The ultimate guide to an Auto Dialer explaining its features and how it works


An Auto Dialer is software that assists in boosting agents’ productivity by dialing calls automatically and once the call is connected, either a pre-recorded message is played or the call is directly transferred to a live agent. Auto dialer software makes communication easier between business and the customers.
Different types of auto dialers are available that suit various outbound dialing processes and bring their individual benefits to call center operations. A predictive dialer helps a call center to reduce agent idle time to a great extent. A progressive dialer can help in increasing agent talk time therefore improving agent’s productivity as well business growth manifolds. On the other hand a preview dialer enables a call center to improve conversation rate.

Some of the important features of Auto Dialer that helps businesses are as follows:

1.Auto dialing: The automatic dialer clearly refers no manual dialing which eliminates many call communication barriers like misdialing, excessive wait time and call drops. The reduction to barriers increases operational efficiency. Auto dialer software detects busy signals, voicemails, and a non-serviceable number which increases the call connect ratio and connect calls directly to the available agents. Thus, leading to higher agent productivity and improved operational efficiency.

2.Dynamic Queue: Auto dialer software allows the users to map a different queue for any particular campaign without having to update the queue within the IVR therefore saving time of the customers. The auto dialer technology enables the dialer system to recognize any waiting or busy line by directly routing it, it acts like predictive dialer that effectively minimizes idle time as it ensures only answered calls by routing to agents. This feature helps in minimizing idle wait time and allows attending more calls.

3.Basic insights: An auto dialer immediately records the call information that includes the caller ID, location etc. This helps in documentation and recording of call details that can be used as tools for training, or market research. Automatic dialer helps to provide insights into call center operations and agent activities through customizable reports and dashboards. Real time dashboards improves call center manager’s decision making ability and helps agents to take quick actions to improve by identifying the problems in real time. It gives fast access to call recordings that help managers to monitor agents’ performance and ensure call quality levels. Key call center metrics can be easily tracked and measured at specific intervals to achieve higher operational efficiency.

4.Agent specific calling in progressive dialers: this feature helps lead to reach specific agents based on the agent’s interaction history and expertise. A guided map to address specific service helps with time management and encourages better interaction. Implementing auto dialer software helps a business with complex inside sales process involving high value leads; it brings alertness to the outbound calling process. Automatic dialers like preview dialers provide quick snapshot of customer’s contact details before dialing the call, that helps agents to prepare before a call is connected. With prior information at the agent’s disposal, the call can be customized to personalized conversation. This helps to engage the prospect and increases the chances of lead conversation significantly.

5.Lead dialing ratio in predictive dialer: The auto dialer software enriches calling operations by setting a lead dialing ratio per agent. It helps agents to balance workload and reduces customers wait time.
6.Call dispositions: It allows tagging a call with a code to get more visibility into the outcomes of calls and can helps supervisors to identify areas for improvement.

7.Run multiple campaigns simultaneously: Automatic dialer software systems are capable of designing multi-purposed outbound tools. They offer many features that facilitate businesses to run and control multiple campaigns concurrently and efficiently. A business can produce many reports based on real time data; it also helps to monitor the performances of individual marketing campaigns. The software promotes the marketing campaigns through automatic adjustments to the time-zone for each campaign, transferring calls to various devices, managing through contact lists and supported by CRM integration.

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