Top Facts of Study with Birmingham City University

Top Facts of Study with Birmingham City University

1. Industrial links

If you are looking for a university that is in the center of industrial England and has a multitude of options for working on industrial placement projects, then Birmingham City University England is the perfect choice for you. Sitting in the heart of the industry, the University of Birmingham has built up extraordinary links with local employers in the area for which it carries out a range of research and industrial projects.  Whether it is chemical engineering or bio-engineering, Birmingham City University has excellent industrial links with industrial projects that have changed lives.

2. Worldwide Impact

Ranked first in the United Kingdom for dentistry in terms of its 3-star and 4-star research where academics work with FTSE 100 companies such as Phillips, Unilever, and Mars as examples, the Birmingham University UK attracts academics from around the globe. It has also had global impacts on health and way of life by trialing goods for situations such as diabetes and heart disease.

3. Vibrant Student Campus

Students are attracted and move to Birmingham University UK from schools global because of the quality of education offered in a huge range of subjects mostly science and engineering. As such, there is a very vibrant, welcoming, and cosmopolitan university campus with many cultural and social occasions to suit your interests and tastes regardless of where you come up from.

4. Research Excellence and Quality

Approx 81% of the research carried out by the University was rated as internationally brilliant at 3star or global leading at 4star by the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. The university also rates globally in terms of the global impact of its research with approx 87% of its research having a worldwide impact. This impacts its rating as one of the top universities worldwide and therefore informs its academic syllabus giving students brilliant case studies and experience of real-world issues in engineering, chemical, and genetic research practices.

5. Top for Sport and Exercise

Research has placed the university among the top three for sports science, rehabilitation, and exercise. This has impacted local societies by helping them adopt healthier ways of life and diets. Such work also offers students the option to get involved in community projects which give them practical real-life experience and skills which will finally assist them in finding employment when they leave the University of Birmingham.

6. Top for Technological Developments

University energy experts and specialists are leading the way by improving UK investment in clean-cold technologies in a bid to service the growing demand for refrigeration which is likely to overtake the demand for heating by the year 2060. Quantum technological and scientific research is being undertaken which will impact industries from construction to healthcare. Physicists are at the forefront of technology, analyzing data from the Large Hadron Collider to find proof of new particles which will be relevant to technological go forwards in the future.

7. Success Rates

The Birmingham City University UK has an impressive and remarkable success rate in terms of achieving employment or going on to further study after completion of graduation with approx 96% either employed or in the additional study according to which? Research. In addition, there is an approx 88% satisfaction rating which confirms that students are either happy or very happy with the Birmingham University with approx 72% being satisfied with the student’s union.

8. Great Environment and Food

The city boasts more miles of canals than Venice and is one of the greenest and most gorgeous cities in the United Kingdom. It has attained a growing reputation with foodies for its status for great restaurants and is second only to London for the number of Michelin-starred restaurants it boasts. As one of the youngest populations in Europe with approx 40 % being under the age of 25 years, Birmingham is really welcoming to all students.

9. Life Sciences

Leading research into life sciences, the university has the largest and greatest medical faculty in the United Kingdom and has a rising life sciences field attracting international funding. Their studies include combatting antibiotic resistance and paths to tackle it as well as how to combat diabetes and liver disease, or how to use immunotherapy to fight cancer. Cutting-edge research into genome sequencing is helping to understand, monitor, and control outbreaks of Ebola virus and similar diseases around the globe. Forestry research is also showing how trees can transform future enlarges of carbon dioxide in the environment.

10. Rankings

The Birmingham City University ranks 82 positions, according to the QS world university rankings and is in the top 101-150 out of 500 for the Shanghai Jiao Tong rankings which place the university joint 9th out of 37 universities that appear in the top 500 universities. According to the Times Higher Education rankings which use 13 criteria on which to rank universities.

Regardless of what subject you pick to study in UK, by choosing Birmingham University UK you will set a firm course for your career by enrolling in a university.



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