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Are you interested in becoming a vape reviewer? Has writing or filmmaking always been an interest of yours? Is Eightvape Legit cash would be much appreciated.

On 8/10/18 we’ll be taking user reviews to publish on our website and share with consumers from all around the globe. A terrific method for anybody in our community to get their opinions out there and make a little money at the same time is to write a review on our site.

Reviews may be good, negative, hilarious, or serious; they can be about any product, from any brand. Even batteries may be reviewed on this site.

If you’d like, you may submit us a picture to use as a thumbnail for your personal reviews, which will give them a more intimate feel. Make sure to include your first and last name when you submit your information. There will be a dedicated community page for all of the reviews.


The Guidelines For User-Submitted Reviews Are As Follows:

To write a review, you should aim for at least 500 words of content. The length of a video review must not be less than 60 seconds. If you like, you may include both textual and video information in your review submission. For each review, there is no limit on word count or length.

We will not publish or award reviews that are blatantly sexist or sexually explicit, and videos cannot include explicit language or graphic violence, or sexual material, either.

For each review that we select to publish, reviewers will get $8.88 in shop credit. To be eligible for compensation, they must have an Is Eightvape Legit account.

You may submit more than three reviews every month, but only three reviews from each user will be selected each month, regardless of how many you submit.

Finally, any evaluations should be sent to Is Eightvape, where they will be reviewed. Your first and last name must be included.

Please note that we are no longer accepting reviews on the following product: The FreeMax Mesh Pro

It’s called FreeMax. Aegis Legend VooPoo Drag Naked 100

Taruto SMOK G-Priv by Yami Vapor

The “Your Reviews” section may help you make your review stand out from the crowd. We don’t want to squander your time.

It’s done. Is Eightvape Legit has given back again! These reviews are meant to be enjoyable, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions! We have a wide range of perspectives in our community, and I’m looking forward to hearing them all.


Before I Go, Here Are A Few Things To Remember:

The “Blog” tab on will soon be renamed “Community” for reviews that match the requirements. Hardware and E-Juice evaluations will be categorized into separate sections, and a search option will allow users to quickly locate reviews and also apply Eightvape Coupon Code.

People will be able to initiate conversations and create a sense of community on all community reviews, which will benefit everyone.

Additionally, I’ll be making a new statement shortly on user submissions. Future possibilities for our community to display their work and receive incentives will be available.

So long for now.

An Unbiased Look At Eight Vape

Okay, so where do I begin? I’ll give you a rundown of my whole Is Eightvape Legit experience. I’ve made five purchases so far, and I’m planning on making one more today. During October, around Halloween, there is a 5% discount code that I want to take advantage of!

In addition, the cost of juice and hardware is already quite cheap. When a product has been on the shelf for some time and is no longer on promotion, the prices on hardware become more affordable.

Is the Eightvape Legit warranty policy their worst flaw? It has a few flaws. Is Eightvape Legit warranty should be longer and easier to deal with since once their brief shop guarantee expires, they urge you to contact the manufacturer yourself, which is counterproductive.

As a result, I refuse to purchase any product that has an electronic chip. I plan to stock up on e-juice, mods, tanks, RDAs, and RTAs soon. To sum up, Eight vapes is an excellent product if you pay attention to and read the review provided.

You know what? I’d say the shipping service is among the best in the industry. It was a pleasure working with Is Eightvape Legit to create this honest and fair review!

Pros And Cons Of Eightvape

Element Vape, Eaze, DirectVapor, cbdMD, and Cigars International are some of the other Juul providers that compete with Is Eightvape Legit ( According to our in-depth Is Eightvape Legit study, when compared to its rivals, Is Eightvape Legit ranks #7 out of 0 total brands in its category. The complete review can be seen below.

As of March 21, 2022, Knoji has 69 reviews and ratings for the Is Eightvape Legit product. According to Knoji editors and shoppers, Is Eightvape Legit has been compared to 0 other top brands and evaluated based on product and store qualities. and other vaping service providers are evaluated and rated by Knoji on a 5-star scale depending on the number of features they provide. Is Eightvape Legit has a user satisfaction rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on 69 reviews?

Is Eightvape Legit has 0 features in total, including, and. The fact that Is Eightvape Legit is a well-known and well-known brand boost its review score.

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