital marketing experts that know the different ways to build links. 

The right SEO company in Faridabad will help you with everything to ensure that your business rank high and receive a constant flow of quality traffic.

How Is A Link Created?

In coding language, a hyperlink looks like this:

<a href=”https://www.creativebrainweb.com/search-engine optimization/”>Search Engine Optimization</a?

Since links are at the crux of link building, it is important to know something about their creation. A link tag has four parts, all of which work together to create the entire unit. Each part has a specific function within the link:

Creating links is the most critical part of link-building. It includes four parts, which are combined together to create an entire unit. Each part has a specific function, which is as follows:

  • The start of the link: Known as the anchor, the first part of the link opens the link tag and shows a search engine that the link leads to somewhere else. The part is identified by an “a”.
  • Link referral location: This part shows where the link is pointing. It can be an image, a web page, or a downloadable file. The part is identified by an “href”.
  • Visible text of the link: This part consists of the text that users will see when they click on the link. It appears blue to indicate that it is a clickable link.
  • The closure: The end of the link indicates search engine that the link is complete and leads to a web page when clicked.

Why Link Building Matters In SEO?

Links are beneficial in SEO and are considered one of the ranking factors by Google and other search engines. They also help with audience development by providing them direct access to your website.

They are an integral part of marketing as they generate confidence and create a positive connection. A website without links finds it hard to get quality traffic, both from searches and other websites.

That’s a brief explanation of why link-building matters. Now, let’s take a full-fledged look into it.

Relationship Building

Since the dawn of the internet, the way marketing is done has changed. Now businesses adopt every small and big strategy to get visible to users online and connect with them. Links creation helps businesses voice out their products & services or any other business-related activities. The primary goal of link-building is to make it easier for your customers to reach out to you. You can reap those opportunities and foster a long-term relationship with them. 

Brand Building

The SEO strategy also helps businesses promote their brand. It represents you as an authority in your respective field through links to unique & relevant content. Link-building also promotes your company’s expertise, along with goods & services.

Referral Business

Building strong links can improve the quality of traffic that makes its way to your website, along with boosting its ranking. Linking your site with a relevant and frequently visited one can skyrocket sales. Plus, those sales can turn into repeat customers, helping you reap the benefits for many coming years.

Strategies For Link Building

These are some of the best tried and tested strategies you can use to reach out to other entities for creating links to your site.

  • Develop stimulating, unique, and relevant content that people will like to link to and reference
  • Submit your news for press releases  
  • Submit your site to directories
  • Position your products & services where influential people can see them
  • Utilize a keyword research tool to access relevant keywords related to your niche and add them within the links.
  • Build links that have a search engine-friendly information architecture.
  • Link the top-ranked keywords to the content.

The right way to create quality links is to find who your target audience is, what they need, and what type of content will stimulate them. 

Another way to get strong links is to ask partners, friends, family, and other people you know. The link-building strategy is organic, and therefore, changes frequently. So, it’s better to create new links and update the old ones. The efforts you put in creating quality links will bring better outcomes in the long run.

If you’re are a newb in the SEO field, it’s better to hire the best SEO company in Faridabad. They will help you build links to reputed sites and create an influx of quality traffic.


Creating links to your site is important, and so does focusing more on optimizing these links so you can have quality in-bound links with quality anchor text to the proper pages. Such links will provide your website with an unparalleled ranking boost, and that’s too free of cost.

Hopefully, the article has given you a better understanding of what link building is and why does it matter in SEO and digital marketing. Hire the best SEO services in Faridabad to get the most benefits out of link-building. Even after reading this article, you have any questions related to link-building or how to boost your site’s visibility, do let us know in the comments. https://boingam.com/


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