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When comparing the two most popular furniture websites, we’ve chosen a memorable campaign that highlights the emotional connection consumers have to their furniture. By playing on the power of stories, Urban Ladder is able to tap into new-age consumer aspirations and the power of story-telling. We’ve also highlighted the product reviews to help you decide which website is right for your needs.
Urban Ladder vs Craftatoz

If you’re a furniture lover, you’ll be pleased to know that the competition is heating up among online retailers. Craftatoz is a competitor of Urban Ladder, which started in 2012 and raised over Rs700 crore. But since its Series E round of funding two years ago, Urban Ladder has been in a rough patch, with a spate of layoffs and high-level exits. It also lost its co-founder, Vani Kola, who stepped down from the company’s board.

When it comes to online furniture stores, Urban Ladder stands out. It is based in Bangalore, India, and has three brick-and-mortar stores in the city. They also have a website and distribution across 75 cities. Interestingly, Reliance Retail recently purchased Urban Ladder. Both companies have a good track record, but they have yet to diversify.

The online furniture market is in its early days, with just Pepperfry and FabFurnish launching in January 2012. But a year later, Urban Ladder and Craftatoz entered the fray. Though Pepperfry has a wider product catalogue and better logistics, it’s not without its competitors. As a result, it’s hard to say who will emerge victorious in the competition.

While the Urban Ladder buyout is unlikely to have an impact on future deals in the online furniture space, it is likely to spark further consolidation in the industry, with a few dominant brands and squeeze out the smaller ones. In February 2017, Urban Ladder’s valuation was around Rs1200 crore and dropped to Rs750 crore in 2019. The valuation has fallen by over six percent in ongoing acquisition talks, and its value may be worth $30-40 million.

The online furniture market is growing fast – 80-85% annually – and accounted for $700 million of the overall furniture market. But the size of this market is relatively small – less than 3% – and Amazon and Flipkart have introduced their own private labels in furniture. And while Urban Ladder has avoided discounting in the past, Craftatoz has focused on cost cutting and an omni-channel strategy.

Both websites sell furniture for your home, but what makes Urban Ladder a better option? For starters, the furniture from Urban Ladder is made of premium materials and carefully crafted by experienced craftsmen. It’s also guaranteed to last and add value to your interior decor. What’s more, the furniture is made from sustainable materials. If you want to make your home more comfortable, you should go with Urban Ladder over Craftatoz – it’s a match made in heaven!
IKEA vs Craftatoz

When it comes to finding furniture for your home, IKEA vs Craftatos is a hot topic. Both of these companies offer a wide range of items. If you’re in the market for a dining chair, you’ll probably find one at either store that meets your needs or budget. But which one will you buy? Read on to find out!

IKEA vs Craftatos: What’s better? IKEA has a massive selection of affordable furniture and home decor. Craftatoz specializes in custom furniture, but they’re also a great place to buy furniture for a small budget. They both offer assembly services powered by TaskRabbit. Craftatoz, meanwhile, is a more affordable option.

The battle for the online furniture market is heating up. After the launch of Pepperfry and FabFurnish in January, Urban Ladder and Craftatoz have joined the fray. Though they both have strong product catalogues and strong brand recall, Pepperfry and Craftatoz are clearly better in some areas. However, with both startups receiving significant funding from a venture capitalist, who will win?

The acquisition of Urban Ladder by RIL is unlikely to have an impact on future dealmaking. While Urban Ladder had been exploring an acquisition of Pepperfry for two years, the founders of Pepperfry resisted the idea. The acquisition, however, is unlikely to change the online furniture space. However, it’s worth noting that Pepperfry was valued at INR 780 Cr at the time of its equity fundraising in February 2017.

Both Craftatoz and Urban Ladder have made the furniture shopping experience easier for buyers. Urban Ladder boasts an extensive range of wooden furniture, including coffee tables, sofas, and wall cabinets. Its expert staff can help customers choose the best type of furniture for their homes, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different wood types. The curated range is another big advantage.

The two online furniture marketplaces provide high-quality products at competitive prices. Craftatoz, meanwhile, offers low-cost options. The two websites have a similar philosophy: both sources of quality furniture and innovative designs. While Urban Ladder is a bit more affordable than Craftatoz, it is a more comprehensive website. The products offered on the site are more durable and attractive, making them more valuable for their price.

The question is who will succeed and who will lose? For now, both have the same niche. While RIL has a strong retail presence in many sectors, the furniture sector could be a different ballgame. While HomeTown is controlled by RIL, Urban Ladder is owned by the Future Retail Group. The question is, will they be able to compete with bigger players in the space?

Craftatoz vs Urban Ladder – Who’ll win the online furniture…? Which one is better? And why? We’ll answer that question in a moment. So, what’s better for you? Let’s look at what each website has to offer. For starters, Craftatoz’s website is more convenient and offers a broader range of products. Its website makes it easy to browse through items, and you can order them directly through its website.

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