Wedding Venues in Pushkar

Wedding Venue in Pushkar

The word ‘wedding place’ is nothing new. Although its meaning has increased over the decades. Couples now handle their wedding with a host of styles that no one else could have imagined. While some prefer Rajasthani Royal weddings, others attend intimate ceremonies. However, one thing that has not changed is the enthusiasm for planning your dream wedding in the place you love and selecting the best Wedding Venues in Pushkar.

When one speaks of royal marriage, Rajasthani’s Pushkar is high on the list of destinations. There is a calm but different thing about this city. Pushkar is a city that combines rich Indian reserves with modern affluence. Once you start hunting for your place, do not miss these top places in westin pushkar wedding that are not only for the wedding but also promising unique wedding solutions:

Accommodation in Pushkar Bagh

Pushkar Bagh Resort: Looking for regal information in Pushkar? However, Pushkar Bagh Resort has that and more. Apart from Indian culture, tourists also discover the amazing natural wonders of Pushkar. It has all the modern amenities including rooms, banquet halls, green gardens, children’s playground, spa, business centers, and more. Celebrate the important moments of your life in this cleverly designed environment. You can also host wedding events involving 500 guests at its wedding venues. Get a real taste of local restaurants at Pushkar Bagh Resort.

The cost of a local wedding to Pushkar Bagh Resort varies from event to event and package to package. It is recommended that you contact the hotel management before you pocket again

Aram Bagh

Aaram Bagh: This building is a symbol of traditional beauty and modern beauty. It is known for its pure beauty and modern amenities. Its invitations never fail to impress guests. Apart from this, the hotel staff is equally trained and professional who promises to deliver quality services. Aaram Bagh in Pushkar is the perfect place for a wedding in every sense. From the outside to the inside, everything is good about this place. If you plan to host an intimate gathering of up to 150 guests at Aaram Bagh, it will cost you 26 lakhs. The price includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, decor, space, and entertainment.

Ananta Resort

Ananta Resort: Ananta has always been a couple’s first choice when it comes to a local wedding in Pushkar. It is considered one of the top places in Pushkar because of its scenic location. Nestled among the hills of Aravalli, the Ananta lounge adds beauty and charm to your wedding theme and decoration. Provides top line services to its guests. Relax in the comfort of your own home and have fun with your peers and acquaintances. Experience the unparalleled wedding experience with the most dedicated and efficient hotel staff. Hold a wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding event in its lush gardens and open banquet halls. Wedding venues include modern amenities such as AV equipment, modern amenities, chairs, and decoration arrangements for the convenience of guests. The cost of a local wedding to Ananta Resort can vary depending on the catering, decorating needs, guest list, event type, event theme, event type, and wedding budget.

Westin Resort and Spa

Westin Resort and Spa: If you are looking for a rich place in Pushkar, look no further. Westin Resort and Spa Pushkar is known as one of the 5 star hotels in the city. The hotel offers a wonderful view of nature. From luxury guest rooms to event venues, the wedding venue has everything you need to hold an unforgettable wedding.

The cost of accommodation at Westin Resort and Spa depends on the package agreement, guest list, food, decorating requirements, event type, hotel availability, season type, and more. For the most lucrative deals, make sure you book.

Golden Heritage Hotel

Hotel Golden Heritage: Heritage Area offers excellent world-class services and services. Being touched at this hotel is something that has always been a dream come true. Whether it is a small event or a large gathering, every event is a success with its own team of experts. You can arrange a Haldi, sangeet, or wedding for up to 1500 guests. Its interior and exterior spaces make it an ideal setting for all types of event. Outdoor food is allowed in this area

A wedding venue for up to 150 guests may cost a different price if you consider the relevant factors such as hotel availability, season, and type of event.

Brahma Horizon

Brahma Horizon: Located behind the distance of Rajasthan’s Aravalli. Its well-designed interior creates the perfect setting for wedding-like celebrations. The hotel staff is very focused on providing the modern needs of couples and families. With its spaces for home events and green gardens, the hotel gives you the royal feel you want. You can easily organize the work of up to 1500 guests at Brahma Horizon. The cost of a local wedding in this building depends on the time of year and season

Bhanwar Singh Palace

Bhanwar Singh Palace: One of the most sought after places in Pushkar is the Bhanwar Singh Palace. It offers state-of-the-art facilities such as spacious, spacious event venues, an international indoor restaurant, a gym, sauna and steam rooms, and Ayurvedic facilities. You can engage in recreational activities and do the best you can with the time you spend in this precious space.

What is the best time to plan your wedding where you are going to Pushkar?

Weddings in Pushkar are the norm. Lots of couples tie the knot on the couch and leave this precious land every year. So, if you are following a suit, be sure to check the weather before planning a luxurious Pushkar wedding. Fiestro Events is one of the top wedding planning companies in India. Get in touch with us now!


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