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What does dog insurance cover?

Just like us, our four-legged friend can also run into health problems or legal problems. This is precisely why it is important to take out insurance coverage that protects us and him in the event of unforeseen events. Dog insurance basically covers three main types of events:

  • Veterinary expenses
  • Damage to third parties
  • Legal protection

Below we will explain better how dog insurance works, we will give you opinions on it and we will provide you with other useful information.

Dog Insurance: Is It Really Needed?

First, let’s try to solve a doubt that many owners have: is dog insurance really useful? To this question we reply with other questions: would you drive a car without insurance? Or would you be practicing medicine? Or would you open a jewelry store without being insured against theft?

We are sure that in all these cases the answer is no. And of course, the risks are too great and a policy is a reasonable expense compared to what an unwanted event can cost . Well, the same rule applies to the dog. If your beloved Fido should have major health problems, which for example require surgery, the costs for you would be very large. And if, for example, he were to drop someone while he is playing in the park, causing serious damage, we don’t even talk about it. The compensation you would have to pay would be astronomical.

This is why the doubt is quickly resolved: insurance for your four-legged friend is a very useful form of protection , which guarantees you and your pet against the most frequent negative events that can occur.

What does dog insurance cover?

We now come to the main events that insurance for the dog covers.

Veterinary expenses

The cost of treating your dog following an accident or illness can be very high, especially if it includes surgery and a long hospital stay. An example: a surgery, without considering the preparatory examinations and subsequent hospitalization, can cost up to 600 euros , depending on the type of operation. With insurance, these expenses are reimbursed to the owner.

Civil Liability

Pet insurances generally include liability coverage , i.e. for damages to third parties. This is essential for dogs, especially for large ones (but not only), since, compared to other pets, they spend a lot of time outside (for example in the park) and have many more opportunities to harm other animals or people. Even if our dog has never bitten anyone and never will, he could always, perhaps chasing a cat, drop a cyclist or an elderly person, or cause an accident by throwing himself into the road.

Legal protection

In the event of serious events, having a guarantee of legal protection is essential to avoid having to incur very high expenses for your defense. Remember that when a dog does some damage, it is very easy to put the blame on the owner. Better protect yourself.

Additional services

Some insurance companies offer other forms of coverage as part of their dog policies , including:

  • Free veterinary visits for a period (e.g. one year)
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Satellite geolocation system to find the dog if he gets lost
  • Reimbursement of the accommodation costs of the animal in case the owner is unable to take care of it due to health problems

Is the dog insurance also valid abroad?

This depends on the individual policy. If you are planning to travel with your pet, we advise you to inform yourself before stipulation. In any case, it is very unlikely that a policy will cover health care costs in the United States and Canada , two countries against which insurance companies always offer specific protections due to the high costs of medical services.

When is dog insurance mandatory?

Dog insurance is mandatory in a very limited number of cases. For the owner to be required by law to insure the dog, in fact, it must have been reported as dangerous by a veterinarian . Which usually happens as a result of aggression by the dog in question.

However, many owners still think that insurance is mandatory depends on the breed of the dog. In fact, this was the case until 2009, when a register of dangerous breeds existed. Today, however, the custom of considering a dog dangerous only after its breed of origin has disappeared from the legal horizon. So, whether you have a pit bull, you will only have to insure it by law if your pet has been referred by a veterinarian.

The cost of a dog insurance

When it comes to dog insurance, the cost can vary a great deal. Just like humans, in fact, companies take several factors into consideration when determining the premium to be paid, for example:

  • Race : Despite the above, race is a risk factor for insurance companies. So insuring a large guard dog will cost more than a small pet dog.
  • Age : An older dog will be more likely to get sick, and therefore the company will provide a higher premium to protect itself against potential health care costs to be reimbursed.
  • The presence of any reports : if the dog has been reported as dangerous by a veterinarian, the price could go up. In fact, the probability that the company will find itself covering expenses for damages to third parties and / or legal protection will increase.

What to watch out for when choosing dog insurance

Some elements should be taken into consideration before signing a policy. For example, if you are in the habit of placing your dog in someone else’s care , make sure your policy also covers events that have occurred under their supervision .

The coverage of healthcare costs can be limited to certain events, so it is good to check that they are sufficient for the needs of your four-legged friend.

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