Types Of Dissecting Scissors Used In Cutting Surgical Procedures

mayo & metzenbaum dissecting scissors

These particular scissors have another name which is operating scissors. These scissors have many applications in surgical procedures. The variations of these scissors include probe scissors, curved scissors, and others. These scissors are ideal for complex lacerations in surgical procedures. This is because of their performance and features. The prime role of dissecting scissors is to penetrate through dense structures. These structures may include breasts, the uterus, and other important organs. In most cases, straight scissors lacerate delicate tissues. It is important to know about the functioning of these surgical dissection scissors. The correct method of application makes the usage of these scissors easy.

Notable Types Of Dissecting Scissors

1. Metzenbaum Scissors

This particular variant is common in organ transplant surgeries. It comes in different designs. The designs are mostly flat and arch-shaped. The main role of this type of scissors is to lacerate tissues. The structure of this surgical tool enables it to deal with the delicate nature of tissues. These scissors move through the soft structures without damaging them. The slender blades allow smooth deep lacerations in the muscular regions. The tips of the blades are of arched shape, which protects from damage. The design of the blades keeps the healthy structures from sharp cuts as well. In simpler words, these specific scissors work on tissues in all circumstances.

Uses of Metzenbaum Scissors:

The applications of Metzenbaum scissors are no less. They deal with the non-biological structures as well. These include stitching threads and wound bandages. In this regard, these dissecting scissors have a dual function. A surgeon can use this pair of scissors both for cutting the tissues and stitching threads. The features of these scissors make them an integral part of anatomical surgeries.

2. Mayo Scissors

There is a wide range of variations of mayo scissors. This range includes disposable mayo scissors as well. Some mayo scissors can go for extensive blades that are slender. These blades come in use for deep cuts. In general, the entire structure is made of steel which makes this surgical tool durable. The steel body also protects these scissors from corrosion and mechanical wear. Due to this reason, these scissors function in the longer term.

Types of Mayo scissors

The designs available for mayo scissors are suitable for veterinary surgical procedures. These include flat and arch-shaped mayo scissors as well. The function of the blades is better for sharp and smooth lacerations both. Flat mayo scissors work with the tissues and stitching threads. On the other hand, curved mayo scissors cut the hidden and deep tissues.

3. Tenotomy Scissors

The fields of applications of these scissors include neurosurgery and facial surgeries. These scissors are available in different variations. Each design is for a specific surgical procedure. The shape and the nature of the blades vary depending on the surgical requirements. To deal with delicate membranes, arch-shaped and dull tenotomy scissors are reliable. But the flat tenotomy scissors work on accurate and deep lacerations on the tissues and organs. This is how the shape of tenotomy scissors determines a particular surgical procedure. In most cases, these scissors have slender blades. Due to this fact, these blades approach tight areas. Not only this, but the blades also reach the hidden tissues. A surgeon can easily move the tissues and organs with these scissors. The functions of these scissors include maneuvering and lacerating. The main working part is the handle. The handle of tenotomy scissors is powerful. It provides extra control over the entire tool. Besides, it enables the user to grab the scissors with ease. Due to this feature, the scissors do not slide from the hands of the user. All these factors lead to successful surgeries.

Surgical Scissors Maintenance and Care

Sterilization and maintenance are important for surgical scissors. If not, they can get dull over time. Due to frequent utilization, a surgeon may face difficulty while using these tools. As they consist of sharp blades or tips, they need proper cleansing. The cleansing methods are obvious. This can include a cleaning apparatus, disinfectant sprays, rinsing, and drying. All surgical procedures require precise surgical tools. For this reason, sterilization is an integral factor. Surgical scissors need proper sterilization after every use. It cleans them from blood, debris, and fragments of organs and tissues. Sterilization also keeps wounds and injuries, including surgical sites, from infection. This measure also protects the surgical tools from catching rust. Sterilization and sharpening are two important factors for the functioning of surgical scissors. If not possible, the medical staff has to replace the dull blades with precise and sharp ones. This will enable smooth lacerations in the patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of dissection scissors?

These are used for cutting tissues as they have sharp tips and short blades. These come in different variations, either with serrations or without serrations.

Which scissors are used in suturing procedures?

Dissection surgical scissors such as Metz scissors or mayo scissors are used in suturing procedures.


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