What are the Reasons to Choose Animation as a Career Option?

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We all love cartoons! They’re colorful, upbeat, and entertaining—the perfect escape from reality. But as we grow up so does our taste in entertainment; what was once a guilty pleasure becomes an avid interest that we indulge in every day of the week. No longer is it just Saturday morning cartoons aimed at a younger audience; we now include adult and even children’s animation in our viewing selection.

Who can turn down a brightly colored, slapstick comedy like The Simpsons? Or a suspenseful thriller based on true events like Finding Nemo? One cannot resist the charm of an animated series with an abundance of quirky characters and hilarious situations.

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to wish that your favorite cartoons could be made into real life. That’s just one of the things that makes animation so appealing—the fact that it allows you to use your imagination and creativity to create any world or character you so desire. The best part is, that you only need a good idea, a computer, and infinite amounts of patience to make your dreams come true. But how do you get involved? In this article, we will be discussing the reasons to choose animation as a career option and also a tip on how can you get involved in this industry as a professional.

Why Should We Choose Animation as a Career Option?

Here in this section we will be discussing about the reasons to choose animation as a career option:

A well-rounded education

Animation is a career that offers many benefits including the opportunity to grow within your job and within the company. You will generally work on close-knit teams that help you learn more quickly while giving you opportunities to apply what you have learned in a variety of settings. You will be required to work on several projects simultaneously, so you will have the chance to explore different styles. Animation courses cover art and design, computer graphics, and production courses. In addition to computer-generated animation (CGA), there are several other specialties within the animation industry including traditional and stop motion film techniques. These include design, character drawing, story-boarding, and modeling as well as such areas as simulation, special effects, and technical direction.

The animation industry is rapidly growing

If you want a career with plenty of opportunities for advancement, animation could be the right choice. The animation industry has grown by almost 78.9percent in the last five years according to statistics from BLS. Although this growth rate has grown a lot over the last few years, hence it offers plenty of room for aspiring animators. It is projected to add 17% more jobs within the next decade according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. More than 40,000 skilled professionals are required in this industry.

Animation is a highly creative profession

Since animation is an art form, it requires an individual with a high level of creativity. Many people pursue an animation course to improve upon their skills and become the best animator they can be. In the process, they learn to produce artwork that tells stories, entertains, and educates viewers. Several reputed institutes are also providing animation courses in Kolkata. Because this field is so popular, many skilled professionals are able to find high-quality jobs in their field even with no prior experience.

Animation includes a variety of specialties

In addition to computer-generated animation (CGA), there are several other specialties within the animation industry including traditional and stop motion film techniques. Learn: how is animation as a career prospect?

Animation is a versatile industry

While the creation of 3D art and graphics, 2D animation and illustration, character design, storyboarding, and modeling are all important parts of the animation industry, another area to consider is the designing of props. This aspect also includes simulation, which involves making an object move or act in a certain way. While on-camera characters may have limits to how they can move or behave (for example, they cannot fly), objects like trucks can be made to fly. Simulation is also used for more specific effects such as simulating fire in a car chase. Other specialties include technical direction and virtual cinematography. Examples include lighting for computer-generated characters and backgrounds in stop motion animation.

Final Note

People who enjoy watching films, TV shows, or playing games with computer imagery will be able to get a similar sense of enjoyment from working in the animation industry. It is a proper place for those who love being creative. The animation industry is a place where creativity is highly appreciated. The number of graduates with an education in animation is increasing over time. A lot of institutes have started offering animation courses in Kolkata. Those who wants to enter the animation field, with the assistance of these courses, they will have an advantage when it comes to gaining employment.

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