The entrepreneurial Sidharth Jain, the founder and CEO of GraffersID.


One of the founding members of  GreffersID Sidharth Jain was born and raised in Barwaha which is located around 60 kilometers away from Indore. His goal was to improve the number of successful businesses in India.

The current rate of start-up is around 10%, whereas the success rate for his clients is approximately 85 percent which is the most successful.

After having completed his schooling in Indore which is known as the most clean city in India The student was keen to explore. He decided to travel to Mumbai.



Of course, his family didn’t want the move however he was determined to go. He went to the college and was accepted into the college with the most modern infrastructure, and also informed his family.

He was not a social butterfly and his communication wasn’t comparable to the Mumbaikers. He was a failure in a subject in his first semester.

However, he decided not to repeat the mistake and instead did well in his studies, enrolled in sports , and was even first in some subjects. He took home numerous prizes in debate contests as well as some National Science Fairs.

The Beginning

After college, he was able to apply for an IT company called Accenture. He was looking to show that optimism is his forte and after an interview lasting an hour, he was selected.

After being admitted, he was required take another test, which seemed similar to climbing Mt. Everest because he had no idea how the basics of programming. He took the test and used his own logic , which impressed the instructor and he was offered a second chance.

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In the first year of his employment at Accenture He contributed his knowledge to the Knowledge library at Accenture and became the Subject Expert on the latest technologies.

Then, everyone started to recognize the guy on campus, and he didn’t have present himself. The company’s customers began seeking his assistance using the technology, and he received the recognition to the outside clients.

Many people believe that hard work is the best way to success, however he wanted to share with his readers that after working hard for five years and many nights of sleepless nights, he has gained a wealth of knowledge.

Starting as an Entrepreneur

After leaving his position at Accenture He even assisted hundreds of people free of charge using the technology. It was at this point that people were amazed and began to associate him for his work.

He believed that there is no substitute for knowledge and you can learn a lot of things through practical experience So, don’t refuse to tackle any practical problems that come your path. This is the time when you can find the most effective solutions to an obstacle.

He had a great time with new clients, each with a brand new idea for a startup and numerous challenges. He was energized by their enthusiasm and a desire to solutions to the challenges faced by new startups.

This was the time he had an idea to increase and increase the chances of success of start-ups . He also had the idea to start his own business.

The idea came to his head when he traveled to Singapore to help an of his customers with his idea. He observed that everyone was talking about the failure rate of startups, which was 90%..

In discussing the causes and ways to bridge the gap, everyone was of the opinion that it was due to two key areas IT and Sales. In addition, the good guidance and mentorship is as essential and the most essential necessity.

The client introduces him to some Silicon Valley investors and a couple of founding members of Start-ups of Singapore.

He founded his business by himself and within two months, they were four members. He took on multiple tasks at the same time.

As his team increased to a total of 15 they had a lot of success and increased their revenue by 55 percent.

Issues faced

Everything was going well until one client failed in launching their products. The client had to close his business after six months of operation because of a delay in the launch of the product.

He felt so ill and was afraid he had damaged someone’s dreams and future. This was the moment the employee quit and put in the effort to assist his client. They re-started the project and launch the product again by working tirelessly all day and all night.

Then he started his own business in the year 2017. GraffersID was launched in October, 2017. After its launch, and with a relatively young company founder, he was forced to confront financial issues and the company’s bank account was closed.

The clients who took on started the project offered nothing However, with his positive mindset, he did not stop. He knew that the next phase was bound to happen and it was imperative to go through this.

He waited for a long time and never stopped and he believed that good things would find their own way If you keep going.

In his successful story of working with GraffersID, Sidharth Jain shared the three biggest challenges that included:

Employing the right people. Finding clients who are right for you and staying current with the customers. Continuously educating and updating employees on how to manage and handle the increasingly complex technology.

Sidharth offers some tips to budding entrepreneurs

  1. Feedback from customers He believed in the creation of an effective customer feedback system. He recommends that you always seek feedback from all of your customers or customers to improve the quality of your product and effectiveness. Always inquire about the difficulties and problems that customers experience when using your product and then try to solve their experience. This will help with two aspects two ways: first increasing the quality of your product and secondly, establishing connections with customers.
  2. How to proceed if companies are growing quickly – Be sure to engage with your customers , and perhaps employees. Sometimes, the most sensible and innovative ideas are derived from those who are around you. If your company is growing rapidly, you must believe that you can expand. Also, you should keep your focus on the product’s performance instead of focusing on money.
  3. The most crucial tip or advice he could offer his readers is to be eager and in search of new ideas to discover wherever you can. To do that, you must to look around. Explore and continue to grow.
  4. Do not stop achieving your goals. If you’ve achieved one goal don’t stop dreaming . Keep setting new goals. That’s the way to be successful.
  5. You can offer bonuses to your employees and thank them for their dedication to work.
  6. Finally, he needed to be able to spread his beliefs. He believed in never ever giving up. You must continue to work even if they fail to continue growing.


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