Top 10 Best Skin Toners of 2022

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First and foremost, what is a toner? Is it a makeup remover, does it minimize pores, it tones your skin, or does it soothe your skin?

Well, a toner does all the above! And, how awesome is that?

All the above features of a toner do sound amazing, but what is a toner exactly? A toner is basically a skin tonic that is curated to cleanse and soothe your skin. It is also known to minimize pores making your skin healthier. A toner is also known to protect, hydrate and refresh dry and dehydrated skin. You can use your favorite toner as you wish; like a face mist spray, or on a face wipe pad and wipe off or as a last step for your makeup removal regime. But the key idea is, never miss out on toner if you want flawless glowing skin.

Now, that we are aware of the fact – how amazing toners are, let’s check out few of the best serums available in the Indian market.

Iba Advanced Activs Crystal Clear Aloe Vera Serum Toner

This toner right here is by far the most unique toner because this bottle of genie right here works in two ways! You read it right! This Serum-Toner from Iba is exactly what its name suggests. You can use this like a toner is ways a toner is supposed to be used, or you can take a few drops and apply all your face and let it soak in like a serum. This serum-toner is designed for oily, acne and pimple prone skin. The goodness of aloe vera, tea tree oil and green tea in this serum- toner means that you can’t miss out on this baby!

Iba 3-in-1 Rose Water Toner

Another mind-blowing toner from Iba that we cannot afford to miss out is the 3-in-1 Rose Water Toner. This toner right here is again extremely versatile because of its pure rose water base. Firstly, you can use this for an instant hydration by using it like a face mist anytime and anywhere. Secondly, you can use it like a normal toner soaked in a cotton pad and wipe off your face and neck for a clean and refreshing feeling. And lastly, you can also use this like a makeup remover for an extra squeaky-clean feeling. The best part about this toner is that it is rose water based, which means you can use it for all your ubtans and masks instead of plain water.

Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner

Your skincare regime is basically incomplete if it does not include a toner. This toner is a burst of freshness with the benefits of green tea extracts. It is formulated to suite all skin types and it gives you a clean, refreshing feeling without irritating or harming your skin at all. The cool part is, this toner does not have silicones, phthalates, parabens and all the nasties that you can ever imagine of.

Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner

If you are new with toners then this particular mentioned toner from Biotique is a safe option to choose from. This toner is absolutely safe for all skin types and all ages. This toner from Biotique is one of the purest toners available as it has been made from fresh Himalayan water and packed with cucumber and coriander extracts to give you a fresh healthy feeling. And, if you are someone with large pores then this toner is just for you as it packed with the goodness of cucumbers which aims at tightening pores.

Mamaearth Niacin Toner

An affordable skin care routine for sensitive skin needs a toner that calms down irritated and dehydrated skin. This toner from Mamaearth does exactly that! Infused with the benefits of niacinamide and witch hazel, this toner has been proven to show results of clear and healthy skin if used regularly. The best part about the toner is that along with hydrating and cooling effects, it also reduces blemishes, dark spots and pigmentation that givesout an even-toned complexion. ThisToner with Niacin has been dermatologically tested and proven to improve skin health and texture while reducing acne marks.

Mamaearth Vitamin C Face toner for pores

This toner from Mamaearth is packed with all the skin care heroes that you can dream of having in a single bottle. Infused with the goodness of cucumber, aloe vera, witch hazel; this toner aids in collagen products and skin brightening. This toner is also perfect for pore tightening, especially for acne prone and sensitive skin while balancing the pH levels of your skin. Adding a toner in your skin care routine is essential, as it helps in cleansing out excess oil and cleanses out pores from within.

Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner

This toner right here from Lakme is must for your skin because of the power ingredients it is packed with. Infused with the goodness of witch hazel and lavender; this toner acts as the perfect antioxidant, astringent and humectant for your skin. This toner is also perfect for your double-cleansing routine as it deeply cleanses your pores while removing all types of impurities and makeup leftover. It also tightens pores and refreshes your skin instantly.

PIXI Glow Tonic

The PIXI Glow Tonic toner is literally a sweet treat for your skin. A little pricey than the rest of the toners listed here, but it does it job as it promises and claims to be the awesome skin tonic that it is. This toner from PIXI is highly concentrated with aloe vera, fructose and sucrose, ginseng and glycolic acid; which is known to cleanse your skin and pores from within. The best way to use this toner is after cleansing your face with a face wash or a cleanser and then use this tonic on a cotton pad and swipe across your face and neck. You can follow up with a serum or a moisturizer as well.

Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

What is the best thing about this toner? You can include this toner to your affordable skin care routine for sensitive skin. This toner from Simple has been curated with love keeping in mind the needs and concerns of sensitive skin. The Simple toner restores the skin’s pH level while soothing out irritated and tired skin. It also does not leave out any alkaline residue. With the goodness of chamomile extracts, allantonin, witch hazel extracts and pro vit B5; this toner is sure to become one of your favorites.

Dot & Key Cica Calming Skin Clarifying Toner

This clarifying and calming toner from Dot & Key is almost like water for your skin which gently hydrates your skin with tightening pores and fighting away acne.  It also balances the pH levels of your skin which helping soothing irritated and inflamed skin. This toner is packed and infused with the goodness of lactic acid, niacinamide, green tea and cica; which makes it an amazing tonic for healthy glowing skin.



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