Top 13 tips on how to study faster


Studying and learning faster is one of the biggest dreams for students. They feel it to be like magic if it ever happens. Studying faster means one would not need coursework help for assignments help as they can do it themselves, it also means better grades and basically, it means that academic life is sorted.

But how do you do that? How do you study faster? Well, if you are having the same thoughts. Then you have stumbled in the right place as today we are going to share the top thirteen tips on how to study faster:

Study in small chunks

Our first tip is to study in small chunks. If you believe that learning large pieces for lengthy hours will help you complete half of your syllabus in one day, then, buddy, it doesn’t work like that. This leads to cramming, which does not give good results.

Break down your work into small chunks so that you are concentrating on one particular thing which will give better results guaranteed.

Find your peak hour

If you are studying at night time, even if you are not a night person, it will only be unproductive. One can only give their 100% during their peak hours. Peak hours are those hours when you perform the best.

This is your best time to study and learn because your brain is in the optimal stage to gather all the knowledge.

Make notes

The next tip is to make notes. Taking notes is one of the most underrated yet most functional tips out there. Notes will improve your memory and make matters concise. So next time you attend class, carry your pen and paper and jot down the essential information shared in class.

Understand before memorizing

If you have the bad habit of memorizing before even understanding, then this is your sign to stop doing it. Learning before understanding is mugging up, which has significantly less retention power.

While if you understand the topics, you can easily remember them for ages. Hence focus on understanding the subject. Chop down complicated matters, make them more straightforward and then you will notice how easy learning is.

Study from notes

So what do you do once you make notes,  you study from them, right? Notes are small chunks of huge complicated matters, which makes them easier for students to understand. Students who do not comprehend complex topics often refer to going back to their notes to get good most accurate out of them.

Make study group

Not all study groups are chaotic. Some others are fruitful and give effective results. In a study group, you can study together. You can teach others and improve your knowledge and also you get mutual help in your complicated areas from your friends.  If all this does not sound like a good plan then we don’t know what does.

Practice quiz and sample paper

The next tip is to practice sample papers and quizzes. This is a fun way of learning because this is a way of testing your knowledge. If you do not test your learning you will not know what are the major difficult areas you can face in exams.

There are endless sample papers of only quizzes found on various websites of paper help, Online Assignments Help educational services, and websites if you are looking for them.


Visualizing is a big part of studying. Here you do not need your paper or pen. Instead, you need to envision what you have learned. Most people like to do it before going to sleep. But there is no time for visualizing. One can do it on the bus, in a cafe, and probably anywhere, which is why this method is so powerful.

Study from diagrams

If studying from notes and books is not your thing, then study from diagrams. A lot of students underestimate the power of charts. Every complicated subject is easily understood with the help of a diagram. Simply by going through the charts you can understand the entire topic in a  more creative way.

Find the problem

The next tip is to find out where the problem lies due to which you are not getting desired results. Is the topic too hard? Is there too much homework that is taking up most of your time? If yes, get experts from law assignment help or math assignment help based on the subject and hire guides for challenging subjects.

Once you pinpoint the problem, you can easily find the solution for it.

Watch a movie on it

If you ask us if we prefer a book on history or a movie, we will always choose the second option. We know your parents will disapprove. But studying through video form has always given excellent results. A student interested in learning will always learn faster by watching watch documentaries and movies.

Have a better lifestyle

If you have poor sleeping and eating habits, it will slowly affect your learning habits. Have a good diet, sleep well and follow a schedule. This is the only guaranteed way of seeing better results and not letting your grades suffer.

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Sleep on it

And finally, our last tip is to sleep on it. Since when did stressing give good results? Hence sleep on it. Give yourself the break and time you need. Studying when not in the mood is cramming, which will only take you so far. Give your mind and body the break it deserves.

These are all the proven tips on how to study faster. So if you were having a hard time and desperately needed some suggestions then, here you have it. We know this is like a magic potion for students. If no other tips worked for you then we promise you, that this would do the work for you. Happy studying!

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Jack Thomas is a lecturer at the University of Toronto. She is a biologist who has been in this field for over 5+ years. She is currently associated with and offers help to students in need.


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