Top Features Of Uber Clone For Taxi Business In 2022

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Uber clone is the most remarkable taxi booking app that a majority of the entrepreneurs are willing to invest in 2022. Whether you are an entrepreneur with no experience in running a taxi business or if you already own an existing business, having a mobile app is mandatory! Why you may ask? Well, having a mobile application for your own business brings in a lot of benefits such as: 

  • Provide a humongous value to your customers as high technology mobile applications have become a greater channel to meet the expectations of humans! 
  • Build a strong brand name as the application will contain your company’s name and logo. They will put a better emphasis on your target audience. 
  • Having an app for your taxi business will help you connect with customers quickly and easily. 
  • Gain a competitive edge in the industry as the mobile application will boost your speed, bring the communication channel closer, and even improve your productivity! 

The list of advantages of owning a taxi booking app clone goes on and on!

Were these reasons convincing enough? If yes, then the best part of owning a mobile app for your taxi business is – the features! 

The features that you will include in the application will ensure a seamless user experience. Therefore, powerfully built features for smooth usage will bring the riders back to your app again and again!  

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1. Ride-hailing 

This feature comes in handy when a rider hails at the registered driver’s taxi that’s empty at the moment. No matter if the rider has the app on their phone or not, the driver can complete the trip under the ‘Hail Ride’ option. Similar to the other rides, this tip will be traced from beginning to end and the invoice will be generated automatically when the trip is over.  

2. Child seat preference 

Suppose a user is traveling with their toddler and would want to book a taxi ride to a destination that is 10.7 miles away! In that case, the user may not want to risk the child’s safety and would want to book a taxi with the ‘child seat’ facility! 

Thus, while booking the taxi, the user needs to select the child seat preference option. In short, a taxi driver with the requested facility from a nearby area will be assigned for the trip! 

3. Share the trip details for easy tracking! 

The taxi booking app has the option of sharing the trip details. Now, the users can share the details and a live tracking link to their close ones so that they can easily track the ride. These details are shared with the user as soon as the taxi driver accepts the trip request! 

The user can share the ride requests via message, email, Facebook, and other such channels. So, users can travel solo by taxi without 

4. Add the destination later 

Whenever a user gets confused about what address to add in ‘where to?’ Well, they can wait for a while and fill in the address while on the trip. The users can tap on ‘Enter Destination Later’ and go on to confirm their trip and mode of payment. 

To use this feature on the Uber clone app, the user has to select the vehicle type of their choice and click on ‘Enter Destination Later’ while sending the trip request. Note that the drop-off location and even the fare are not shown on the map in this case. 

Invest in Only the Best 

The question is – how you’d choose the best Uber-like taxi booking app solution for your business? The answer is simple, find a world-renowned white-labeling firm and measure its clone app script for its competitive edge before moving to app development. To do that, firstly, you need to see if the white-labeling firm has these qualities or not: 

  • It must have at least a decade of experience in the industry. 
  • The firm must have developed and launched more than 1200 apps. 
  • Their website should have video format testimonials of their clients. 
  • They must agree to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • The firm should transfer complete ownership of the app by sending the lifetime licensed source code for one domain at no extra charges! 

Secondly, you need to measure if their app is worth the said investment cost or not. To ensure that you are opting for a high ROI product, match these attributes with the same.  

  • The app should fall in compliance with the guidelines of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 
  • The app script must be supported with the latest technology stack. 
  • It should consist of the latest features. 
  • The app and web panels must be unique reflecting your brand’s identity. 


This is just a small list of features that your uber clone app can be integrated with! To know more about this app, the features, and even the workflow, get in touch with the white-labeling expert!  

Industry experts who have been developing the app for a decade now, know every bit of the app and its prospects!


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