What Are The Different Types Of Bollards?

Solar Powered Bollards
Solar Powered Bollards

Different types of bollards are employed in our daily life. To tell you the truth, nearly no one understands what a bollard is or what solar-powered bollards are. This happened because only a few more companies sell bollards, and only a few specialized companies or local governments employ them. The solar-powered bollards are used in different styles, finishes, covers, and materials which you can choose for the ultimate protection of your vehicles in the parking area, or if you keep them on any one side of the road. 

While the following advantages of various types of bollards may seem too similar to you, this is because you have most likely seen them in your daily routine.

Each type is specifically designed for its purpose and has its own benefits and limitations. Within those groups, there are sub-groups which I will discuss as well. Also, bollards that fit in those categories can also fall into other sub-categories less dependent on function and more on aesthetics. Architectural Bollards might be any of the above but are also designed to also include pleasant or unique shapes. Lighting bollards are not available in collapsible styles, but can be permanent or removable, and can come with bike-locking arms, making for a truly versatile bollard.

What exactly is a bollard?

Bollards are short posts used to create a protective or decorative boundary. When employed as a visual signal, a bollard is typically used to control traffic and indicate boundaries. Furthermore, bollards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to increase their visibility in specific situations. One example of this is solar-powered bollards.

What are the functions of bollards?

However, whenever it comes to security and safety, bollards can be placed in areas where different forms of traffic are separated to keep pedestrians and bicycles safe. Other applications include security for loading docks or garages, bike routes, downtowns, memorials, government buildings, stadiums, and golf courses.

Whenever a barrier is in sight, the intent is simple: be cautious where you walk and drive.

Different types of bollards

While bollards serve a variety of purposes, their primary purpose is to offer a security feature including both people and property. To have a better understanding of these intriguing buildings that are purposefully positioned all over the place, let’s look at the most common types of safety barricades and what they’re employed for.

Solar bollards are tough, impact, and weather-resistant lighting options for outdoor spaces. They are self-sustaining and do not need an electrical grid to maintain illumination. With onboard intelligence and high-capacity batteries, these LED lights are efficient enough to stay on for up to 14 days without direct sunlight. Lighting bollards are not available in collapsible styles, but can be permanent or removable, and can come with bike-locking arms, making for a truly versatile bollard.

  • Bollards for construction

    These types of bollards are most commonly shown throughout construction projects, but they’ve been seen in front of construction sites. A bollard for construction has the purpose of protecting the location and also the workers from every external threat, such as traffic redirection or entry prohibition. Bike paths and stadiums and also for large golf courses, in fact, you can get bollards for any type of construction.

  • Bollards that can be removed

    Adjustable barrier posts, sometimes known as removable bollards, are useful for restricting access to a specified region, such as a personal space. Detachable bollards are used by the majority of people in instances where they desire to ban unauthorized parking while allowing site owners discretion for admittance.

    A removable bollard is easy to handle and may be unfastened, lifted, or walked over with little difficulty.

    Solar Powered Bollards
    Solar Powered Bollards
  • Bollards for security

    In terms of visual cues for pedestrians and traffic participants, security-bollards vary slightly from construction bollards. Almost all security bollards are made of steel, covered with concrete, and decorated to mix in with the local environment. There are different types of construction bollards, and to make your work easy, you can also check out removable bollards that are easy to install and take off.

  • Bollards for ships

    Marine bollards, also defined as mooring bollards, are an important component of mooring systems. Simply described, a bollard is a short post that is used to anchor boats against. Its shape and dimensions vary depending on its ultimate use. They are meant to resemble a mushroom with a big dimension top so that. Cords can be put over them without coming loose. A cross rod is frequently included for added security when tying the ropes.


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