VSS Mani’s Just Dial Entrepreneurial Journey From the 50,000-Rs to the 690-crore


Just Dial: How It All Started

The Just Dia is the country’s most popular search engine. Its fav tagline can be found in “JD App se Pucho”. It provides all kinds of information?

It’s local search market which will provide all the information you need, based on the search you have made. It provides you with all the information that you require.

You can pick a single option by the options listed by the simple dial. It helps you work more efficiently. There are 9000 employees working in the company, which is spread across 15 offices.


The app is so useful and efficient that the business gets 1.9 million calls per day. The most impressive aspect is that the website has been rated at 1125.7 million during year 12-13. Website visits are growing every day, and have reported by 1,16 million users every day.

The company is receiving positive feedback from clients, which is why they expanded the service in Canada, UAE, and the USA. The mobile app and the website are bringing good results for the business, as more than 3.4 million downloads are available through the mobile app.

VSS Mani First generation entrepreneur’s Just Dial success story

It was said”The Beginning is always difficult for any business and that was true for JD. When a company is starting, there can be some struggles.

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The company was registered in year 1994.. They began the business in a space rented by 5 to 6 employees , with an investment of Rs.50,000. In a much shorter period, Justdial has become the most popular website and application among users in India.

Justdial – the Founder and Team

V.S.S Mani is CEO and Founder of the company Justdial.

V.S.S Mani works as the Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director Officer, and the co-founder of Justdial. Mani was a part of the business since its inception. He is an experienced and experienced professional. His 25 years of experience makes him a professional.

V. Krishnan

He is an independent executive manager of the company. He is the co-founder of Justdial and also an entrepreneur.

He graduated from the course in Delhi University and was the co-founder of the business. He has the lead role to build the company , with a lot of responsibility.

The tag line of the business

It is the top search engine, which offers every type of search to customers, and their tagline”Anything Anytime “Anything Anytime Anywhere”. This means you can use the application and search on websites whenever you want and everywhere you want to refer to it as ‘anywhere.

The Business Model

The company recognizes that they have made some mistakes, but they learned by observing their own mistakes. After a few adjustments, the company has risen and is now an industry leader in the local search results.

The Justdial was focused on the key number, rather than using a distinctive name for the business. This is the same mistake they made with “AskMe”. The next time, they are presented with the number 10 times 8.

After having accumulated a large amount of customers, the business requires a database that is of significant volumes. They must now discover the thorough research and the database.

The most effective thing is that using strategies, what we did means that we did not take the big picture, instead we focused on local businesses.

We are helping people find small businesses, or the things to help them live their lives in an a simple manner. This has helped the business increase its revenue too.

It’s because of word of word-of-mouth advertising, that people are affirming that Justdial helps and it’s absolutely free. This helps the company as well as increasing the size of their customer base.

Justdial helps medium and small-sized businesses as well as providing special services that are value-added and offers them massive online visibility, a custom-designed website, payment solutions mobile site, mobile site and mobile apps all of which is in one convenient package for businesses with MSME registration.

Who invested into Justdial?

Numerous companies invested in Just dial such as SAIF Partners, Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, EGCS along with SAP Ventures. These companies contributed to the development of Justdial.

These are excellent bargains. As of June 12, Justdial has raised $57m in funding from investors, including Sequoia Capital and Sapphire Venture. This funding helps to boost brand value as well as to enhance the management capabilities of the company. What can be accomplished with the money of investors include…

  • It increases the value of the brand of the business.
  • It is based on the relationships between brand SME’s.
  • The new direction is to bring the new product to market and business activity.
  • The company is able to obtain the opportunity to expand its geographical reach. company.

Just Dial-Growth

It is a Mumbai-based business which offers an online search engine for local users. The company’s profit increase by $5.5 Million is Rs.38.5 crore. 38.5 crore.

The company later increases the amount of revenue to $30.2 Million which is equivalent to in the amount of Rs. 211.4 Crores. This is an impressive growth of 11.3 percent. This is a good illustration of the remarkable expansion of the company.

Reliance Retail ventures the biggest company in India announced on 7/7/2021 it was planning to acquire 67% of shares within Just Dial.

In terms of amount of cash, it will be in the amount of Rs. 3497 crores. According to the pressrelease, the release details, Reliance is confirming it is VSS Mani, founder of Just Dial, will continue the company’s existence for the next 25 years as the managing director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Why is Dial hasn’t stopped revolutionizing its Platform Time Model and Model up to date?

Justdial is looking to adapt to the age group and their needs. They are looking to transform the whole procedure from a traditional telephone directory to an online model.

Customers can access all numbers simply by entering their needs. You can now install the app on your smartphone.

First, the users must call Justdial for the number however, with this latest technology, you will receive the answer via text message or email.

Justdial marketing and advertising

Justdial begins its business by implementing a well-planned marketing strategy. The innovative tactics employed by Mani (CEO and CEO of the firm) remain in expansion.

It has a global reach and a vast coverage of the network of Justdial. The company has been boosting investments in the business frequently, through advertising. They select all forms of advertising, including print as well as cinema halls, social media and T.V ads.

The biggest expense in brand and marketing is the fact that they employ Amitabh Bachchan to help the business by being an ambassador for the brand Justdial.

The company has also conducted advertising guerrilla. The popular search engine has started this type of marketing by putting ads on hoardings. They put up hoardings on public areas, airports and railway stations.

The company also started offering services during wedding season. The company also began sponsoring for sports events such as the IPL.

Which are your rivals?

Every business has to contend with rivals, and this is the case with Justdial. However, the most important thing is that the search engine company does not fall its competitors behind.

The main competitors of the company are Quikr, Sulekh, Infoindia, Urban Company, Zimmber, IndianMart, Asklaila, Exporters India, Nearbuy, timesinfoline, and many others.

Justdial has 12,691 employees. If the company is home to 9,600 employees, it is ranked 1st and top against competitors.

There always are changes and highs as well as in business. You must solve this issue either using hook or by hook or.

What’s the motive to give the HTML0 a huge boost?

  1. It’s a long-running presence on the market, and customers are told that no matter what we need, we’ll find the answer to the problem.
  2. The company adapts to the current situation to meet the wants today. They moved from a traditional telephone directory to a website-based one and discovered that mobile devices are more convenient for users. The company then shifted to mobile-based app services.
  3. The application and website provides quick solutions to users. Therefore, they can are able to Justdial.
  4. Continuously providing users with the best experience and top quality performance.
  5. Marketing management at the company is well-versed. They have strategies that can take over the market.

What is Just dial?

Justdial is a local search engine which offers all kinds of searchesthat relate to anything like jobs or business, a nearby restaurant, the best local schools, classes for kids and more. through their website or mobile application.

who is the creator of Justdial?

Venkatachalam Sthanu Mani, V.S.S Mani is the founder as Managing Director, CEO the CEO, and founder of Justdial.

What kind of services does Justdial offer?

The company offers all kinds of searches that people want to perform in their day-to-day lives. The application. Find the solution to all problems in the shortest time.

Which are main competitors in Justdial?

Asklaila, Zimmber, IndiaMART, Quikr, Sulekha, Urban Company, Nearbuy, Ahmedabad Business Pages, Fxchng, Timesinfoline, Exporters India as well as EC21.


Just Dial Limited is one of the most popular local search engines in India It provides various types of search options for their customers across India using a variety of platforms like website, Online Directory, Mobile App, SMS, and over the phone.


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