Ways To Fix Disconnecting Issues Of Your Airpods

Disconnecting Issues Of Your Airpods

We’ve all shifted from wired headphones to smart wireless earbuds because, to be honest, they work seamlessly with every smart device. But all in all, that does not happen every time. If you’re facing it difficult to Disconnect AirPods from all Devices while you are using them, there is only one thing to do; re-establish the connection and troubleshoot the issue immediately.

Well, if you’ve often faced such an issue then let us tell you that you have nothing to worry about. We’ve compiled a list of troubleshooting fixes and tips that will resolve almost every connectivity-related issue of your AirPods with your Apple or Android device.

Troubleshooting Tips And Fixes

The fixes that we’ve mentioned below will help you in troubleshooting and fix the connectivity issues from your Apple and Android devices. However, if you are dealing with a defect because of hardware, this means that you need to visit the nearest tech shop for its repair.

Re-Establishing The Connection

If the earbuds started to disconnect with your smart device a moment ago, then unpairing and then connect it again. Doing this usually helps. Also, ensure that your earbuds and the charging case are fully charged. Most of the time the connectivity issue arises because of low power.

Keep The Earbuds And Smart Device Close 

This is the most obvious. The further you go away from your smart device, the higher the chances that your earbuds will not stay connected. For this, you will need to keep your paired earbuds within range.

Disable The Bluetooth And Connect It Again

If there are any minor glitches in your earbuds and the device, then disabling and then re-connecting them will eliminate the connectivity issue. The best way to go around this hack is by toggling the airplane mode.

Disable Ear Detection

Most of the new earbuds have an ear detection feature enabled by default in them. This means that the moment either one of the earbuds is removed from your ear it will disconnect instantly. For this, you will have disabled the ear detection feature from your device settings.

Disable The Automatic Switching

If you have multiple devices connected with your earbuds, then you can rest assured that your wireless AirBuds will establish a connection with the device that is close by. In order to avoid getting connected to the device that is close by, you need to remove all the connected devices and then disable the automatic switching feature.

Updating The Firmware

You might have noticed that TheAirBudsPro does not stay connected with your device for a long period, right? Well, this might mean that the firmware of your device is either outdated or the AirBud pro are not compatible with your device.

Charge Your Airpods And Case

Most of the time, the AirPods will keep disconnecting with the connected device because either the AirPods are low on charge or the charging case is low on power. At this time, the most reasonable thing to do is fully charge them for use.

Bottom Line

There are light indicators that tell the status of your AirPods. You might have noticed Green, White, amber, and Blue light blinking. Don’t worry, each of the lights indicate a different thing. So, don’t worry when you see either of these lights. 

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Times have changed and so have technology and people’s preferences. We now want easy solutions to problems and this is why innovations in technology are taking place.

When people first saw and used the AirPods by Apple they were awestruck and bought them even when they didn’t know much about them or their usage. The appealing factors added to the AirPods made a lot of people desire them but the prices were too much for the masses to purchase and this is why other companies came into the market in order to fill the gap.

If you are looking for cheaper options in wireless earbuds but do not want to compromise on the quality, then this article will be very helpful for you because we have listed some of the best wireless earbuds under 100 which do not compromise on quality and are easily available.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is a great option for wireless earbuds under $100. They are IPX2- rated earbuds that come with a USB-C charging case that has the feature of wireless charging. The device can be used by both iPhone and Android users which means there is no connectivity issue with the device either. The device fairs well for Android users in comparison to iPhone because it has a higher number of features for Android like direct Spotify access through the touch controls and access to galaxy labs experimental toggles. 

You will find that the sound quality is also great and you can choose the presets of your liking in case you wish to increase or decrease the bass or treble. So if your budget sums up to $100 then we highly recommend this set.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Google has come a long way after its latest release i.e the Google Pixel Buds A-Series. They have proven to be great devices for hearing podcasts and for calling too because it provides an emphasized bass response which results in much clearer vocal reproduction. It comes with a bass boost response in the pixel buds app through which you can increase the bass to enjoy music but this app can be installed on Android phones only. 

It is a great choice for android users due to its compatibility with the latest software and hardware.

Nothing Ear 1

The Nothing Ear 1 comes with a unique style and casing. It’s all transparent, from the case to the earbuds, and comes for $99 as the current listed price. This set of AirPods comes with premium features like active noise cancellation, automatic ear detection, and an IPX4 rating. Not to mention the convenience of a fast and wireless charger that comes along. An honest review makes us accept that the noise cancellation feature may not be as strong as that of other devices in the same price range but it does fare well in line with AirPods Pro.

So if you’re looking for a classy option that comes with various features then Nothing Ear 2 is a good option for you.

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