The Purpose Of Having An Antibody Testing

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Antibody testing is considered very important in these times. When the world is facing extreme distress due to coronavirus, it is determined that with the help of the information collected from antibody testing, scientists can understand the working of this virus. The antibody testing clinic in North Hills helps you determine whether you have been infected with coronavirus in the past or not. Antibodies are developed by a person when he contracts a virus; sometimes, they occur after the person gets recovered from it. However, the virus shows the same symptoms as the flu, but is deadly and has taken a lot of lives already and continues to do so. Other than this, it has many personal benefits as well.

Antibody testing

Don’t confuse antibody testing with antigen testing. An antigen is a rapid testing kit. It is used to know whether a person has been infected with coronavirus currently or not. The results will be visible within minutes. The kit looks a lot like a pregnancy kit. On the other hand, antibody testing is done to determine past infection. Antibodies’ structure is protein-like. They help give immunity to the body to fight against the disease. They fight the virus from attacking the person.

Types of antibody testing

Antibody testing has two types. For covid, it is likely to be the second type

  • The first one is IgM antibodies, which are created by our body when a person gets infected with the virus.
  • The second one is IgG antibodies; our immune system creates these types of antibodies once a person gets recovers from the virus.

When testing for covid antibodies, the collected data has shown up to now that IgG antibodies are formed when a person gets affected by a coronavirus.

When to get your test done?

Symptomatic people

If you are feeling signs and symptoms of coronavirus like cough, fever, stomach problems, or lost sense of smell and taste. Then, you should go for an antibody test after 14 days. Or when you feel like you are fully recovered.

Asymptomatic people

Some people are corona positive but don’t feel any symptoms; these people are known as asymptomatic people. Remember that coronavirus antibodies testing is also important for them to take. So, If you were present at the place on the same day from where corona cases have been reported, then you should go for antibodies testing in a clinic in North Hills after 14 days.

Purpose of antibody testing

The antibody testing clinic in North Hills provides this service and helps you understand its purposes. The following are some of its purposes, which will help you understand its importance. Let’s have a detailed look at them:

1. Scientist

The data collected from antibody testing allows the scientist to know how the virus works. How is it contracted to other people? What is the deal with asymptomatic people? It helps them understand the complex structure of this virus. All this will help in the prevention of this disease, which has taken so much from us. With the help of this information, scientists can develop vaccines and medication to fight it.

2. Government

With the help of the information collected from this test. The governments can make up their policies to fight the disease and stabilize the economy of their country. It helps them make policies regarding lockdowns. Which areas likely infects and where the spread of the virus is slow. They can implement the policies regarding this information, which will help them and their people in many ways.

3. Personal

The person who gets his testing done will be able to know if he has antibodies against this virus or not. It is observed that once the person gets infected with the virus, the antibodies stay in his body for almost 90 days (3 months). Well, the period depends from person to person as every day works in a unique way. This testing helps asymptomatic people as well. In case the person infects with the virus in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t contract it again. After three months, you are again at risk. So, it is good for you to follow the protocols set by the government to fight off the disease.

Does the test hurt?

No, it doesn’t. It’s like a regular blood test. Where a physician will draw blood from the center of your arm through a syringe, store it in a container and send it for testing.


The antibody testing clinic in North Hills helps you and your physician find out about past infections. When affected by a coronavirus, antibodies are formed once a person gets to recover from the virus. These antibodies stay in the body for a short time. These antibodies help a person not to get infected with it again. Antibodies help scientists, governments, and us in many ways. They are considered the most effective way to fight the virus.



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