Top Tips to Flawless Android App Development 

Top Tips to Flawless Android App Development 

The smartphone revolution has taken the market by storm and has resulted in the increase in exertion being placed into providing a great user experience to the customer through apps. At the point when people discuss smartphones, Android is all around, the one cohesive system they are referring to. With more than 80% of the world’s market share, Android is the sole reason why smartphones have become as ubiquitous as we know them to be.

The Android platform makes it exceptionally easy for not only users, however even developers to get everything rolling. Being an open source technology, the source code of the operating system can be tinkered with to open up new and exciting opportunities.

The Android mobile app developers have always been looking to find new and innovative ways of developing better products for their customers. There are various challenges looked at during the development phase. Moreover, which should be addressed with the goal that the end-customer can have a great experience while using the app. Here we have provided a portion of the top android app development tips people should consider while developing their own android app.

Top Tips for Android App Development

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Every mobile app developer fantasizes about creating an app which will help in solving a common issue, addressing an issue looked by the general public, or give them the following Angry Birds. Behind the scenes, every Android developer faces a few challenges while incorporating features which would benefit the customer. Here are some android development tips which a developer can allude to for a flawless development process:

Book Your Name Space:

It is a little, yet important that the name of the app is decided well ahead of time and reserved to stay away from any duplication. Google’s Android market utilizes a unique package name that is used in your manifest to identify your app amongst the thousands of other apps in the play store. In the event that you plan to release an app later on it is always better to reserve a name for your app. Importantly, that is what your customer’s will identify with most importantly.

Analyze the Android Design Guidelines:

Google has prepared a bunch of android design guidelines to assist new android developers. Popularly known as Material Design, these guidelines were laid down with the goal that all android apps behave. Moreover, feel the same way while providing a consistent UI/UX. By following these guidelines, end-users will actually want to intuitively understand the working and enjoy the app as well.

Research Well and Listen to Your Users:

Researching well before starting the development process is always a decent choice. It is very crucial that the coder understands what the user needs as well as designs a product on those lines. Users love it when the developers pay attention to them and view their feedback in a serious way. Whenever their voices are heard there are greater possibilities that they will continue using the app. Play store reviews, even after the release of an app, are an ideal measurement to understand what features you should push out in the forthcoming updates.

Be Aware of Fragmentation:

Every Android mobile application coder needs to know the android market demographics well as well as how the market is fragmented. Google has come out with different versions of Android and the connected technologies have quite recently improved. The android app being grown needs to be compatible with the latest Android versions, and if conceivable, still support a portion of the older ones. Likewise, android devices come in different sizes and screen resolutions which should be taken into consideration while designing app layouts, text styles, assets, and so on.

Optimize Your Apps:

Mobile users totally hate apps which consume a large chunk of the day to open or process or which occupy unnecessary room on the phone. The speed of flow and the general size of the app are quite possibly the most important element. Importantly, which will decide in the event that it will be successful or not. Using unnecessary items and variables in the app is one common slip-up made by new developers. Furthermore, which can bring about reducing the speed of your app drastically.

Develop for Multiple Devices:

Android permits the flexibility of using the equivalent app on multiple devices. Yet, for an android app developer it is almost difficult to test the product on every gadget. Therefore, to maintain consistency among the multiple devices with different sizes. Importantly, it is better to utilize density-independent pixels (plunge or dp) instead of pixels. Android then consequently calculates the right measure of pixels depending upon the screen size. Importantly, look for the right mobile app development company to develop apps which can be accessible on every device. 

Test Your App Thoroughly: 

Never release your app before testing it! Not testing the app thoroughly before it is launched is one error numerous developers make. Having a bug mobile app is an asset and certain measures should be taken to achieve that. The app should be tried by alpha testers and afterward go through beta testing in the second stage. The flaws as well as inconsistencies revealed during the testing stage should then be corrected before the final launch.

Things to Consider During Android App Development

Successful apps are those which are used by people more frequently and which makes them want more. Aside from the tips mentioned over, a portion of the other things to consider for android app development include:

Engage Users

Marketing your app to push for more Play Store downloads is vital. Moreover, yet it is essential that you keep your users engaged with using the app regularly. Engaged customers are more likely to give great reviews, make in-app purchases, and so forth. This can be finished through campaigns designated through email, SMS, or push notifications, as well as by being proactive. Moreover, pushing out regular updates which iron out the issues being looked by people

Optimize Apps to Provide More Value

After launching an app, it is important that a point by point information analysis is finished. By studying app utilization examples and learning how customers interact with the app you can gain important knowledge. Moreover, make further alterations to the app. As a developer, your ultimate aim should be to optimize the app well to achieve higher customer lifetime value. Additionally, you can hire app developers in India who can optimize apps that add more value. 

Measure Success

Once the app is launched and is being extensively used by the public it is important that you measure how successful your app has been. The various boundaries should be measured including number of downloads, number of active users, most popular features, least popular features that can be improved, and so forth. This in turn gives you a smart thought about the apps’ market gathering, by and large demand. Moreover, in certain cases, plan for a follow-up app which can either be a sequel to a game or a companion productivity app

Re-evaluate and Grow

No app has been successful by being static. Developers need to constantly maintain working in control to work on the app and give a better experience. Behavior of the customer develops with time thus should the app. Re-assessment and growth can be in terms of providing new value ways, targeting a new crowd, or redefining the flow of the app based on the customer feedback got. One needs to think critically and innovatively and come out with better ideas to become the app. 


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