Here is an oldie but a goodie recalling the sensation of achievement while seeing the excellence of nature at 14,000+ Feet above ocean level-“Sar Pass Trek Kasol”.

As of late, my sister and her significant other finished a Himalayan trek (December 2020), that is the point at which I went down the world of fond memories recalling my Trek to Sar Pass Valley (2018).


Sar Pass Trek, Kasol – A Trek in the Himachal


I pursued the Sar Pass Trek in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh planned for May 2018. Leave endorsed, fervour at its pinnacle, I was good to go to get A grade in my report card. I wish things were pretty much as smooth as they sound, they weren’t and there were reserving errors and last moment dropping potential outcomes. In any case, there was an example of overcoming adversity that was anticipating to influence my life. Subsequent to getting past all obstacles, I was good to go to encounter the amazing perspectives on the Parvati Valley.


Sar Pass is in Parvati Valley of Kullu area, Himachal Pradesh. At 14,000 ft. Sar Pass offers grand scenes, a paradise for picture takers and nature darlings. Sar Pass Trek offers a wide scope of encounters to the trekkers while they trail through woodlands, towns, snow-covered mountains and glades. One will observe great Himalayan pinnacles canvassed in snow and an assortment of territories going from woods to the glades to ice covers.


Very energised and apprehensive to start the 7-dawn from work and routine to partake in the delightful scenes and experience nature at its ideal.


The trek was to begin from Kasol Base Camp. I took a departure from Pune to Delhi and a transport from Delhi to Kasol to get to the beginning mark of the Sar Pass Trek to meet my co-trekkers and trek guide.


Sar Pass Trek, Kasol: Itinerary


Day 1 # Kasol to Grahan Village

While a typical week begins with Monday morning blues, this one was a splendid Monday morning to start a 5-day trek from Kasol (approx. 5000 feet). With the hints of water from the waterway Parvati, we left on a 12 km excursion to town Grahan (8000 feet approx.). We did grahan (handle) a great deal of things while strolling into the Village – unconventional birds talk, town children’s gab, clean air, and so forth


The path was simple at first and we had the option to cover a decent distance inside the primary several hours, after the fact it got a little rough and a tough move also. Additionally, this is the place where we were out of the versatile organisation zone. Beginning the excursion of Digital Detox, an ideal one to find yourself amidst nature.


The conspicuous subjects of conversation during the current day were H2 – Honey and Hashish. Liquor is restricted during treks however at that point there are clearly different things to take you on a high – for me it was Rajma. We had a home stay arranged and for supper they served us Rajma Chawal and trust me this was one of the most incredible Rajma Chawal I have at any point had.


Day 2 # Grahan to Mung Thach

Tuesday began with sight of the Himalayas, unadulterated air and not to fail to remember a slight aggravation in the legs. In any case, the heart was thumping more than expected with the energy to find something uniquely great and to find one more way to achieve the unaccomplished.


The present objective was Mung Thach, at around 11,200 ft, 8 km from the town Grahan. This trail regularly utilised by local people gets steep and testing now and again.


Most discussions spin around lakes, mountains, streams, and cascades. A lot of individuals point to a shared objective, strolling and examining nature’s endowments while they step to their objective together.

Day 3 # Mung Thach to Nagaru

Wednesday morning a virus breeze hit my face as I left my tent. Legs beginning to yell out with torment, body requesting more oxygen however I was on a High. The following objective was Nagaru, which helped me to remember the melody “Nagada” from the film Jab We Met. This is one of my number one tracks to move to the tunes of the Dhol. I didn’t ask our lead for the distance we wanted to cover since I was in the stream and energised.

Day 4 # Nagaru to Biskeri Thatch

Thursday was really unique. It was the culmination day. With consistent inspiration from everybody around I was likewise available (anxiety inside). We began the day right on time at 4 am, awakening to the sky of stars (it was a no moon day).

We were going to cross Sar Pass, the conversations rotated around the 3 S. Snow, Sar Pass and Success, we were all making the last moves to our example of overcoming adversity together.

Day # 5 Biskeri Thatch to Kasol

Ooops it’s Friday, it’s not TGIF, we needed to begin our plummet and return the means to the supposed routine life. In the wake of partaking in the perspective of the pine timberlands, the lofty mountains, and the lavish fields in Biskeri, we began to climb down through Pulga and Tulga town to the Kasol Campsite.



Sar Pass Valley has a wonderful path along Parvati River, Green woodlands, Snow covered mountains and significantly more. This is an ideal trek for fledglings who couldn’t want anything more than to encounter the amazing perspectives on nature and various types of territories.

Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? Prepare your rucksacks and pursue your achievement story. Remember to get your leaves endorsed; telecommuting isn’t a choice during these treks.

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