TikTok India Subsidiary? TikTok India is set to launch soon as TickTock.


TikTok could be making a return to India soon , possibly as an changed name TickTock. ByteDance, the parent of ByteDance has applied for trademarks in India with the identical name. Recently, PUBG Mobile rolled out to India after the ban, but with a different name: Battlegrounds Mobile India. Now , in a similar way we might witness TikTok coming to India under TickTock. TickTock. The social media platform that uses short videos platform has gained huge popularity across the nation as well, and after the ban, a number of similar Indian-made apps have appeared.

Instagram also introduced Reels and it was an instant success using the same format of short vertical videos similar to TikTok.

ByteDance registered the trademark for the brand new TikTok trademark in India with the name TickTock on the 6th of July

The leak was made by tipter Mukul Sharma, who is on Twitter The parent company registered the name under the Class 42 of the fourth Schedule to Trade Mark Rules 2002, meaning it is able to be used to provide “scientific as well as technological service, and research and design related to as well as industrial analyses and services for research; as well as design and creation of software and hardware for computers.”

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This isn’t the first time. Several previous rumors suggested ByteDance would be taking TikTok into India again, this time with a brand new name and with a fully-established subsidiary in India. With Krafton having launched PUBG Mobile across India under a new brand identity, TikTok making a comeback will not be a major surprise.

In the instance of ByteDance it could be a bit different. In contrast to Krafton which is an South Korean gaming company, it broke away from all Chinese relations prior to the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India in the nation. ByteDance is an Chinese firm, and might have to go down an entirely different path in order to introduce TickTock to India.

The company must adhere to the new IT regulations, and all data of users will need to be restored locally. In the days prior to the restriction, TikTok had around 20 millions customers in India and, since then, a lot of users have switched to other apps and numerous apps are still very popular to the present. Instagram Reels also have captured large portions of the market, therefore ByteDance will need to position TickTock strategically to become the same as TikTok was in 2020.


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