Top 7 Business Ideas for Women at Home In India


India has over 160 million homemakers who do unpaid domestic jobs, such as cleaning, washing, cooking, tidying, shopping, and managing family finances. While men spend about 83 minutes doing unpaid domestic care work, women spend almost three times more. 

Whether you are a stay-at-home lady or a professional, you may begin one or more of the business ideas mentioned in this article to lead a financially fulfilling life. Startup business loans for women make it easy to get the capital required for a business. 

7 Easy Recession-Proof Business Ideas For Indian Homemakers in 2022 –

Become a Reseller

Reselling means buying items from online eCommerce stores and selling them to people you know. 

Many websites and apps, such as Dukaan, Shopify, etc., make reselling convenient. All you need to do is create an account, promote the products, and inform the eCommerce store when you receive an order. 

The eCommerce store packs and dispatches the order to the customer’s address. After the order gets fulfilled, the store transfers the commission to your registered account.

Reselling is a low or no investment business. While some resellers may ask you to pay a nominal registration fee, others may provide you free access to their platform. In case you are short of cash, startup business loans for women are there to make the investment process easy.    

Start a Food Business

If you love cooking, starting a food business is ideal for you. 

However, before starting a food business, you must be aware of the business’s regulations. You need two mandatory clearances to start a food business: the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) license and a GST (Goods & Services Tax) number.  

However, the food business is capital-intensive, and you may need a startup business loan for women to get the right thrust. 

Become a Fitness Trainer

If you are keen on a healthy lifestyle, you can explore fitness training. The best thing about being a fitness trainer is that you don’t need any professional certification to be one. However, a professional certification can give your profile a boost. 

Fitness training can be of two types – weight training and yoga. You can enroll in an online course to learn the basics and get a certificate before starting your career as a fitness trainer. Fitness training is a low investment business, and there are no age barriers.

Counsel Students

Sometimes, students become indecisive about the career they should select after higher secondary or graduation. If you know the various courses (professional, technical, or general) available for such students, you may become a career counselor. 

A career counselor needs to access various psychometric tools to analyze a candidate’s personality traits. They must also possess good interpersonal and vocational skills.

Like fitness training, career counseling is a low or no investment business. Besides earning money from students, you can promote your business online, tie up with institutions directly, and make a commission for student referrals.   

Become a Tutor

Home tutoring is a lucrative career prospect for homemakers. You can utilize your talent to guide students and make money from home. Not only educational courses but you can also offer courses in areas like cooking or handicrafts. 

You can tutor students online or offline. Many websites hire teachers to train students from the comfort of their homes.

 However, if you want to teach offline, you must advertise your coaching class to draw students. If you need money to sponsor the initial expense, a startup business loan for women can be an excellent choice. 

Write Content

Content writing might suit you well if you have the knack to express things. Content writing is one of the easiest ways to earn money by doing something creative. The pleasure of expressing your thoughts creatively while making money is only possible when you are a content writer. 

While content writing can be a full-time job, you can also work as a freelancer by publishing blogs and articles or collaborating with content writing websites to render your services. 

Become a Daycare Provider

With the increasing number of nuclear families with both parents working, people look for daycare services for their children. Starting a daycare service is a good idea if you have the space and love children. 

However, since the initial investment is considerable, you may avail of a startup business loan for women by submitting the required business loan documents and giving wings to your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 


A startup business loan for women can help you realize your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. You can start the seven businesses discussed here. We wish you all the best for your future! 

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