What exactly causes infertility


Infertility is commonly cause by problems with ovulation (the monthly release of an egg from the ovaries). Some problems stop an egg being release at all, while others prevent an egg being release during some cycles but not others.

An infertile marriage can diagnosed when a woman fails to pregnant in the first year of having a fully-fledged sexual life without any protection. If there are difficulties in conception, doctors suggest that both partners undergo a medical exam. If, after the diagnosis, it is determine there is no health issue and the female can bear one, then a male must undergo a thorough exam. The sooner the problem is discovered and treated, the better the male fertility treatment in lahore can be.

  • Menstrual infertility is a significant cause of infertility
  • Reproductive system diagnostics
  • How can male infertility treated?
  • Benefits of treatments of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The causes of male infertility

Male infertility is a problem of the body that the germ cells of a male cannot fertilize a woman’s egg naturally. The decrease in sexual activity is not connect with male infertility. In the majority of cases, issues with conception arise when the production of sperm is affect and their viability and mobility decrease.

  • These health issues may trigger the appearance of deviances:
  • An imbalance in hormones (lack of testosterone);
  • Varicocele (expansion in the blood vessels of the testicle, the spermatic cord);
  • Inflammatory processes in the organs of the genital tract (urethritis and prostatitis);
  • cysts, neoplasms and neoplasms found in the testicles;
  • congenital abnormalities in the organs of genital reproduction
  • Self-medication and promiscuity of sexually transmitted infections;
  • excess weight;
  • psychological motives;

Smoking, addiction to drugs and alcohol addiction.

In men, diseases that can cause issues caused by natural conception are frequently treat more quickly than in women; however, in more advanced cases, getting reproductive health back is often more complex.

The diagnostics for the reproductive system

To identify the root of infertility among men, A thorough diagnosis must be made, which involves laboratory tests such as urine tests, blood tests, levels of hormones, and also screening for sexually transmitted illnesses. If all tests are positive, the patient is prescribed

  • Urological examination;
  • program;

Ultrasound examination of male genital organs

  • genetic diagnosis
  • Test MAR.

Based on the findings of tests, the doctor determines the root of the problem causing the impairment of reproductive function, formulates a diagnosis and plans the treatment plan.

What is the treatment for male infertility?

If any significant deviations aren’t discover, experts will commence treatment, including a complete rehabilitation. A healthy diet, adequate rest, and a lack of unhealthy habits and stress are vital to men’s health. If the lifestyle changes aren’t enough, there are other methods utilized:

Medical treatment. Hormonal and immunostimulants, agents to improve blood flow in the blood vessels of the genital organs, are prescribe.

Physiotherapy. Laser therapy, electrophoresis, and magnetotherapy, among others, improve the effectiveness of treatment with drugs, improve blood microcirculation, increase the process of spermatogenesis and increase the motility of sperm.

Surgery is a procedure. It’s use to cure varicocele (varicose veins in the cord of sperm). This condition negatively impacts the fertility of the sperm, which decreases the chances of conception. Additionally, surgery is offered to patients diagnose with cryptorchidism, an inguinal hernia, abnormality in the structure associate with vas deferens drops in the testicle (hydrocele).

Assisted reproductive technology is utilized when natural conception isn’t possible

Artificial insemination can use to treat the weakness of sexuality in men with reduced activity and the presence of small amounts of Spermatozoa. The fertilize sperm will  processed in the laboratory. After purification and enrichment using proteins, defective spermatozoa are remove, while active ones are introduce into the uterus.

ECO. A female cell is fertilize by the sperm inside a test tube and then place inside the uterus, where the fetus grows naturally.

ICSI is a form of IVF that involves using active and highly active spermatozoa chosen from a selection of spermatozoa. Under conditions in the laboratory, it is directly inject into the egg.

In extreme situations, sperm donation could suggested to patients.

The advantages of the treatment offered in the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The treatment of male infertility at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences includes an extensive exam of patients and using one of the best treatment techniques, including assisted reproductive technology. With the latest diagnostic tools, Our doctors can quickly and efficiently determine the root of the problem to ensure the recovery of reproductive capabilities is as swift as possible.

We assist all families who dream of having a baby. Gynecologists, urologists-andrologists, cardiologists, psychologists, and doctors of other specialties are involve in solving problems with conception. The specialists all have the highest level of education and a long history of expertise in reproduction medicine.

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