The Social media spy apps that all parents need


Social media is the fastest-growing source of information that has made the world a global village. Now, wherever we are, whatever information we need, we receive in an instant. The positive and negative effects of social media are spreading fast.

While it has become a reality that it is difficult to live without it now, parents need to be fully aware of the positive and negative effects of social media and the information available on it.

How can the truth and authenticity of the material be verified? At the same time, the most important thing is that while training our young generation, we have to teach them the difference between right and wrong, truth and lie, legal and illegal, as well as positive and negative attitudes.

Social media comes in many forms, and different age groups have their own preferences and models of the platforms they use. While accessing social media platforms can be difficult, there are some important concerns about children’s development, mental health, and safety.

Despite sticking to social media all day long, young boys and girls can’t sleep at night unless they spend some time on social media. But we have seen that the number of friends on Facebook is increasing but in real life, they are getting away from each other.

In this age of materialism, if the parents themselves turn a blind eye to the training of their children, then there is a strong possibility that the child will bury all his abilities prematurely or his abilities will be frozen in him. Go and associate it with evils in such a way that it becomes difficult to bring it back to the right path.

Below are some of the Social media spy app tools including spy software for Android and iPhone.

Check out the list!


TheOneSpy is my absolute favorite when it comes to spying software for Android or iPhone, for any capacity, and especially to monitor children – on social media and elsewhere. The feature of this app is that it has the ability to monitor children’s phones in a powerful way. It also allows you to listen to incoming calls on children’s mobiles and view complete browsing information, call logs, and messages.

OgyMogy App

With the OgyMogy phone tracker app, complete information about children’s ‘online’ activities can be obtained, thanks to which parents can easily monitor their browsers and messages, even while playing online games. What game the child is playing and how long it has been playing. It provides important information such as Wi-Fi tracking and also receives notifications from the tracked phone.


This app does a great job of monitoring your child’s Android phone. If your child spends a lot of time on social media, no worries, you can monitor the sending and receiving of messages through this app. ۔ you can even download and view their saved multimedia content. The KEY LOGGER tool of this app lets you know what words your child has typed on the keypad.


FamiGuard is the top-recommended and safest social media spy app for parents. You can simply place faith in it when you’re worried about your kids’ social media behavior.

The features of this app include; blocking social media, games, or inappropriate apps in the category, getting a summary of your child’s device, setting time limits for your child, giving automatic alerts on geofence, Real-time location tracking, allowing or blocking websites to ensure safe browsing over kid’s and screen time limiting and web content filtering.


Google Family Link is a free application that parents can use to control their children’s phones by installing it on their Android or iPhone. Google FamilyLink allows parents to set limits on their children’s mobile usage and restrict their use of the phone at night.

Google FamilyLink can only be used to control the phone of children under 13 years of age. Once a child reaches the age of 13, they can remove their parental monitoring option by creating their own Google Account.


Another app for Social media spy apps by parents is Mobistealth. It offers keyword tracking and you can track easily on social media activities thereby preventing any misuse. Moreover, you can operate these activities in full stealth mode which means your kid won’t be able to know if they’re being watched.


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