What Is Ceramics, Mics & Aluminum Cast Band Heaters & Its Advantages

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Ceramic band heaters, mica band heaters, and aluminum band heaters are the three primary varieties produce by an industrial band heaters company.

The following succinct overview of the benefits of the three types of band heaters is provided to help the consumer learn more about these industrial band heaters.

What’s a ceramic band heater?

The output power of these ceramic band heaters is 0.6 to 1.6 times higher than the norm since they are create using the ceramic wire-threading technique rather than the common black Mica wire-bending technique. The imported round Silk Pottery use to make the ceramic band heater is bent into an elastic yellow shape and inserted into the ceramic ring. 

However, a China-made stainless steel plate is use to construct the Shell. To prevent temperature leakage, high-temperature insulating cotton (aluminum silicate fiber plate) is utilize in the middle. Ceramic is high-frequency porcelain that conducts heat quickly, is hard and difficult to break, does not easily become embrittled at high temperatures, and has other properties.

Moreover, brief characteristics of a ceramic band heater include the greater surface load of 6.3 w/cm; main applications in extrusion molding, casting, and down-stroke mechanical equipment; and working temperatures that can approach 350 degrees. Long lifespan, heat resistance, a 40% decrease in calorie consumption, and strong dielectric strength are some of its benefits. It is the type of electric heater that is most frequently use by extruders, plastics machinery, and film blowers.

What are the advantages of a ceramic heater?

Ceramic band heater seller with adaptable mounting, quick heat transfer, and superior insulation. Model requirements and specifications of the size of the limited benefits are not applicable to manufacturing. High working temperature, rapid temperature rise, high thermal efficiency, environmentally friendly, and heating precision with symmetry. The principal benefits are:

  •  In surface heating applications like heating big and medium-sized steel components, some can be wrap, while large-scale steel parts can elect to utilize the paving cover. With winding, such as heating vessels or pipes, these can be curve into an arc or ring-shape cladding. In addition, steel heating can be appropriate for a range of geometric shapes.
  • Able to set up an automatic control system, high working temperature, quick warming up, high heat efficiency, pleasant environment.
  • A huge surface area, good thermal dielectric strength, high impact toughness, and long service life.
  • Low application cost, simple installation and repair, and recyclable external ceramic components even if the inside hot raw material is destroye.
  • Stainless steel mica band heaters

What’s a mica band heater?

However, the mica band heaters are constructed using high-quality ni-cr alloy heating wire as the heating element. Natural mica as the cable sheath, and high-quality stainless steel plate as the transmission layer. The hardware for the mica band heaters can be customize to the needs of the customer. Moreover, can also be made from plates and other materials as well.

The mica band heater surface is fine at 2.3 to 3 watts per cubic centimeter. And the client should use an automatic temperature control system software to maintain all of the normal output power. And the service life of the electric heating coil according to the needs of the output power category.

What’s the advantage of mica band heaters?

This product’s choice of the stainless steel plate and black MICA as raw materials. That allows it to be made without restriction on model size and may be use as a nozzle for small-scale heating. As well as for heating the barrel of a plastic machine. With good heat pipe cooling speed, long life, good dielectric strength, attractive appearance, stable features, heating symmetry, high-pressure resistance, and other qualities.

The application of the mica band heater is typically found in extruders, plastic machines, and other plastic forming machinery.

  • Aluminum cast band heaters

What are aluminum case band heaters?

Aluminum dies casting forging and casting forging are the two categories into which aluminum casting band heaters can be separate. However, depending on the kind and number of areas specified, casting processing craft is typically chose. Moreover, the high-purity aluminum block, which is use in casting manufacturing, is put into the grinding tool. That has the heating pipe install after being turn from a solid hard disc into a liquid. In a high-temperature melting furnace.

In order to prevent the internal heating pipe temperature from rising too much during the application. All aluminum casting band heaters have typical thicknesses of 30 mm and 20 mm. The minimum thickness of the wall was about 20 mm. For instance, using cooling water or wind water cooling in the chamber when the temperature is high makes it faster than the application standard temperature. The majority of electric heating rings are divide in half. Formed into two semi-circular shapes, and then installed in accordance with the fixed anchor bolts.

Other things about aluminum case band heaters?

The location where the temperature data signal has to be gather is crucial to understanding temperature and temperature measurement. In order to install the thermal resistance, holes are often bore in the ARC surface of the aluminum casting electric heating ring. In accordance with its design specifications. 

A heating plate constructed of silicon-aluminum alloy or silicon alloy copper. That has bent into 1–5 rings in an industrial electric furnace is know as a casting plate type band heater. The suitable heat transfer surface between the heating plate and the bottom pot is larger. Then it is for the tubular element heating plate. This type of structure affects the toughness, longevity, and heat efficiency of high heating plates such as wet plates, cooking plates, sealing heating plates, and electric stove plates. This is the plug-in after the oil or electric stove that is hot without using induction, and it can be either circular or square.

Between the wire of spiral heating and plastic shell. The thin shell heating ring acts as a form of filling the parent material with heat transfer and insulation. This type of metal material has a straightforward structure and a low price. But the gluten is easily deform and the heat efficiency decreases after prolonge use. Therefore it is typically turn into a heat plate with a 700W tiny output power.

What’s the advantage of aluminum cast band heaters?

  1. lengthy life. Under all typical application and storage settings, it is specific that it can be use safely for about 10 years, and the entire plug-in application time (service life test: power off for 1H, a plug-in for 2H) should be roughly (3000h).
  2. A low energy requirement, good heat efficiency, and affordable price. Internationally, there is a trend of gradually raising the heating plate’s rated power in order to lower the quality of the heat reservoir and so go beyond the goal of raising output power without raising power consumption.

However, high output power, a smaller thermal storage body, a smaller thermal inertia force, faster cooking or heating with an electric heating rod, high thermal efficiency, and less use of electromagnetic energy loss. Reduced heat storage results in lower costs for the manufacturer.

  1. Adjustable temperature. The heating panel has several various application temperature provisions that should include gluten temperature as well. For instance, frying is done at 160–190 °C while boiling, and heating is done at 150 °C. Gluten temperature is preferable in the range of 130 °C to 300 °C adjustment because too low a temperature causes food oil to FRY to the burnt light yellow ingredients and too high a temperature makes cooking oil easily carbonize.
  2. Better anti-corrosion properties and cleaning-friendly attributes. 


Band heaters have many other great benefits that make you agree to buy one. If you want to buy and want to know more about all types of band heaters, always connect with us.


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