Tips To Prepare For Tspsc Group 1 Exam


You must be equipped for the demanding and lengthy papers Exam, if you intend to take the tspsc group 1 test. You must work hard and be very committed to passing the TSPSC Group 1 exam. Also, You must understand each topic well and be able to use your knowledge to answer a variety of questions. The Telangana State Public Service Commission holds the TSPSC Group 1 test for Junior Assistant, Upper Division Clerk, and several other positions virtually every year.

Typically, this exam is administered as a written examination with two papers that each contain questions of an objective nature. The question paper will contain three languages: English, Telugu, and Urdu.

To succeed in any preparation, you need to put in a lot of effort, practice, and attention. It depends on how committed a person is to study the entire course. Given the fierce competition for government jobs in today’s world. One should continue to prepare hard to pass the TSPSC Group 1 Exam. The entire course should be finished in at least 2 or 3 months.

Eligibility For Each Service

Group I services: 

The minimum age is 18

Maximum age: 34 years

+1 year for applicants who are ST, SC, or OBC

Candidates with disabilities should add 10 years.

Group II services: 

18 years of age minimum

Maximum age: 44 years

+1 year for applicants who are ST, SC, or OBC

Candidates with disabilities should add 10 years.

Services for groups III and IV: 

The minimum age is 18 years.

Maximum age: 39 years

Tips To Know For Preparation Of The Exam

  • Planning your study:

Now that you have all the knowledge required to create a workable strategy, congratulations. Your strategy should be found on a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Score-vs-Time for each topic. Your strategy should include Time – Set aside time to finish your reading for each subject.

Making a study program is the first and most crucial activity, and you should begin at least 4-5 months before the test. Spend extra attention on the things you struggle with. To improve, try to identify the cause of your poor performance in that particular topic.

  • Practice:

Everyone makes blunders on the exam when under a lot of pressure. These errors are quite expensive, though. You run the risk of failing if your score is below the cutoff. If you don’t succeed on your first try, it will be years before you have another chance. A subtle technique to get more adept at handling the weighted questions is to go through the TSPSC Group 1 Exam Previous Question Papers.

On the exam, avoid spending too much time on one particular topic or question since you risk forgetting the ideas or the answers for the subsequent questions. Besides helping you study for the exam, doing this will broaden your knowledge in the field.

  • Having a clear idea about the syllabus:

One of the major things which people need to undertake in this particular case is to have a crystal clear idea about the syllabus related technicalities so that there is no chance of any kind of issues in the minds of individuals.

Sorting out the syllabus in a very well-planned manner is definitely a good idea because the paper will be consisting of different kinds of sections from different kinds of subjects. So, learning the things accordingly is very much important so that everyone will be able to score well in the long run without any kind of cult.

  • Arranging the study material:

Focusing on the finding of study material with the help of experts of the industry is definitely a good idea so that people will be able to extract most out of it. The study material made include different kinds of technicalities in the form of PDF, tutorial, video lecture, notes, study plan, books and other associated things which is the main reason that people need to have a good understanding of such aspects and arranging them from genuine sources is a good idea.

People can also go with the option of subscribing to some of the YouTube channels for every subject so that people will be able to learn the things in a very interactive and engaging manner.

  • Formulating a study schedule:

One of the major things to be taken into consideration by candidates in this particular case is to be clear about the formulation of the study schedule which will be directly associated with dividing the time as per the subjects. Preparation of different kinds of segmentations in this case is important. So that every segment will be allot for different kinds of subjects. Preparation of the weekly or daily study schedule is also very much important.

So that convenience factor will be give a great boost and everybody will able to complete the allocate subject on time without any kind of problem. This aspect will be helpful in making sure that everybody will be at the forefront in terms of dealing with things and further will be able to stick to the schedule very successfully.

  • Formulating the notes:

Making of the notes is one of the best possible type of ways of preparing for any kind of exam. Notes will be helpful in fulfilling the dual purpose. The first one in this case will be to remember whatever the individuals have studied. And the second one in this case will be to quickly revise before the exam. Notes can be make on almost anything for example video lecture, tutorials, PDF, books and other associate things.

Which is the main reason that people will be having a clear idea about the things. Which are important from the examination point of view. So, formulating the notes is definitely a good idea. So that time wastage will be eliminate and everybody will be able to solve questions very successfully.

In Conclusion

You must put in a lot of effort and adhere to a rigid study plan if you want to pass tspsc group 1 prelims on your first try. You cannot afford to take any chances because of the intense competition. Create a study schedule that evenly covers each topic after becoming familiar with the curriculum. Best of luck and well wishes to everyone who is going for the exam.


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