Top Payment Gateway Providers & Processors for 2022


With digitalization and online payments gaining momentum during the Pandemic, payment gateways have also become popular. Payment gateways and processors offer customers the most secure ways to make payments through cards or digital wallets.

And as the technology opens up new marketplaces, payment gateways will further help businesses scale their operations. With the popularity of secured digital payment systems, customers are driving demand for safe and hassle-free payment gateways.

Plus, they act as the first step in digital payments and help E-com companies to accept online transactions. Given this, more payment gateways are getting launched in the payment market. I’ve compiled a list of payment gateways and processors to help you make the right decision.

  1. Stripe 

Stripe is one of the top payment processors that focuses strongly on development and technology. It offers to embed checkouts with local payment options and has 400 different tools and extensions and real-time reporting.

Additionally, it offers recurring subscriptions and invoicing. Stripe offers payment integrations for the marketplace and online platforms. It comes with a machine learning fraud protection feature, which helps to keep transactions secure.

Plus, it offers a virtual POS, making it easier for users to unify their offline and online channels. It charges a minimal amount per transaction. Stripe does not have a gateway fee.



With GETTRX, you can process all types of business payments. It offers online payments, in-person and split transactions with the accounts for your software. For merchants, it offers special APIs, eCommerce plugins, POS, and terminals. Additionally, it offers subscriptions, invoicing, and faster approvals.

For ISOs, it offers merchant enrollment and residual reporting. GETTRX provides a developer-friendly payment structure for ISVs and onboard users in a fraction of time. Moreover, it offers complete security and compliance management. It helps and accepts payments on the user’s behalf.

All your online payment solutions will process through EdgePay, a best-in-class gateway. It allows you to choose the right integration and manage security for payments. It is an ideal platform for eCommerce or online stores.

For in-person, GETTRX offers a unique POS, customized to support all your needs. From real-time onboarding to flexible payout options, GETTRX provides you with the right integrations.

You can reduce your compliance requirements and choose adaptable payment options with the company. It offers nonprofit solutions that keep track of the campaigns and causes. The best part is; that it offers affordable pricing plans to suit your needs.


  1. is one of the oldest payment gateway providers, and it is an excellent choice for new and experienced sellers. It offers features like recurring payments and fraud prevention. Additionally, it provides features like simple checkout and invoicing. makes it easier for customers to use their existing merchant accounts. The best part is; that it accepts more payment types than other payment gateways.

Plus, it comes with an all-in-one package with payment gateways and a merchant account. Additional features include – fraud prevention filters, mobile payments, the virtual point of sales, and customer information management. In addition, it charges a minimal fee per transaction.


  1. Square

Square is the most feasible online payment solution that can be used on smart devices. Besides, it accepts all the major credit cards and payment types, including Google Pay and Apple Pay, though it does not support PayPal.

It is ideal for brick-and-mortar stores, as it uses in-person and online payments. Plus, the platform has no setup cost, which is an added advantage.

It can process ACH or electronic check payments, allowing users to accept payments via the website. The easy setup of the software saves a lot of time. It is a perfect choice for farmers’ markets, food carts, and mobile merchants.


  1. 2checkout 

2checkout allows companies to accept mobile payments from buyers across the globe. It offers a payment gateway called 2Sell, which accepts all the major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Additionally, it supports payments in thirty languages and 100 different currencies. 2checkout allows the users to set recurring transactions and integrate with various E-com platforms.

Simply put, it offers global customers mobile-friendly digital buying experiences. Plus, it comes with shopping carts and templates that help to boost conversions. In addition, it uses a dashboard with innate sales insights and charges a minimum amount per transaction.


  1. Braintree 

Braintree supports both online and in-store payments, and it is an easy-to-use platform with simple pricing models. In addition, Braintree comes with advanced fraud protection features and data encryption.

It offers data migration assistance and reporting. Plus, it provides payment gateways and merchant accounts. The best part is; that it is available in regional payment methods.

Additionally, it offers recurring billing, third-party integrations, and complete integration support. Braintree features a sleek interface that comes with an excellent checkout feature.

The merchant account accepts all major credit cards, ACH deposits, and digital wallets. It charges a minimum amount per transaction.


  1. PayPal 

PayPal is the most popular payment gateway and also the most trusted one. It accepts debit and credit cards, including multicurrency payments processing in different currencies.

The payments are accepted in more than 25 currencies globally. Plus, it offers options to simplify PCI compliance. PayPal provides a virtual terminal to take phone payments. Adding PayPal as a payment option is simple users can create an account and use the Pay by PayPal option.

However, users must sign up for PayPal payment pro to use the advanced payment features. Besides, this plan integrates all the major E-com platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. It charges based on monthly subscription plans.


  1. WePay 

WePay offers an integrated merchant account with a payment gateway, perfect for eCommerce websites. It accepts payments from all major credit cards, ACH payments, and chase payments.

Plus, it can handle all the complex payment requests, which is an advantage. Merchants that integrate with WePay can start accepting payments in no time. As it features customization, it is helpful for omnichannel marketing.

Additionally, developers can use WePay API to create simple payment links to reporting features. Merchants can accept WePay with a setup and start accepting payments immediately. It charges a minimum amount per transaction.

While selecting a payment gateway, it’s essential to consider many factors like – customization, pricing plan, integrations, invoicing, and the payment modes a platform will accept.

The list that I covered above provides support for most payment types. However, looking for reviews when integrating with a payment type is also essential. Customers feel safe when they know a payment gateway is a trusted name.

You must balance the features and costs to make the most of these payment platforms. Payment gateway providers ensure you optimize for the best payment solutions that will take your business a notch higher.

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