TikTok: what it is, how it works and how to use the app of the moment

Three female members of an African American family have lots of fun dancing Tik Tok routines on Christmas day.

We reveal what TikTok is and how it works: the social network of the moment!

In the past couple of years you have surely heard of the TikTok app . Made to indulge the creativity of the Community, TikTok is currently the most downloaded application in the world , surpassing Instagram and Facebook.

If you are wondering what TikTok is , the answer is simple: it is a social network that allows its users to make fun and creative short-length videos that range from one theme to another. Users can create new content  of any kind: from choreography, to recipes, to acted scenes , to travel tips , or by showing their talents, their passions , expressing their personality in any form.

What is TikTok and how does it work

TikTok is an app halfway between a social network and a social media created by a Chinese company called ByteDance. As we had the opportunity to tell in our old post, the app was born from the merger with Musical.ly and has inherited several features from the latter .

The great success of TikTok is perhaps due to its main function , that is to create short synchronized videos, being able to add unique filters and effects by editing them directly on the platform. This allows you to indulge yourself and express your creativity, creating fun and original clips.

However, TikTok is not just a social media, but is very close to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram because it allows subscribers to build a following, have people to interact with, be appreciated (with the now famous reactions or the more classic little heart for the “I like”).

To use TikTok you need to download the application from the store of your smartphone (the icon is a colored neon in the shape of a musical note on a black background). TikTok works by default with public accounts , i.e. everything published on the platform (unless otherwise indicated after registering) will be visible to anyone, except for Under 16s, whose accounts are automatically private.

Obviously, once you have registered you can change the privacy setting and make the account private (just like on other similar social networks) and make sure that the published videos are seen only by accepted followers.

How to use TikTok

Using TikTok is really very simple. By downloading the application and registering, you will be able to watch the videos shared by the users of the social network in the For you section , the first page found when opening the app, visit the “discover” section with all the current trends, and customize the your profile in the “Profile” section . To upload videos to your profile instead, all you have to do is click on the central “+” button.

You might be interested in our article dedicated to how to create an account on TikTok .

To understand how to use TikTok we decided to extrapolate what in recent years have been considered by lovers of social networks to be the strengths of this app. We have collected them for you in the following points:

  • Immediate and non-binding feed: unlike other social networks, this application does not ask you to engage in “concrete” actions to show you the content posted by other users. What does this mean? That you can scroll through the application feed without having to send requests to follow other accounts, leave likes or comments. The application will show you the trending videos or of the people in the vicinity of your position and thanks to an artificial intelligence software it will try to learn your tastes even just by observing how long you will linger on one video rather than another;
  • Interactions between “innovative” and original users: TikTok allows users to leave reactions, likes and comments under the videos of other subscribers as is usually the case in other social networks, but not only. In fact, the application encourages the creation of interactions between users in the form of videos: more than encouraging the classic comments between users, TikTok favors interaction with response videos to those published, creating a sort of really original and atypical question and answer for other social networks. Very interesting is the possibility of creating “duets” by replicating and reinterpreting the video made by another user or simply by quoting it and “carrying on the song or the scene”;
  • #hashtag: this is not a real novelty compared to other social networks. Even on TikTok it is possible to classify and group your posts by attributing them hashtags. Instead, what is interesting to note is that the virality of the videos published on this platform have favored the spread of hashtags that launch real challenges to other users. The very famous challenges that we see depopulating on various social networks, in fact, often arise from videos that have gone viral on this app!

Good! Now that you know what TikTok is, how it works and how to use it, all you have to do is download the app and start making fun videos and build your following on this platform!

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Eurovision 2022 talks about itself on TikTok with pre-shows, guests and trends

The story of Eurovision 2022 also passes through TikTok: pre-show and creator involved

09/05/2022- Francesca Redazione

Eurovision 2022 talks about itself on TikTok –  the experience of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 , starting on May 10 from Turin, can also be experienced on the platform with dedicated pre-shows, guests and trends . Here are all the activities scheduled on TikTok for Eurovision 2022 and the creators involved.

Eurovision 2022 told on TikTok

This year TikTok is the official partner of Eurovision 2022 , and it is on the platform that the pre-shows of the evenings  conducted by Mattia Stanga together with other creators and well-known personalities will be broadcast. Location the symbol of Turin par excellence, the Mole Antonelliana.

 Here are the three appointments with the pre-shows:

  • 10 May from 11.30: LIVE from the profile of Mattia Stanga dedicated to making known all sides of the city of Turin with the participation of the two Turin creators Marina Valdemoro Maino aka Maryna and the pianist and musician Pietro Morello . Directly from the Cinema Museum and its TikTok profile, the creators will illustrate the history of Caffè Torino, one of the iconic Chapels that frame the Temple Hall, and will recommend the most fun and unmissable activities in the city and at the Fan village dedicated to Eurovision. They will also reveal the first details on the semi-final. For the occasion, the guests Diodato and Dardust will be in connection.
  • 11 May from 11.30 to 12.15: Mattia will comment on the first semifinal together with the co-presenter Shinhai Ventura and with the creators Rosalba and  Rametta. The trio will also discuss the best looks, performances and highlights of the evening. To close the episode the connection with Mara Maionchi and  Diego Passoni, well-known voice of Radio Deejay, who will animate the community with predictions, more radio songs of this edition, best hits of the past and much more.
  • 13 May from 11.30 to 12.15: comments and interviews by Alessandro Cattelan and Luca Argentero and an in-depth analysis by Angemi who will review the best text, the best production and performance and will have his say on the final.

The creators of TikTok tell Eurovision 2022

Eurovision is an event not only to watch, but also to experience and to take part in thanks to the curious gaze and the unpublished story of the TikTok community, which continues to create content and share it with the hashtag # Eurovision2022 which exceeded 475 millions of views.

Thanks to Antonino Angemi and Pietro Morello , fans of music and remixes will be able to be inspired by the mash-ups of the Italian DJ and producer or be won over by the absolute pitch of the Turin creator known and appreciated for his ability to reproduce songs without a score.

Giovanni Brugnoli (@sayrevee), Mattia Stanga and Rametta will bring comedy and laughter as only they can, Fabiola Baglieri and Rosalba will tell the beauty side, Antonio Parlati will help to discover translations, idioms and grammatical gems hidden in the English texts of the songs in competition. The art director and graphic designer Alice Marin will instead create unique contents with themed filters and special effects.

The couple Raissa and Momo , she Italian and he Muslim and both from Turin, could not miss the Eurovision story , have become the banner of diversity and inclusion on the platform. For all those on the loop with Eurovision, Federico Felletti will conquer with his viral videos a summary of his experiences in the Turin capital.

Giovanni Arena talks about Turin on TikTok

Not only Eurovision but also territory and curiosity with Giovanni Arena,  one of the first creators to bring travel content to the platform and now a point of reference for discovering hidden and unusual places in Turin, Italy and beyond.


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