Tips to Keep in Mind about a Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887


The Skilled Regional visa (Subclass 887) is a visa that is available to applicants who lived and worked in certain areas of regional Australia. You must have lived in those areas for at least two years and worked there for a year.

Under the skilled regional visa subclass 887, you can work and study in any part of Australia. In this guide, you will know some tips that you can keep in mind regarding the 887 visas.

What Can You Do On the Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887)?

The skilled regional visa is a permanent residency visa where you and your family can do the following:

  • Stay in Australia for a long time. 
  • Work and study in Australia. 
  • Enrol in Medicare. 
  • Apply for citizenship in Australia if you are eligible. 
  • Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence. 
  • Travel to and from Australia for about five years from the date the visa is granted.

What Do You Need to Do to Apply for This Visa?

To apply for the subclass 887 visa, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

• You need to be in Australia
• You must hold a qualified visa
• You must live for two years in a predetermined regional zone
• You must work for a year in a regional zone
• You need to meet the health and character requirements.

Who Can Apply for the 887 Visas?

The following people can apply for the 887 visas in Australia, they are:

• New people who satisfy certain requirements are eligible to apply for a skilled regional visa in Australia
• People who hold a subclass 495, 489, 487 or 475 visa or a Bridging A or B visa in Australia or applying for those visas
• Individuals who remained in a specific regional area of Australia for about two years
• People who did not fill in as full-time workers in a specific regional area for at least a year.

Qualification Criteria for the Skilled Regional 887 Visa

The following are the qualification standards for the 887 visa to satisfy specific requirements. You also need to be in possession of a legitimate visa to apply for the visa subclass 887.

• You need to satisfy certain well-being requirements.
• You need to be of acceptable good lead and present a suitable character confirmation (may need to provide police checks)
• You should not have a remarkable obligation towards the Australian government or have mastermind any idea to reimburse
• You would not be allowed to apply for this visa if your visa was declined in the past by the Australian authorities.

887 Visa Checklist

The following 887 Visa Checklist can help you get ready with the required documents for the 887 visa:

Passport- Without a valid passport, you cannot apply for a subclass 887 visa, so you must ensure that your passport is up to date. You must also submit a copy of the pages with all the essential information.
Identification documents- You may be needed to provide a copy of your national ID card and other identification proofs. You also need to submit documents that can prove your name has changed.
Work evidence- You need to provide evidence that you worked full time for at least 35 hours per week during a year. The work you underwent must have been in either a low-population growth area or a designated area in Australia.
Residence proof- For the Skilled Regional Visa 887, you need to submit evidence that you lived in an approved area for about two years under your previous work visa.
Evidence of your character- Other than the documents proving your good character, you must also submit forms 1221 and 80.
Proof of your English language proficiency- You need to submit evidence that you at least have a functional level of the English language.

For your partner/spouse

  1. Any kind of identification
  2. Character documents
  3. Proof of relationship
  4. Marriage certificate
  5. Proof of relationship

For minor children

  1. Birth certificate/family book
  2. Parental permission form 1229
  3. Statutory declaration

For Adult and dependent children

  1. Identity documents
  2. Proof of relationship
  3. Character documents
  4. Evidence of other relationships of the child.

The Application Process for Subclass 887 Visa

You can apply for the 887 Visa online after submitting your documents to the ImmiAccount. The ImmiAccount is an online platform for visa applications in Australia, and after you open an account, you can apply for any visa you want.

In this account, you will find all the instructions you want to know to submit your visa application successfully.

You must prepare your documents for online submission. Other than this, you must submit the visa fee before completing your application to have your visa processed.

What is the Fee for the 887 Visas?

Other than the 887 visa requirements, the visa cost is around AUD425. There are extra fees for every family member that will apply for this visa along with you. They also need to have a functional level of the English language.

If your family members do not have good English language skills, you need to pay a second instalment fee for each member over 18 years old. This is why proof of English proficiency is important for this visa.

What Time Does it Take to Process the 887 Visas?

In terms of the 887 visa processing time, it will take around 20 months to process the application for this visa. But some of the applications can only take 14 months, and the Department of Home Affairs evaluates all the applications.

Bringing Family with the 887 Visa

You can bring your family members while you are on an 887 visa. You can include all your family members during the time of the application. After applying for the 887 visas, you cannot add any further family members.

Bottom Line

You can contact the top Adelaide migration agents if you want to apply for the 887 visas to live in Australia. They can ensure that you know all the terms and conditions of the 887 visa and the latest updates.

Under their guidance, you can complete the visa application form with all the required documents. They will also ensure that you submit your application on time and that your visa is accepted.


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