Weekly Content Ideas for Your Instagram Page

Your Instagram Page

Content creation is an interesting job but sometimes it gets a little challenging. Especially for influencers and brands who need to put in some extra amount of effort in order to keep their businesses running and their feed active.

There isn’t one way through which you can keep your feed  active. It totally depends upon you, how you want to take it in your own way in order to make your feed look nicer. Here a a few ideas about Instagram post, you can completely mold it the way you want.

Here are a few tips by SocioTraffic which will help you or your brand to make an appearance on social platforms. Without further ado let’s get started:

Posting About Your Products or Sales

If you are a brand or an Influencer it goes the same. You will need to keep reminding your viewers what your brand is all about. Or as an influencer what your niche is and specifically what is your sub area under that niche.

Mondays can be the days to post about brand. Make a post on Monday related to your products

or even introduce your sales on a fresh start of week.

Make sure to always make your feed look active and nicer for  your viewers to watch. So that more and more people come to your page and never leave without hitting that thumbs up button.

Posting Something Random on Tuesdays

You can post something light or refreshing on Tuesdays like a meme or fun fact about your brand or the field you are working in.

Like check out the latest post of Sociotraffic on their Instagram page, here they have shared a meme to keep their audience light and active. It’s fun on one end and something that will help engaging the audience on the other because people like to see funny stuff that can lighten up their day.

Post a How To’ or Tips a Tricks Short Videos

 Make your Wednesdays free for posting quick how to’s stuff. Be aware what type of questions people are asking related to your field  you are working in. And create how to videos for people to get benefit from them and learn something new.

You can always teach someone something, no matter on which stage you are. Your knowledge is going to be beneficial to someone. There are a lot of things that people are constantly searching for with the captions of how To’s / tips and trick/ hacks. Always try to create best for your audience.

Question and Answer Session

Thursday can be the days where you can hold question and answer sessions. No matter how much information you try to post through social media platforms there still are questions in people’s mind looking for someone to answer them. Like people have tons of questions about buying automatic instagram likes monthly and how does it work?

So, resolve the queries people have in their minds, announce questions and answer sessions beforehand so that people already know when you are coming online and decide which topic you are going to discuss that day and keep your audience updated about the days when you go online.

Basically Thursdays should be relaxing days, where you come up to have a little chit chat with your customers for them to know you and for you to know them and what are their expectations from you.

Product Selling on Thursdays

Since weekend is almost there. People are looking for something to enjoy their weekend. Why not that be your product??

Let people buy your product and chill out on weekend. So once again remind your customers about what you are selling and give them offers so that they buy stuff and enjoy their weekend.

Since a lot of Influencers are already worried about their Instagram growth, followers count and likes on Instagram. Why not buy Instagram package and chill over the weekend, keeping all your Insta worries aside and enjoy the fresh followers, Netflix and popcorns?

There are many other ways you can decide how you want to schedule your weekly Instagram posts. Make sure what ever you do, your posts are enjoyed by your audience and are according to their demand. Do check out Sociotraffic’s website today. Have a happy journey on Instagram!

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