Top 5 Reasons Why People Choose Facial Hair Surgery

facial hair surgery -Top 5 Reasons Why People Choose Facial Hair Surgery

Growing a full beard is now quite trendy, and many men are trying to find ways to grow thick facial hair on their faces. While some men may achieve this easily by not shaving for a couple of days, other men have a hard time growing a single strand of facial hair. This means that I must think about facial hair surgery cost.
Men who grow a full beard on their faces have many great attributes. Many women find them sexy, and others say they are said to be courageous. In short, all the attributes that make you want to grow a beard if you can’t. Since all men can grow fuller beards, leave alone several strands, which options are there to help them grow facial hair?

Which facial hair restoration offers the best solution?

If you are suffering from hair loss, the chances are that you may also not be able to grow facial hair. Fortunately, there are plenty of hair and beard loss techniques to help you restore your beard. Some of these treatments include medication, PRP for beard loss, beard micropigmentation, and facial hair surgery or transplant. Facial hair surgery cost may be on the higher end, but it offers the best solution.
All these treatments and procedures work differently in stopping the effects of facial hair loss. While some will provide a temporary remedy to facial hair loss, others offer a more permanent solution. In this post, we are exploring the facial hair surgery treatment for restoring facial hair and the reasons why many men prefer this type of facial hair restoration technique. Keep reading for more insights.

If you discover that you are not growing enough beard or facial hair, the best thing to do is find out what is the reason behind your hair loss. You can find out by seeking medical consultations from a dermatologist. This medical profession deals with conditions that affect the skin, like skin sensitivity, rashes, or hair loss. Understanding the real cause of your hair loss allows you to seek suitable treatments.

Why do many men prefer facial hair surgery?

Since there are many kinds of facial hair restoration techniques, you need to choose a procedure that offers the most benefits. Facial hair surgery offers the most benefits. That is why many men prefer going for this technique of facial hair restoration. Here are five reasons why.

Facial hair surgery is customizable

One of the reasons why many men choose to go for a facial hair transplant surgery is because it offers a customizable solution to beard loss. Many men prefer a facial hair restoration procedure that allows them to get the exact look they are yearning for. With the FUE hair transplant procedure, the surgeon will use the FUE hair transplant procedure to restore facial features on the face. This means hair follicles may be placed in strategic areas to allow customization.

Surgery offers permanence

Another reason why you need to go for a beard transplant is that it offers a permanent solution for patients who are suffering from facial hair loss. You just need to go through the procedure once, and that’s it. This is one of the reasons why facial hair implants cost so much.

It is minimally-invasive

Facial hair surgery is preferable because it is less invasive. The doctor will use the FUE hair transplant procedure, which involves removing follicular units from the back of the head using a punch-like device that doesn’t lead to any linear scar.

Produces natural results

If you are planning to undergo a facial hair transplant surgery, you need to understand that the final results will be quite natural. However, the best results are usually produced by the best doctor or surgeon in the industry.

No downtime required

Since the doctor will use the FUE hair transplant procedure, the damage will be minimal. Once the surgeon finishes the procedure, the patient is free to go home and continue with his usual routine.


If you are not growing any beards, it is high time you decide to go for a facial hair transplant surgery. The goodness of this procedure is that it offers a permanent solution even after a single surgery. You also don’t need to worry about downtime because it is quite minimal. The patient has the liberty to decide which style he wants. At the end of the day, you will have a more natural result.


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