This idea developed into India’s first comprehensive healthcare system



In 2021, the woman-led business Medimall is changing the standards of the health industry with a wide array of health services.

Based in Bangalore in India, this health-tech start-up is on a mission to transform millions of lives with its revolutionary business model.

Covid 19 and the Covid 19 virus and subsequent pandemic have completely turned the world upside down and created medical emergencies across the globe.

A number of countries felt the arms of Covid 19 because of the absence of a high-quality healthcare system, costing millions of precious lives. Our nation was among them, India.

India as one of the leading emerging nations that has the fastest growing economies has been shaken by the waves of Covid 19’s second wave. While it was poised to join the ranks of superpowers Why was India not ready to fight Covid 19?

Insufficient quality health system, the flaws of the healthcare infrastructure and the inaccessibility of medical supplies in rural areas across the entire country. In the year 2020-21, India merely invested 1.26 percent of the GDP that is lower as Pakistan or Bangladesh.

But, it’s grown by 3% to GDP total in 2022. It does not mean that India has a weak healthcare system. India has a wide array of healthcare systems , especially in urban areas.

But, 65.97% of the total Indian population is located in rural areas of the country. These areas are not well-served by primary healthcare.

India is one of the leading emerging nations with the fastest-growing economy has been shaken by the waves of Covid 19’s second wave. Even after having the potential for becoming one of the superpowers What was the reason India not ready for the fight against Covid 19?

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Insufficient quality healthcare system, inefficiencies of the healthcare infrastructure and the lack of access to medicines in the rural areas across the entire country. In the period 2020-21, India merely invested 1.26 percent of its GDP which is less as Pakistan as well as Bangladesh.

But, it’s been increased by 3% to total GDP by 2022. It does not mean that India has a weak healthcare system. India is home to a variety of healthcare systems , especially in urban areas.

Yet, 65.97% of the total Indian population is located in rural areas of the country. These regions are lacking in high-quality primary healthcare.

Many of this rural people are unable to get access to the health systems accessible in cities since they are too expensive. ” We live in the age of technological advances. The world is continuously changing, and paving the way to innovation.

The health care industry also was not without its number of innovative and disruptive concepts.However the notion of digitizing health care was always viewed as unacceptable.

As the epidemic grew, disease, technological solutions became the only option to hold onto. It was this that was the first time I was able to see the concept behind Medimall ” affirms Fayis the chief executive officer and founder of Medimall.

The Creation of an Impeccable Healthcare Solution Pandemic was the final push needed to go completely digital, and also the birth of a variety of online healthcare platforms.

However, the problem with the various platform is the fact that they primarily concentrate on serving the urban population, leaving out around 70% of people that reside in rural regions of the country.
inaccessible to high-quality healthcare health care systems.

It was first introduced in 2021. Medimall will attempt to close the gap between shortage of healthcare providers in rural areas as well as the abundance of medical specialists in urban areas by offering a top-quality healthcare system that is affordable and accessible to everyone.

” Our belief is that a population which is unable to afford high-quality health care is a failing of our society. This was the main idea behind the development of Medimall.

Medimall is a singular health application that has everything you need to begin their health journey ” Dr. Sufeekath the chairperson and founder of Medimall.

Doctor. Sufeekath has a heartfelt doctor. She’s an accomplished woman entrepreneur and the brains behind the development of Medimall.

When she came up with this unique solution, her primary goal was helping the inhabitants living in rural areas who struggle with a variety of health problems and lack access to basic health care and medicines.

Alongside the urban residents suffering from non-communicable illnesses due to poor diet and lifestyle choices.

Medimall is a comprehensive health application that includes various services like e-pharmacy virtual hospital, fitness area and health-related information, health alerts and much more.

Managed and owned through Medfolio Healthcare Technologies, Medimall is the perfect example of healthy healthcare services since it seamlessly integrates the concepts of technology and healthcare.

” India is a heavily population-rich country that has around 1.4 Billion people of different kinds of lives, languages, and traditions.

Therefore, forming a solution to healing that is clear and easily connects to such a large number of individuals was the task that we had to face.

And thanks to our team of talent, the task was easy to complete ” says Fahad who is the managing director and founder member of Medimall.

The app is focused on rural people Medimall can be downloaded in a variety of regional languages. Medimall is a simple and user-friendly app. Medimall has been designed with an easy and user-friendly layout that is accessible by all ages.

The app also provides various services that provide the populace with health-related information and preventive measures, as well as diagnosing ways and treatments.

” Medimall is crafted to be a unique product that meets all health-related needs of the customers all under one roof.

This includes a virtual consultation with the world’s top doctors and a 3-hour express delivery an array of high-quality medications, doctors’ talks, and many more offerings ” says Nishar Director and founding Partner of Medimall.

Based at Bangalore, Medimall also has an official branch located in Cochin, Kerala. The company has recently revealed that they will begin their 3 layers of franchises in various regions across the nation by the end of 2022.


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