What are long single mattresses?

single mattresses
single mattresses

With our years of experience, we have developed mattresses for every size, comfort level, and price range.The measurements of our typical long single mattresses are shown below.

  • The standard mattress size is adhered to by all of our mattresses.
  •  Despite the fact that we can create a mattress especially for your vintage antique bed, a caravan, or a camper, the size of our retail mattress selection is normal.

Measurements for a Long Single Size Mattress:

A long single mattress is the same width as a single mattress, but it is 15 centimetres longer.

  • 203 cm, 2030 mm, or 80 inches in length
  • Width: 36 inches, 910mm, or 91 cm
  • The depth varies by product and can range from 20 to 40 cm

Sizes of mattresses and bed frames:

However, we always advise carefully checking your bed frame size when buying a new mattress, or vice versa. We’ve outlined above which bed frames fit best with each unique mattress.

This is especially crucial when considering long single mattresses. People may mistakenly believe that a European mattress will fit on a regular bed because they are frequently the same width as their standard counterparts. However, once they bring the mattress home, they discover it is too long to fit properly.

Some bed frames may also be more or less adaptable to mattress sizes due to their designs, such as if they feature a headboard or footboard. You can never go wrong by bringing out the good ol’ tape measure and double-checking the measurements before you commit to your new mattress if you’re unclear of what size bed frame you have.

What size of mattress is ideal for single sleepers?

A lot relies on the sleeper’s preferences when determining the optimal mattress sizes for single sleepers. If you don’t move around much at night or are wanting to conserve space in a small bedroom, a regular single works perfectly. Stretch out in a small double for a little more space.

The world is your oyster if room space isn’t a concern! You can enjoy having as much space to spread out as you desire by selecting a double or a king.

Why do scientists recommend sleeping on a mattress?

When you sleep on a mattress, you are allowing your body to rest and rejuvenate. When you’re sleeping on an incorrect surface, such as the floor or a hard chair, your whole body is tense due to the strain it places on various muscle groups. This can cause physical and emotional problems down the road.

When you sleep on a mattress, all of your weight is distributed evenly throughout the bed sheet and foundation; this reduces pressure points that might be caused by different parts of your body being in different positions. Additionally, it gets rid of any accumulated sweat or moisture from earlier in the day which can disrupts airflow and contribute to allergies or asthma symptoms later on in life.

The last reason why scientists recommend sleeping on mattresses is because they believe that regular sleep helps regulate hormones balance which could help improve overall health conditions like obesity or diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2). So next time somebody tell’s you not to worry about burning extra calories because “you’ll burn them while asleep” remember that what they actually mean is “sleep well so that when awake your metabolism will be at its natural level.

How to Select the Right Mattress Size:

You can also follow the following steps to make sure you choose the best mattress for your needs and way of life:

  • Take a measurement of yourself and try to make sure the mattress is 15 cm longer than the tallest individual using it.
  • Extend: if you can put your hands behind your head and your elbows touch the edge of the mattress or your bed companion, your mattress is too small for you.
  • Examine your sleeping area. It’s great to have a giant mattress, but if it severely restricts your space or doesn’t fit in your bedroom, it can be wise to invest in a somewhat smaller mattress. Make sure there is enough space by measuring.
  • Take into account your sleeping position – in addition to height, consider your sleeping position when determining the size of mattress you require.
  • Check the measurements of your bed – this one should go without saying, but you should make sure the mattress you’re buying fits within the confines of your bed frame.


When it comes to shopping for long single mattresses, make sure that you select a product that is not only comfortable, but also adds style to your bedroom. There are so many options available in the market today that you can choose from based on your spending habits and taste.

You can also check out mattress reviews by people who have used these products before for more information. So, in order to verify that your new mattress fits your bed perfectly, double-check the dimensions of your bed, which are all listed above.



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