Things To Do In The Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. It has a population of over 10 million people, and its capital city is Prague. The terrain is mostly hilly, with some mountains in the north and southwest. The Czech Republic has a long history, dating back to the 9th century. Today, the Czech Republic is a member of the European Union and a popular tourist destination. The main things To Do In The Czech Republic and its main attractions include its medieval castles and towns, its beautiful countryside, and its many spas and resorts.

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What are some of the best cities to visit in the Czech Republic?

You just cannot make a comparison between the cities of the Czech republic. They all are uniques in themselves. Here are some of the most visited cities of the Czech Republic:

  • Telč
  • Český Krumlov.
  • Mariánské Lázně
  • Kutná Hora.
  • Liberec. 

List of things to do in the Czech Republic:

Have a look, 

Visit the Infant Jesus of Prague

Nestled in the heart of Prague in the Church of Our Lady Victorious. It is home to the iconic statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague. Also known as the Child of Prague, this beloved figure has attracted pilgrims from all over the world for centuries. Today, the Infant Jesus is still revered by many Catholics. The statue remains a popular destination for pilgrims and tourists alike. Visitors to the Church of Our Lady Victorious can see the Infant Jesus up close. They can also explore the nearby museum, which houses a collection of religious art and artifacts. 

Roam Around Old Square Town 

The old square town is a charming place to roam around. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon, especially if you enjoy people watching. An old square town is also a historical place with a lot of character. If you’re interested in history, there are several old buildings that are worth checking out. The old square town is also a great place to find unique shops and restaurants. You can find everything from vintage clothing to locally made crafts.

See the Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock is one of the most intriguing and unique attractions in Prague. Dating back to 1410, it is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. The clock is housed in a beautiful Gothic tower, and it is worth taking the time to climb to the top for a closer look. Every hour, on the hour, a small door opens to reveal a figure of Death ringing a bell. As the bells toll, other figures come out to represent the Twelve Apostles. It is said that if you touch the statue of St. Thomas, you will be blessed with good luck.

Trail Through the Charles Bridge:

The Charles Bridge is one of the most iconic attractions in Prague. Spanning the Vltava River. It provides stunning views of the cityscape and is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. However, many people are unaware that there is a secret trail hidden away on the bridge. The trail, which runs for just over a kilometer, takes in some of the most breathtaking views in Prague. Along the way, visitors can learn about the history of the bridge and its role in the city. The trail is also a great way to avoid the crowds, as it is often far less busy than the main bridge. 

What can be the best time to visit the Czech Republic?

As per the experience of travel lovers, the best time to get to the Czech Republic is during the time period between May and October. Yes, the time between the late spring and the early spring is the best time to go there. 

It’s not only about the weather. Rather, within these months, you are will experience less crowd and rush. As a result, the hotel and other expenses would be much lesser for the visitors. So, if you are looking forward to planning a budget-friendly trip to the placem, you can choose these months to travel to the Czech Republic.

How many days do I need to explore the Czech Republic?

It totally depends on your choice. For example, if you want to explore only Pragues, then four to five days should be more than enough. Similarly, if you are looking forward to exploring more places, you will definitely have to extend your trip. So make the plannings accordingly. 

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