The Story of Tistabene from Nothing to Everything


It’s not a secret that everyone is searching for the “Eureka!” moment in life. The light bulb goes on instantly in your head, and you’re presented with an innovative idea that has the potential to change things around to benefit everyone.

Siddharth Dagda (25) from Jaipur was able to return to his home town after finishing his studies abroad and was also seeking the “Eureka!” moment.

Siddharth was determined to design something new from scratch and fuel his entrepreneurial spirit. The desire to be self-made was evident to him and his friends.

Then came Tistabene Retails. He wanted to turn it a household brand. Thus, the process of naming his venture required several trips to the libraries of the Pink City and the reading of numerous books to find an appropriate word to describe the brand accurately.

“Tistabene” means “looks great on”looks good on you”. The name evokes positive energy and is a frequent compliment that is exchanged between people.

The Journey Ahead

After choosing a distinct and a pleasant brand name Siddharth was able to start dealing fashion jewelry for women in Jaipur since Jaipur is the center of this kind of jewellery.

With a wealth of resources available to produce Tistabene was in good hands.

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This also allowed Siddharth as well as his staff plenty of time to address pertinent questions like what the industry of fashion jewellery was not able to provide.

Exorbitantly high prices for subpar jewelry were the first alarms Team Tistabene observed.

This is when they realized what they needed to do. The brand will fill the gap and provide to customers with top-quality jewelry at affordable prices.

It’s also interesting to note that the primary reason Siddharth decided to dip his toes into the world of fashion was because it was a test.

The challenge was posed by intense market research. He would spend hours trying to determine how fast-paced fashion industry was changing in a whirlwind of a pace.

The process was slow but it’s worthwhile now.

It’s best to say that Siddharth and his team had a great time identifying the current trends in the market. Since they had just introduced women’s jewellery at the Tistabene website, than they extended into men’s jewelry including men’s and women’s clothes and lifestyle items.

Tistabene’s official Tistabene site was created in the year 2019 with the hope that it could please a client base that was searching for (but could not find) low-cost jewelry of top quality.

In the near future, it was also on the road to commercial success.


The subject of shipping speed all over India upset the founder and the employees of Tistabene.

Despite doing a lot of studies, the company also had to contend with competition from other brands on the market.

While finding a reliable delivery service was a lengthy process The results were satisfying once they had found one. Secure and punctual deliveries were made all over India in spite of this roadblock.

To compete against other brands that compete, Tistabene made sure that its marketing was top-of-the-line. Social media platforms would display the “IT” quality of their images and content.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also led to a major slowdown in the growth for this product. A total lockdown in 2021 made the situation more difficult.

However, Team Tistabene persevered and powered through.

“It was difficult to remain current in a world where all attention was on being healthy, safe and at home. At that point we decided to step up to the next level.”, Siddharth says.


It’s not easy to achieve success overnight.

Rome was not built in one day.

The success of Tistabene was gradual but lovely to watch.

With an annual turnover of 4.50 crores in 2018-19 and a return on investment of less than 5 percent, Tistabene has proved its potential in a relatively short period of time.

Not just this, Tistabene has also exhibited itself on well-known websites like Flipkart, Amazon and more and has become an established lifestyle and fashion brand on eight different marketplaces within the span of five years.

The numbers in The Tistabene Office are intriguing. From a staff consisting of just four employees to fully-fledged team of 50+ people within just two years. the work done in the background has witnessed an enormous increase.

THE Future

With the expectation of a growth rate of 70% over the next year, and with the launch of a variety of other fashion items lined up it appears that the odds seem to be in the favour of Tistabene.

Sure, Siddharth would like to place the brand EVERYWHERE in the world. However, for the moment the brand is taking small steps and setting up stores across all of the Indian nation.

It will only get better from now on. If one is convinced of the ability to achieve their goals and is determined, it will help them achieve whatever they want to do.


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