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The digital revolution is transforming the media and entertainment industries. The power of advanced technology can transform businesses. Companies are looking for new ways to operate and choosing a customer-first strategy using technology and its management.

Are you able to finish your work in a short time and still be able to go home in the time it takes to catch up on your favorite show? Perhaps not. Mobile apps have made entertainment accessible at all times thanks to their ability to bring everything to us.

People used to rely on newspapers, radio, and television for entertainment and information about world events. Imagine that you wanted to see your favorite program on television. Because of your busy schedule, you couldn’t see the broadcast. After being disappointed, you wait for the next episode.

Imagine catching up on the program you missed at work with your smartphone. You could also view the program later if you have time. Isn’t that incredible? Mobile applications allow watching your favorite TV shows and movies from your smartphone with just a few clicks.

Media & Entertainment Solutions are frequently used by the big sharks in the industry. You can use technology and disruptive processes for customer service and streamline your business with current trends.

We present 15 of the most promising media and entertainment solution companies.

for 2022.


Media and entertainment companies of all sizes continue to look for advertising and promotions. However, marketing is quickly overtaking traditional media sales. Media companies have a reputation for being trusted advisors and providing a single solution to all their digital needs. Vendasta, a company that provides end-to-end marketing and sales tools for media companies and channel partners selling solutions to local business clients, is doing this.

Vendasta was established in 2008 as a digital marketing agency. It also serves as a media and entertainment tool. The company’s primary purpose is to help SME customers with their digital needs. Over a decade, it has grown to offer all digital solutions that meet the needs of its clients. Vendasta now offers white-label products, selling services, and automated lead generation and pipeline management.

Businesses can use one login to meet the needs of their SME clients. Local business clients have access to enabled items from the digital marketing stack by using their dashboard, which displays the name of their trusted media provider.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc (CIS)

CIS is a leading technology company that develops entertainment and media services software. They offer solutions in media and entertainment, product development, cloud, digital, developer services, and product engineering. You can view and manage all your content from any device with their media & entertainment solutions.

CIS is one of the fastest-growing IT services companies, established in 2003. It has 1000+ technology experts in 5 countries who are empowering and enhancing billions of businesses through their technical experiences.


Rocketium was established in Bangalore in 2015. Its purpose is to make information visually and concise. Rocketium is used by media companies, publishers, and businesses to create video content. Rocketium is accessible on all browsers and has extraordinary capabilities. This makes video creation simple and fast.

Soon, the company will release a mobile app for smartphones. The app’s features include one-click styling, multiple fonts, colors, and timings. It also allows for positioning and animations.

Rocketium creates videos without the need for video editors or agencies. Rocketium saves time and money by allowing automation to produce capabilities that allow for the generation of thousands upon thousands of photographs and films in a matter of minutes. It also eliminates the need to purchase expensive hardware. Rocketium is a top video producer and has established a strong position in various corporate sectors, including media and entertainment, news and publishers, e-commerce, nonprofits, and real estate. Rocketium intends to improve its products with additional intelligence in the future. This will allow users to produce high-quality videos quicker and expand its offerings using augmented or virtual reality.

Consagous Technologies

Consagous has the expertise and tools to help you deliver fast software and applications that will increase customer engagement by tenfolds. You can access your entertainment content across multiple devices and extend your reach to different platforms.

With Consagous, you can reformat your needs and translate them into digital ones. This will make your target audience reachable on multiple platforms and reduce your effort to minimize.

PAC Storage

You will need high-performance storage and scalability to handle large files. This mix includes high production budgets and tight delivery deadlines.

Pacific Alliance Capital (PAC) was founded in Aliso Viejo, California, to offer data storage, backup, and disaster recovery services. PAC Storage was established in 2005 as a leader in enterprise data storage.

PAC’s mission is to provide high-performance media and entertainment solutions without any single point of failure and on-premise storage scalability of up to petabytes. was established in 2003 with the aim of providing highly optimized technology solutions that ensure the success of their clients and partners.

They assist the entertainment and technology group by providing access to a single or a team of dedicated developers/programmers who will work exclusively for their clients remotely.


Foundry Software is one of the entertainment software companies that specializes in media, entertainment, and design visual effects. It was established in 1996 to create software that allows creative leaders around the globe to turn extraordinary ideas into reality. The company was founded in 1996 and had offices in London, the United States, Japan, and China.

It also serves clients across multiple industries, including marketing and advertising, media entertainment industry software solutions, concept design, and game development. It provides software that allows artists to create high-end scenes.

Foundry is a digital design company with over 20 years of experience. They work with top fashion and footwear companies worldwide to solve difficult visualization problems.


Deluxe, founded in 1915, is the world’s leading creation-to-distribution corporation, providing global, end-to-end media & entertainment solutions. They provide a global marketplace for professionally produced media of unrivaled size, technology, and capabilities.

Combining its Customer-First leadership with a full suite of translation, distribution, and media technology services, They offero unrivaled service offerings in terms of diversity, scalability, and global reach. Deluxe’s technology platform, professional staff, and dedication to customer service are all able to exceed and meet customer expectations.


DELVE assists teams in determining a strategy that saves energy and time. It is a media consulting firm that puts analytics first, assesses how companies can better organize their data and use it to their advantage. DELVE is a global media consultancy that works with famous brands around the globe to solve business problems such as adapting to disruption, improving data insights, increasing marketing ROI, and team upskilling.

Influence Mobile

Influence Mobile, a small startup app developer, focuses primarily on providing sports fans with app experiences that reward them for engaging. Users can access scores and rosters, as well as the opportunity to win gear or gift cards for participating in trivia contests.

Leaf Group

Leaf Group has several well-known brands, such as Livestrong and Saatchi Art. They use digital web technology to empower content production companies to create their brands and break into the art and fitness industries. Leaf Group brands have been featured in publications like Buzzfeed and The New York Times. Through their platform, many brands could seek sponsorship opportunities, advertising strategies, and other opportunities for audience development.

Akamai Technologies

Akamai was already doing edge delivery long before anyone called it that. But it has done more than rest on its laurels. Even though it has expanded its scope to include ecommerce and banking, Akamai is still the best CDN for large-scale live events like the Euro 2020 tournament, which reached 34.9Tbps in July.

Comcast Technology Solutions

Comcast Technology Solutions, the solutions arm of Comcast Cable, offers a complete suite of solutions for advertisers, content and streaming providers, MVPDs, and technology partners. The company was responsible for managing the multiscreen assets of the NBC Olympics Tokyo Games delivery. Its integrations with leading ad tech solutions made it reach unprecedented heights.

Digital Element

Digital Element’s IP Geolocation services are well-suited for a world where licensing, advertising, and DRM considerations still require respect for national borders. The company’s NetAcuity IP Intelligence, which allows for targeted advertising, allows marketers to deliver to the zip code.

Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

As we stated last year, Dolby is the David Bowie for streaming tech companies. It focuses equally on sound as well as vision. The company’s Hybrid media processor offers the best transcoding and quality controls, while its Dolby Vision technology is the industry standard. You’re missing out on spatial audio with Dolby atmos on Apple Music.


Digital transformation is reaching its peak, and with easy access, it is moving at an unprecedented rate. Artificial Intelligence (AI), among all emerging technologies, has had a significant impact on media and entertainment solutions.

New technologies are transforming the creative process, content development, customer involvement, and many other aspects of this industry. In the industry, there are many breakthroughs in television, film, radio, games, music, and other fields.


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